Mercenary Alert

Check out the insanity Jesse and Marc are cookin' up...


Founding Figures and Glyoformations

We wanted to bring something special out for the holidays, a little follow up to the recent release. First on deck is the return of a few older figures, and by older we mean from the actual first round of stuff we ever produced! Head over to the Founders section and check out those gritty Travelers and Sincroids. They are made from the older, super hard plastic and have a rougher paint job- but cleaned with some 90% isopropyl alcohol and detail lined they can look like the original releases. We have had a number of requests for these original versions of the characters so we dusted off the secret older stock and have resurrected a few of the founding assortment. As a bonus, these guys come packed in the original boxes that we used to put out. This will be a limited time thing and if you guys like it then maybe we can offer something similar in the future. The price is $4 each, available now. These are very good to customize with and take paint and sanding really well.

The big holiday special has to do with what Marc has been working on - a Passcode Archive (just refresh onelldesign.com/passcode) as well as something we call "Glyoforms". If you ever played with Colorforms then you will have a head start in getting what Glyoforms is about. Marc has put together something super fun and has given you all the keys to the Passcode kingdom. Digital customization! This is just the first version and we have a number of additions that will pop up over the next few weeks. We hope this new content is fun to mess with. Wrapping up, all of us over here want to thank you guys for an incredible year, we went through a lot together and are really looking forward to working on the next phase of this project. Happy Holidays from the Onell team! -Matt

Right On! Holidays are all about nostalgia for me, so I hope you guys enjoy these throwbacks. Thanks so much for all the great feedback on the Passcode series, they are truly a labor of love. The Glyoforms is something that I've toyed with since the first sprite was made, but somehow it took me until 3 days ago to actually start in on it. Have fun clicking around, reveal hidden sprites, make your own Passcode! (proper sound test is coming soon) Be sure to refresh every page, as I am constantly adding, updating, destroying the online world of Glyos... Cheers to a fantastic year and so many great things on the horizon... -Marc


Holiday Bonus...



Hammering Away

The last week has been like a comedy, so many things have been thrown at us. The biggest challenge was our main computer deciding that it wanted to give itself a lobotomy in the middle of us finalizing all the orders. Huge thanks to our friend Matthew Higgins for literally saving our computer files and also our sanity. The Custom Corps Dimension Drifters took a little longer to do the extra figures than we had anticipated, but the results should be fun to track down. Orders begin shipping today and will most likely wrap up on Monday. Hope you guys enjoy the new stuff when it starts showing up.


Option Added

Here are a few more Build Configurations from the last round. This marks the first time we have posted something with our Special Beanbot parts included in the structure. I love those little Beanbots and there are quite a few Glyos themed parts hidden in their design. The big Ent looking creature is made with 100% Beanbots and the Buildrilla is a combination of Rockum and Megas Buildman, Pheyden Blue Phase Arms and the Special Beanbots with detail lines we are now offering. The Buildrilla was inspired by Iron Kong from Zoids The black configuration is kind of like Metal Gear Rex, ED -209 and some kind of Zentraedi bio suit combined. He can collapse down into a mobile cannon mode.


Build Spectrum

As we go into overdrive packing everything up, I wanted to get a few of these latest Build configurations posted to try and spice up the week. Micronauts is one of my favorite lines of all time, and it's fun to try and make Build versions of those old characters. The Membros design has some of the craziest looks for a toy, and I'd been itching to try and make that brainy freak for a long time. The mostly red version is a homage to my friend Bryan Wilkinson (Microbry), and the work he did with Palisades back during their re-release of Micronauts. Man, I miss Palisades. The Centurions was another big influence on me, even though I never owned any as a kid. The rumor is that Jack Kirby designed the main characters for that show! When you look at the style it kind of makes sense. Trying to solve the chest look on those was a fun challenge, with the 7 iconic insert ports being a necessity to convey. Anyway, I hope you guys get a kick out of these builds, and as always, I look forward to seeing what is on your creative minds.


Status Report

Thank you to everyone out there that joined in the mayhem of this "Ayosire" wave! Each time we roll new stuff out, there is always a level of uncertainty, until we are blown away by the response from the amazing group of people that keep us going -all of you. Our deepest gratitude can't come close to measuring how psyched we are that you guys enjoyed the new stuff. It means everything to all of us here at Onell, and to me very personally, that this project makes you all happy and satisfied, and maybe sparks your own creativity to join in on the craziness. Our apologies that the glow Armodoc and Rusty Gobon went too quick, but new versions are coming up soon and that glow Armo will definitely be back. The Dimension Drifters Custom Corps went past the 60 figures pretty quickly, so to make up for the fast turn around on the other stuff I extended the count -to the tune of 102 figures and counting. If anyone wants to grab one of these, it would be good to do it by tomorrow morning, as I can't finish any more than what's now been sold and still get all this stuff shipped this week. Yes, believe it or not, Mr. Lateness has most of this stuff ready to go. Things will start hitting the post this Thursday and Friday via the usual Priority Mail method. Everybody should get their tracking numbers when we do the postage online. Thanks again for everything and for the tremendous turn out, you all are literally the reason we are allowed to continue doing this. Our best to each and every one of you.


Dimension Drifters

We have finally completed everything and the new stuff is ready- REFRESH EVERY PAGE! Marcus and I really visited some special mind torture resorts while putting this together. The new Passcode has been our labor of love, and we hope you guys enjoy what it has in store. I think Marcus took it to a new level with the animation on this one. You are an animal Mr. 11! Disasterpeace's musical genius once again provides the essential soundtrack for this latest installment. Rich- Marc and I thank you so much for your complete generosity, there is no Passcode without you.

We also wanted to throw a little curve ball this time, so we have released a special Custom Corps called "Dimension Drifters". All the figures in this Custom Corp have been individually hand dyed (I managed to burn my forehead while doing it) and painted, with a few also sporting scarves and even some cloaks (all made by Michelle!). They are fully playable and also come packed with a secret "Relic" in every blind bag. The edition is around 60 right now, but if the demand is high I will make a few more. The majority of the figures use the Phanost and Sarvos molds, but a couple oddballs have also gotten into the mix as well (from the future and the past). The Armodocs make their second appearance in the store (onelldesign.com/store) in a few new colors and now have a neat gloss applied to them, giving a slightly different look and feel (but no figure inside this time). Some old faces have also returned in this latest wave. Make sure to poke around the blog and check out the new Passcode to track down everything. We are also reopening the Junk Shop for a limited time this month. There are some older parts and the scraps of the last few runs waiting to be customized in there. The Buildstation also gets the Grey Gendrone back in stock. My brain is fried, so please forgive the scattershot nature of this post. I think I need a Formanchie to power up.

Thanks to all of you for sticking with us, we hope that the wait was worth it.

Almost Finished...

Thanks for waiting guys... dinner is almost ready...


The Formanchie

As we finish up all the final tasks before this weeks launch, we thought a small peek behind the scenes was in order. Well, at least a look at what ends up happening after staying up for a few days. Marcus and I are like two escaped convicts- bound by handcuffs- when we're getting set up to release new stuff, working deranged hours and basically losing our minds. Over the years many strange food mutations have occurred in the dead of the night. Rising like a zombified cuisine from the unchecked hunger of two idiots comes.... "The Formanchie".

The Formanchie

-One slice potato bread
-A smear of peanut butter
-Some older jam (nothing by Debbie Gibson)
-A fist full of crushed Fritos
-Four slices of Boar's Head pepperoni
-No other choices

Put all the above together and eat between 2AM-5AM for best shot at it actually tasting good.
Gross? Absolutely. Regrets? Maybe posting this.


Strange Days

A whole month finished and it seems like a slow motion blink. Sorry for the absolute silence on all fronts as of late. Ever since returning from the last trip overseas things have been a little strange around these parts. A basic combination of some personal and professional challenges coupled with putting together a special December surprise have kept things in the shadows this past November. Our apologies for the wait on new information. All that being said, this coming week will see a new release that gets back to basics as far as the main offerings are concerned. Some old friends will be making return appearances, as well as some fresh blood. Armodocs will be available in new colorways and a Gobon may even sneak into the mix... if his rusty joints don't slow him down too much. Hopefully when you guys see what else is in store it will be a strong payoff for your collective patience. Thanks to everyone for bearing with us as we get over our latest round of growing pains. Check out the above sneaks for an idea of what's on deck for next week.