Stannic Insanity

Our new contributor, William Cypser, has sent over an incredible rendition of Stannic from Gear's Edge. This drawing is completely freaking insane. Amazing, ridiculous detail and a great stance. Will, you're crazy and we love it.


More Moore

Here are Jesse's latest illustrations of our most recent additions to the Glyos System. We get to see Buildman Ranic in one of his many forms knocking Cosmic Wave Pheyden into next week as well as Callgrim and a mysterious version of Scar Pheyden back to back. These amazing additions will actually see print later this summer in our next mini book, along with a bunch of other work based on all the strange characters floating around the Glyos System. Awesome work Jesse!

The Art of William Cypser

We met illustrator/designer William Cypser about a year ago at Toy Fair in 2007 where we got to take a look at some of his super detailed and refined illustration work. Needless to say, the stuff was pro. Over the last year we have been lucky enough to receive the occasional crazy drawing from Will, as he puts his spin on various characters hiding out in the Glyos end of the universe. These recent entries are glorious. Seeing Audie and Pheyden drawn with fresh eyes is really interesting and pushes the core designs to new places. We love it. Big thanks to Will for taking the time to humble us with his wicked skills. Keep 'em coming!


Glyos at the Auction

We recently donated one of the Glyos ranks to a worthwhile cause down in Connecticut...

"Our next large event will be an auction of work opening mid March, The proceeds from this show will go to aid donorschoose.org to help low income students with art projects that schools lack funding for. If you are an artist willing to donate work to the show or an art lover willing to help a cause please either contact us or come out to the show. Currently participating artists include: Jason Goad, Sket One, KOST, Harley Carrera, Chio Flores, Daniel Urbano, Brennan Freemantle, Laura Usowski, Alana Lawton, Drew Falchetta, Project Detonate, Chris Uminga, Lou Cox, Jay Asher Lynch, George Pfau, Rob Gramlich, Ezerd, Nick Baxter, BloodWerks Photography, David Nielsen, Phil Young, Eric Merrill, Clare Jordan, L3MN, Matthew j Fletcher, Dave Gagne, Nikko, Project Detonate, MIHA, Ken Bastard, Celeste Rapone, Kettle, Gene Guynn, Lousia Bertman,Silas Finch and many more... April Event, Pin up art show, check back for more details."
- from No Regrets Art Gallery

This is a neat auction set up for a great cause that everyone over here is down with. We hope Phanost and his Reflex Suit generate some good bidding and end up in an interesting location. Thanks to Brandon for setting this up!


The Mystery Trio Arrives

The latest round of Pheyden variations have arrived! Take a gander at Andromeda Pheyden (orange/glow), Eclipse Pheyden (black/white) and Cosmic Wave Pheyden (clear blue/clear). They are available now in the store. These 3 figures are a bit more limited than the regular releases we have been doing, Andromeda Pheyden being the least produced of the bunch. We hope you guys enjoy them.


More Buildman Ranic

Buildman Ranic continues to move along. These are a few colorways we are playing around with that were cast in urethane by our resident mold making master, Ron Daley. Ron has been responsible for making every silicone mold for our sculptures that we have ever used in the prototyping process, as well as bringing an incredible skill set that includes just about anything you could want in a toy designer and mechanical engineer. Buildman Ranic is the product of a true collaboration between some really dedicated toy maniacs. Thanks Ron, for the truly amazing work you do.

Mystery Trio

Here's a mysterious look at 3 new Pheyden colorways that may appear in the store this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for these new additions.


Moore Illustrations

Jesse keeps ramping it up with his latest round of amazing illustrations.We get a look at Buildman Ranic, Exellis surveying a strange planet and Callgrim contemplating whether or not he has wiped out the right Pheyden. Speaking of that dangerous character, there are very cool plans for a fantastic Callgrim figure lurking on Jesse's drawing board right now. All kinds of neat variations are floating around for some crazy colorways and accessories for the eventual release (hopefully this summer).


More Sneaky Pics

Here is a look at a mysterious new character who will be rolling out this summer. The head is cast in urethane and combined with PVC production parts for the actual piece in these pics. The final versions will be all PVC production parts.... though that's not to say there won't be some special urethane cast only specific heads in the near future.


Buildman Ranic Revealed

The latest addition to the Glyos ranks, this is the final sculpt for "Buildman" Ranic. It's looking like an early summer release for this little bugger. Ranic is sporting the Phase Arm in a few of these pics. His arms and lower legs are designed to have slightly different aesthetics on each side(kind of like Kikaider) so that more combinations can be created with multiple figures of the same character. If you have two figures, you can create two symmetrical looking styles. With connector points on the bottoms of his feet, middle of his back, back of his head and even his fist holes, Ranic should be fun to tinker with. We're shooting for a solid lineup of all new figures going into the late Spring and early Summer. The Phase Arm, Phanost, Scar Pheyden, Gobon and a few other surprises are closing in. Also, look for some secret assortments of new Pheyden and Exellis colorways that are coming up this month (March).


Ciaran Moore's Creations

We have been a big fan of 9 year old Ciaran Moore's work since way back when he was all of 5. This little (actually not so little anymore) guy knocked out the first drawing of Callgrim (Skullface) with his dad Jesse when he was just getting rolling as an artist. These 2 new creations are proof positive that Ciaran can do some amazing sculpting as well! I think he makes better hands than I do! Pretty cool designs and imagination, no matter what age. Amazing work Ciaran, everyone here at Onell is proud of you! Keep it up!

Buildman Ranic

This little bugger has been the big focus as of late in the shop. We refer to him as Buildman "Ranic". In the tradition of Microman and Blockman, he is designed to build with, having no dead end parts. His design is based on Microdroid Ranic from the Microshow Forever Edition booklet we did a while ago. This one should be fun. More pics to come...

Some Sneak Peeks

Just a quick couple shots of things in the oven...