Sarvos Phase Combo

Sarvos tests out the Phase Arm and Gobon Blaster upgrades. These new parts should open up some fun possibilities.

Things to Come...


Pyros and Redlaw

As we start to ramp up for SDCC, all new colorways for Exellis and Pheyden will continue to be released leading up to the big show. The latest additions to the Exellis color ranks are Pyros Version and Redlaw Version. Fans of Henshin Cyborg and the Micronauts will hopefully get a kick out of these clear Sincroids in particular. They are both available in the store now.

Reflex Suit Gripper

Pheyden tests out an experimental Reflex Suit codenamed "Gripper". Based on the Androbos design, this multi-limbed monstrosity is capable of performing many tasks at once. Operation of such a complex Reflex Suit leaves the pilot in a weakened physical state after use.


Sneak Peek of Buildman Alternate Head

Another option for customizing. Trying to get the classic "visor mask" feel on this one. Think Samus Aran, Master Chief, Blockman and that kind of thing. I've always loved the armored helmet characters with a visor. This alternate Buildman head is meant to evoke that classic aesthetic. Should be fun to mess with.