Light Show

Before the Block Fortress came down I took a few pics of an SDD Variable Suit with the lighting switched up a bit. This time everything was lit from behind, giving a very moody look to the shots.

There was some "creative" cutting done on this build, with lots of little options to beef up or slim down the frame. I really wanted to have something that my Neo Voss Pheyden could chill out in while we pack for the next bunch of days.


Five Up

Been meaning to post a few pics of a Tri Hub with the sides cut out, which creates a "Penta" Hub. Looks kind of neat, like a vinyl pin cushion.

Shipping is underway and notices will start popping up late tomorrow night!

Thanks again to all of you for the great drop!


Thank You!

Thank you for a great trip into the Stealth Dimension!

When I was putting this order together months ago, it was due to a strange series of dreams that looked much like the images that have been on the blog in the past week. Transmissions of a geometric base, created from some otherworldly hard light ice, kept creeping into my mind, night after night. The idea of making these dreams a reality seemed far away, due to a number of production issues that exist for us when running clear vinyl. I was close to writing the "Stealth Dimension" off, and not pushing for the clear vinyl, but an opportunity came up and the option for Stealth (with bubbles and waves of course) appeared for what looked like the last time. So the trigger was pulled and here we are!

Since this will be the last of the clear colorless vinyl we produce, we decided to make a larger amount than we normally do, even though the chances of it selling through at a speedy rate would definitely be far lower and we would have to invest more than usual. I imagine that the Stealth vinyl assortment should stick around for a bit longer, and I hope this run supplies you guys with some slightly cheaper fodder for building some fun configurations. You can always turn it black with a little vinyl paint if you want to make a meaner looking machine!

Up next for us will be a drop in late July. We will not be attending SDCC for the first time in almost a decade, so we want to have something special on deck to make up for not being there. July will also mark our 5th year anniversary of full production Glyos toys! We actually debuted the first wave at SDCC and I will never forget the experience as long as I live.

We owe everything to all of you, for keeping us going since the beginning, and for being there year after year as we knocked around trying to find our groove (which we are still doing). My whole family and I thank you for absolutely everything.

Shipping from last Friday's launch starts at the end of this week, and I hope you dig the clears when they land in your hands! Neo Voss aqua green may have knocked the Gliporian orange and Phase green out of my top clear spots and the Smoke makes for a pretty good utility color, lining up fairly well across the boards with the other clear and solid colors.

The clear vinyl might seem a bit bland at first, but when you start building or sticking things inside it, something about it comes to life, with an interesting stacking of clarity that looks very alien and almost organic, like viewing a weird 3D X-ray. Anyway, you get the idea.

Thanks again for being there for our latest drop!

PS -I hope you are in the mood for a return to the Real Type color style in July. Particularly colors with a classic military vibe.


Enter the Stealth Dimension!

Store is live - refresh www.onelldesign.com/store

Here is a little back story on the Remnant Pheyden:

When other runs of figures are done at our factory, sometimes there is a little extra plastic left over. The recent Cosmic Creators Series of the OSM were run in some really great soft metallic base colors, so when I was looking over the shots, I thought it might be cool to run Pheyden in the "remnants" of the green PVC that was used for parts of the upcoming 4H colored Astro Nautilus. The effect is tough to capture, but there is very light metallic swirl in the green, similar to how Legion Pheyden has a less swirly dark metallic flavor. If you guys dig these oddball style Travelers then we'll try to do it again. Special thanks to the 4H for letting us play with their awesome color selections.

Thanks as well  to everybody who was part of the drop tonight! The Travelers still seem like they have a little life left in their old molds after nearly five years in full production. Thanks for still supporting that little dimensional dude after all this time.

NOTE -I replaced the above Remnant Pheyden pic with a less saturated image to show more of the metallic aspect. Yes, I have OCD.

SDD Heavy Combat Armor

Being obsessed with the beefy style robots of the 80's has really influenced the building theory applied to many of the vinyl creations that pop up on this blog. There is something about a slight SD (Super Deformed) look that just appeals to me. I still love the hard edged, more real looking mechanical marvels out there, but in the end I always play with the beefballs the most. That kind of reads gross, doesn't it.

A personal challenge for this round of vinyl (outside of the base and saucer) was to create a build that used only the Wedges and Switch Pins that was big and solid. The "solid" aspect always proves to be the main obstacle when going very large with a build (vinyl or PVC), so the structure on the SDD Heavy Combat Armor shown above had to be extremely sturdy. After a number of experiments, a "dual" upper leg assembly formed and that really gave the rest of the build a strong foundation to stack on. The arm cannons have some good movement, and the multiple opposing angles help to keep their positions without the dreaded "droop" factor setting in. The thruster pack on its back can fold out into a set of small wings that can also get some fun positions. The central area has a strange assembly, as the parts are pushed through each other in a curved letter "C" style that locks into itself. Kind of tough to accurately describe it, but the result is a very tight and solid fit.

The complete build stands nearly 10 inches tall and weighs about 3 lbs! There are just under 60 Tri Hub Wedges and roughly 100 Switch Pins used in the construction. It feels like a big brick and is not fidgety or loose. It can also stand and not fall over after 30 seconds, which was the biggest hurdle.

I'm feeling very tempted to paint it up. What do you guys think? Paint or no paint? Maybe I'll leave some clear parts and use some dye to give it an extra real "Real Type" vibe.

 The above pic was shot under the kitchen light featuring an alternate central "head" assembly. The look of the parts really changes depending on the light source, which is something I've come to truly love about the tinted and colorless plastics. In general they have a slightly unpredictable quality that's pretty fun to explore.



The central platform of the Stealth Dimension Base started out as this kind of geometric UFO for Pheyden.

Building off the central "ball" inspired design, the Saucer has three Blocks integrated into its structure, with one located in the center of the ball and one inside each outer "wing". I imagine that since the Wedges are little semi-sentient creations in my tiny mind, the entire combined ship can reconfigure very quickly, and by summoning more Wedges can become the main hub for a central base setup.

Depending on what kind of Traveler is "Blocked" inside the main ball, the connected constructs become imbued with abilities that reflect that contained Traveler's own specific powers. The Traveler can then take control of the complete structure and alter its entire form with simply a thought.

I have definitely been playing with this stuff for too many weeks in a row! Hope you guys enjoy the pics of this odd build.

Next up: A Battle to Balance

Crawling Pancakes

The Wedges and Switch Pins have taken over my mind. It's fun to see how far the simple geometry can be pushed and what your eye begins to identify in the shapes as they build up. This is the first little guy that got the clear ball rolling. A mid sized Crawler that can become entirely flat, with just a few simple twists and turns an insectoid form takes shape and it's ready to shuffle some Blocks around in the Dimension Base. When the work is complete the Crawler reverts back to its pancake mode and scoots on out of the way.

Next up: Pheyden's New Ride


Smoke on the Horizon

Some pics of the SDD Base while everyone on the team is at dinner.

Well, everyone except for that moody Smoke Glyan.
He had a big lunch.


Stealth Dimension Division

My apologies for the drop out! As per usual, just before a launch, a member of our family gets hit with a sickness. This time it's strep throat for Michelle, so the last week has been tight with Dad duty.

Without further delay, here is the list for what's on deck for Friday, May 25th, at 9:30PM EDT:

United Glyan Coalition: Stealth Dimension Division

-Glyan Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $6
-Glyan Smoke (Clear Gray/no paint apps) $6

-Buildman Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $6
-Buildman Smoke (Clear Gray/no paint apps) $6

-Phaseon Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $4
-Phaseon Smoke (Clear Gray/no paint apps) $4

-Neo Voss Pheyden (Clear Aqua Green with painted eyes) $8
-Smoke Exellis (Clear Gray with painted eyes) $8
-Nonillia Pheyden (Clear Pink with infused Sparkle Bits and painted eyes) $8
-Classified Pheyden MK II-Traveler Klace (Solid Black with painted eyes) $8
NOTE-The Travelers and Sincroids will not come with an extra head this time.

-Extra Set Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green with painted eyes -Sarvos head, Phanost head, Scar Pheyden head, Sarvos chest and pelvis) $5
-Extra Set Smoke (Clear Gray with painted eyes -Sarvos head, Phanost head, Scar Pheyden head, Sarvos chest and pelvis) $5

-Crayboth Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $4
-Crayboth Smoke (Clear Smoke/no paint apps) $4

-Hub Set Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $4
-Hub Set Smoke (Clear Gray/no paint apps) $4
NOTE-Each Hub Set is sold in a specific Drone configuration.

-Axis Joint Set Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $4
-Axis Joint Set Smoke (Clear Gray/no paint apps) $4

-Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set Neo Voss (Clear Aqua Green/no paint apps) $2
-Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set Smoke (Clear Gray/no paint apps) $2

-Core Block Stealth Dimension Division (Clear Colorless/no paint apps) $10

-Heavy Armored Rig Stealth Dimension Division (Clear Colorless/no paint apps) $20

-Rig Runner Stealth Dimension Division (Clear Colorless/no paint apps) $18

-Armodoc Stealth Dimension Division MK III (Clear Colorless with painted eyes) $20

-Conversion Kit (consists of 1 long Rig Arm and 1 short Rig Arm for customizing vinyl figures)
 Stealth Dimension Division (Clear Colorless/no paint apps) $10

-Tri Hub "Wedge" Single  (vinyl isosceles triangle that can be customized for connectivity with all Glyos vinyl) Stealth Dimension Division (Clear Colorless/no paint apps) $3

-Switch Pin Single (vinyl male/male pin which can convert any vinyl female fit function into a male) Stealth Dimension Division (Clear Colorless/no paint apps) $1

NOTE -ALL the  Stealth Dimension Division Clear Colorless vinyl parts have MULTIPLE RANDOM AIR BUBBLES and VISIBLE ROTOCAST "WAVES" throughout the material.

This is due to the process used to create rotocast vinyl at our factory in China. The process used to create clear colorless vinyl in Japan is much different and yields a product with a higher clarity. 

We will not be running this clear colorless rotocast vinyl again. Even though the clarity is not hyper translucent, the quality of the vinyl is just as high as all our previous runs and the parts feel and fit great.

Thanks for reading that mountain!

PS -The pink sparkle is crazy looking in the sunlight. It has little specs that shimmer like tiny rainbows! 



The old Classified black returns for this month's drop! Pheyden will have some other things to showcase in this round as well...


Block Testing

CC decided to give the Block a "mud" test while we were taking a walk around a mini beach. A Neo Voss Pheyden was inside and survived without a grain of sand in his pants. That seal on the Block is pretty tight!


Mercenary Alert

A little behind the scenes Wraith action can be found over at the Callgrim blog! Read about "stabbing and burning" capes, compliments of Mr. Moore.

New Anomalies

Some new Anomalies have landed over at NiStuff.com and will be up for grabs at 3 PM EDT, today, May 12th!

This is the first time Ni has run his Anomalies in GITD green PVC and Metallic Silver PVC and they look great in hand. The colors match up perfectly with Hades and Argen and make for a cool team up.
Be on the lookout for some surprises as well!