'Living a Toy Story'

The local newspaper in Acton MA, the Beacon, recently did an article on Onell. We, meaning Matt, Michelle, Cady, Jesse & myself (Marc), are very grateful, and Matt is very flattered. I think he was slightly hesitant about mentioning it here, as he had only read the hard copy- until now of course... If only they had included the photo of the Beard Lord's mug sittin' up there in the Toy Tower ...priceless. Anyway, more posts to come.


Gamma Goes Glyos

The Beans from Beantown Toys have been a major project for the last year. Working with my partner in crime on Bean character design and illustration at Beantown Toys, Marc Beaudette, we have created well over 90 characters. The process that we go through to bring a Bean to life consists of a conceptual drawing (me) that is rendered with Illustrator into a finished piece (Marc). Sometimes we wonder what these little guys would look like if they ended up in the Glyos System. Well, here is what the Space Bean Gamma may look like if he crossed over.

Special thanks to Jesse for helping design Gamma.


Pheyden appears on Toy Break ep. 12

Big thanks to the crew at Toy Break for the kind words about our little figures. Make sure you catch the whole program- some very insightful commentary, made by some thoughtful and funny toy fans.



A sneak peek at the sculpt for Callgrim from Gear's Edge. The core design of Callgrim was done by artist Jesse Moore and his 9 year old son Ciaran. Ciaran was actually only 5 when he first sketched him. Imagine what he will do as he gets older... The figure was hand cast in urethane and painted with Tamiya colors by dry brush technique then wiped. The cape is from old dirty socks. Really.

Aulder Infestation

The Aulders are capable of slipping through different dimensions in search of their life energy source, known as "Space Rain". This Space Rain may give life to the Aulders but it is deadly to almost every other creature in the Glyos System. These 2" figures were hand cast in urethane and painted with automotive gloss. The background is scratch built from plaster and crushed paper.


Atom's Antics Review

Thanks to Atom over at Atom's Antics for a great review and some really cool shots of two parts swapped Pheyden and Exellis figures. Be sure to check out his Flash Gordon article and get a good look at the Hawkman Rocket Cycle..that thing was the best.


Capture Suit Shuffle

To deal with the challenges that each trapping job presents, Rechlen and Aves use a variety of "Capture Suits". These specialized outfits can customize to their surroundings and include an automatic response system that protects the user from harsh conditions.

Baltimore Comic Con 2007

The Baltimore Comic-con is one of east coasts coolest conventions, and LNCollections the Uber Nerd Toys Store will be bringing its unique collection of toys to this event to show and sell. Last year they occupied a tiny corner of this event and were overwhelmed by everyones response to the Niche Toys they brought. This year the entire LNC crew will be there, and will be showing and selling...

Stikfas & our Classic Alpha Male Military Exclusive
Fight-DiceTM – Rapid Action Dice Combat
Onell Design Figures – the Glyos System Figures

For more LNC Convention news go here.

We are honored to be featured with some of our favorites! Thanks LNC from all of us at Onell.