Thank You!!!

Big thanks for a solid release last week! The trip down primary color lane seemed to resonate fairly well with you guys, and hopefully once everything lands in your hands, the building wheels will really begin turning.

The inspiration for this wave is heavy on the classic Lego Space theme, with a strong mix of 2001: A Space Odyssey swirled in. Though I do believe that 2001 (1968) directly influenced the Lego Space (1978) color selections, 2001 may also have been paying a little homage to Mattel's good old Major Matt Mason (1966) as well. Carrying on the time-honored tradition of primary colored spacemen seemed like a natural choice for space geeks like us. Swapping around the colors from this assortment can produce some neat combos, but we wanted you to discover the variety on your own, keeping in line with the great Lego philosophy.

Looking forward into June, we'll all see some amazing new twists from both Spy Monkey and Bio-Masters that should make the fantasy fans go bonkers. We'll be rounding things out at the end of June with our own fantasy themed wave that bookends a special month of medieval madness!

All packages have hit the post as of this writing save just a few orders. Michelle and I tackled this one alone, hence the later than usual post.

In closing, I wanted to personally address a couple of concerns that I've recently seen posted about the direction of things around here.

Some folks really long for the days of detail lines, Passcodes, comics, release lists and massive waves of vinyl. Those options are very limited now or are no longer feasible, but we have continued to push things in different directions, not just with our own line, but with our sister companies as well. It's easy to forget, but Glyos has been in a state of metamorphosis since its inception, with each year producing a different variation and focus. Gradual, yes, but still changing and growing at a steady pace.

Over the last decade, we've seen some intense shifts in our hobby, and just as much on the business side of things. Running an operation like this and being able to survive depends almost solely on your ability to change and evolve under intense pressure. Obstacles arise weekly, as any small business owner can attest to. Cash flow is always tight, especially if you want to keep vital. Decisions have to be made that you know won't please everybody, but you do what's best for the majority of the ship so the mission can continue.

It's never been my intention to shut people out or exclude opinions. I truly value every piece of advice, and though sometimes painful to hear, each and every criticism. We don't live in a vacuum and never have. Some viewpoints are extremely myopic, others are dead on, but at the end of the day, they are all personal perspectives on something we choose to do and are 100% responsible for. For better or for worse.

There are some fairly major things in the works over here (I'm aware that this always seems to be the case in these posts, but it's not without merit). We have some crossover projects that won't surface until later this year, but they are unlike anything we've explored before. Some of you are going to love it, and some will not at all, but it will definitely open up some exciting new worlds.

I believe it's the nature of survival to leave certain things behind, and we will continue to lose and gain for as long as we are allowed to do this.

It's my hope that you continue to evolve with us, and enjoy the journey for everything that it's been so far. Regardless of whatever has been said and done, I couldn't be more thankful for the last 10 years.


Encounter on Selogo

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Selogo Guard

Heavy Armored Rig: Selogo Colonist

Astroloc Combo Suit Dual Mode

Traveler Vekurrek

Custom Selogo Crater Base

Paying tribute to the classic crater base sets. Made with Plaster of Paris, plexi, clear gorilla tape and loads of paint.

Selogo Cosmo Buggy Unit



Prepare to colonize on May 17th, 9:30 PM EDT


Little Bit of News

New release coming this September...

Special one-of-a-kind custom collaboration with my partner in crime, Heidilyn!

We can't wait to hold this lil bit!!


Kabuto Mushi MK II: Wave 20

Marty "The Speedwalker" Hansen's 20th assortment of his long running Kabuto Mushi MK II is available now, over in the GodBeast Store.

Always pushing the spectrum of color, Marty's eye for crazy PVC combinations continues with his Cosmic Instar selections. The swirls of light really look trapped within the different hues of this wave, and the running theme of shared (and pretty complex thanks to the talented Pat Bussey) tampos rounds out the biomechanical vibe. I'm crazy about the green shown above in particular, mixed with the "crystal smoke" swap!

Another great round featuring a true classic!