Orkmogg Noboto


Patching Up

We have now shipped almost every order from our recent release, with just a few packages left to bring down to the post on Monday morning. Thanks once again to the maximum efforts of Michelle, Marc, Megan and Pj, we were able to move quickly through the process and right the ship after our little Refundorama with Paypal.

On the subject of those Phanost refunds, we have some developments we wanted to share with you. An order has been placed for another run of Dreadvalken Overlord Phanost, with every intention of the figures looking as close to identical as possible to the first offering. We have kept a record of each person who received a refund over the last few days, and when the new round arrives (hopefully with our early September wave) we will mail out what you missed, with the cost of those specific figures and all related shipping covered 100% by Onell. Hopefully this will rectify the situation and allow for everybody who wanted a Phanost but were affected by the Paypal issues to get one.

As far as the store goes, we've decided to reopen it tomorrow (Sunday July 25th), so we can have one more day to go over the back end.

Now that the dust has settled, we're looking at very low stock on everything from the Glyosar assortment, with a few items completely sold out.  Fingers crossed that the Paypal system is back in order and we don't have any more crud bombs dropped on us!

Thank you for your extended patience while we've been patching up the hull!

UPDATE: The STORE is back in action. Fingers crossed! 

Be sure to empty your cart and REFRESH the store page.



Thank You, We'll Be Back Soon!!!

Thank you for what is shaping up to be the most intense release of 2015 for us!

The traffic was extra high on the site, store and blog since we announced this 8th anniversary assortment, culminating in a deceptive internal meltdown of Paypal's inventory matrix during the actual sale. We managed to catch the issue earlier today while processing orders and running our usual numbers analysis, which we always do after the main sale. The bad news is that we ended up overselling the new Phanost edition by a bit, which means some of you who ordered that specific figure earlier today will be receiving an email about the situation and a refund on that particular item. All the other items remain unaffected in your orders and will be shipped out minus the Phanost, with packing starting tomorrow morning.

The Paypal inventory control should have alerted us to the low stock situation much sooner, but the actual number Paypal was showing on the back end was not correct, which we then discovered was happening across the boards on all the new entries (almost everything should have been low stocked earlier). We shut the store down immediately the minute we put everything together. Luckily, we caught the majority of the problem, and only a small percentage of the overall orders will be affected by this unfortunate Paypal snafu. We are discussing re-running the Dreadvalken Overlord Phanost again for inclusion in our early September release, and would love to read any feedback about your interest in this possibility.

Issues with Paypal have arisen before, with the worst one being the horrifying Master Reset of June 2013, which truly almost wiped us out. Ever since that fateful release, we watch Paypal very carefully, and it was that extra attention that saved this current situation from turning into a monster problem.  It's tough being tied so closely into the Paypal system when things take a turn, but the choices for alternative payment methods don't cover everything we require to successfully run things. We looked into other systems hardcore after the 2013 mess, but there was always one thing missing with each set up. Paypal is most definitely a complicated beast.

Our sincere apologies for the bumpiness in an otherwise very positive new release. We'll be ready to answer any questions through the email link located up in the navigation bar, or right here on the blog.

For those of you that will be receiving refunds on the Phanost figure, be on the lookout for an email tomorrow morning from us. If you don't receive a direct email,  it means your order is unaffected and will ship precisely as you placed it.

The Store will remain closed until all current orders have shipped out, which should be by this Friday afternoon. All final order processing has now been completed by Michelle and I. Once the packages have left and we've done another hand count inventory, the remaining stock will be reloaded in the store. When this does occur, the numbers will already be at low stock, as there's not really much left now that the dust has settled. By the numbers, this was an extremely strong launch.

Deep thanks to all of you for such a powerful turn out last night. You actually busted Paypal again with your collective might!

Updates on shipping will be posted tomorrow evening.


Glyosar Party

The new store is LIVE!
Huge thanks to the resident Van Gogh from Under The Mountain, Jesse Moore for the amazing painting shown above, and to longtime friend and all around musical cyborg Glen Schricker (aka Circuits and Brains) for the awesome tune! We'll have a little story to tell as the week rolls on, and the creative combination of Jesse and Glen gets us off to a great start.

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR tonight. We usually see an increased volume of traffic during a new release and need everyone's cooperation to ensure things operate smoothly. After the initial dust settles, we will lift all limits. Thanks for your understanding and support. Have fun!


Mission Details

This wave has been a long time in the making! Marc and I have been discussing an AD&D/ Frazetta/ Golden Axe inspired round for years, and since the introduction of Skeleden we've been chomping at the bit to finally roll something out.

You'll notice that the prices on the majority of the special painted figures are higher than usual, which is due to the extensive spray masks combined with full detail lines (and in some cases additional paint washes/ wipes on the Skeledens armor parts and possibly something else).

In general, the larger price tags shy us away from running assortments like this anniversary selection, as the risks run much higher all across the charts. With that being said, we felt like there was no better occasion to attempt a deluxe wave than in celebration of our 8th year of manufacturing these little buggers!

Regardless of what shakes out, it's been a extremely satisfying group of figures to work on, and a lot of fun finally seeing deluxe painted versions of the Skeleden and Noboto/Protoclone molds. We have never produced figures with this much decoration! They actually feel a little heavier from the loads of paint and lines. Plus, since we are running a special edition of the Kabuto Mushi we had to make sure that we hit the high bar our favorite Paint Warlord, Marty "VITAS" Hansen, continues to set with his great figure line. Thank you Marty for letting us give the old beast a spin!

But before I get into some of the specifics of how we landed on the colors you see above, let's cut to the list!

We are on track for tomorrow night, July 21st at 9:30PM EDT. 

The Black Bridge of Glyosar

Dungeon Traveler Skeleden -Ullcroth Mutation (Brown PVC/ Bone PVC/ Flesh paint/ Ceramic Brown accents/ Red accents/ Black accents and Ochre Detail Lines) $18 -Features the debut of full Detail Lines and paint wash application on a Skeleden edition 

Dungeon Traveler Skeleden -Orkmogg Horde Mutation (Dark Brown PVC/ Pale Green paint/ Ceramic Gray accents/ Red accents and Muddy Green Detail Lines) $18 -Features the debut of full Detail Lines and paint wash application on a Skeleden edition 

Kabuto Mushi -Sabaku Mage (Ochre PVC/ Light Blue Gray Paint/ Light Tan accents/ Black accents and Dark Gray Detail Lines/ comes packed with unpainted Ochre PVC Mini Mushi) $20 -Special Crossover with The Godbeast

XXX $15

XXX $10

Axis Buildman Argen MK XVII -Electric Revenant (Clear Dark Teal w/ Aqua visors) -Includes new two part head and scarf) $12   
NOTE- Each Axis Buildman is made up of one Buildman and one Axis Joint Set.

Protoclone -Orkmogg Horde (Dark Brown PVC/ Pale Green paint/ Ceramic Gray accents/ Red accents/ Muddy Green Detail Lines and bonus fully painted Noboto head) $14 -Features 13 all new paint applications and the debut of full Detail Lines on a Noboto edition

Crayboth -Orkmogg Horde (Dark Brown PVC/ Pale Green paint/ Ceramic Gray accents/ Red accents/ Muddy Green Detail Lines  $6 -Features 5 all new paint applications   
Crayboth -Dreadvalken Watcher (Red PVC/ Dark Maroon paint/ Yellow accents/ Dark Brown Detail Lines)  $5

Swing Joint Set -Clear Dark Teal $4

Axis Joint Set -Clear Dark Teal $4

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Clear Dark Teal $2 

Super Crayboth -Dreadvalken Watcher (Red Vinyl/ Dark Maroon paint/ Yellow accents/ Dark Brown Detail Lines) $26 -Features 13 all new paint applications

Armodoc -Orkmogg Horde (Dark Brown vinyl/ Pale Green vinyl/ Ceramic Gray accents/ Red accents/ Black accents Muddy Green Detail Lines -includes Bonus Syclodoc head) $25

The Orkmogg color pattern pays tribute directly to the classic hues our friend Eric Treadaway put together for the 4H's Mythic Legion Orcs, which were originally going to be a Glyos compatible line. Though the 4H ultimately chose to bump up to a larger scale, we wanted to honor the years of solid discussions and good times (we're still having them!) we all had planning out potential battles between our respective toylines. Our guys will just have to ride on each others shoulders when the lines finally meet!

My apologies for the list being posted on the day of the release, but all the parts of the machine had to be in just the right places to nail our actual anniversary date (and the wedding anniversary of Michelle and I). July 21st is a pretty big day around here.

Thanks for your patience! I hope the wait was worth it!

PS -There will be some surprises...


Through The Citadel

The bold, the brave and the broken. Such are those doomed to travel through the endless dungeons of the Black Citadel Dreadvalken. 

But what secret world spawned this dark keep? Where and when did the Dreadvalken come from? The answers lurk even beyond the Edge of Space ...in a place called Glyosar.

Our 8th anniversary release is on track for this coming Tuesday, July 21st at 9:30PM EDT.

List and details coming soon!