Order of the Glyknights II

Extra special thanks to the ultimate art wizard, Ralph, for the outstanding artwork! Unreal!!!

UPDATE: As some of you may have experienced last night, the store was having a few issues, causing some back end hiccups. This had us scrambling a bit and in the minor mayhem during the pre-launch the description for the SARVOSTAR MYSTERY FIGURE was incorrectly entered into the store. We didn't catch it until a couple hours into the sale and made the correction as soon as it was spotted. I (Matt) take full responsibility for the misstep. There is NO VARIATION on this Sarvostar Mystery Figure production run. Our sincere apologies for the fumble. Please send any refund requests or inquires to our contact email and we'll get you sorted out ASAP. 

For what it's worth, the heads that do actually comprise the Sarvostar set offer some pretty neat options, directly related to the last Alphaden release as well as some of our old school waves that both new and long time customers may enjoy.

Thank you!

Glyknights Theme

Gigantic thanks to our insanely talented friends, musical mastermind Glen Schricker (Circuits and Brains), and toy industry fan favorite Nate Baertsch, for a truly killer one-two Glysword Powered strike!

These guys are both at the very top of their highly competitive fields, and we are beyond psyched to work with both of them once again.

Thank you Schrick! Thank you Nate! You guys killed it!

Villser Bioskull

Noboto Trogillian


Barbariden Ureydak

Barbariden Ureydak and Trilogonn

Crayboth Warlord Soldier

Villser Warlord

Glyknight Callebast

Glyknight Thuriyun



The Seventh Fate

Complete the quest this Sunday, October 29th, 9:30 PM EDT.


Flying Vipers - The Shadow Tape

The Flying Vipers have emerged from their den with another analog artifact. This one contains a few extended vocal tracks in the Jamaican Disco style.

In the mid 70s, "discomixes" became a popular way for DJs at clubs (discothèques) to showcase a new single followed by a dub remix, all on one side of a 12" 45 RPM record. This resulted in some amazing 7-8 minute tracks evolving a radio single into a dancehall hit. We wanted to pay tribute to this tradition, but since we recorded this direct to cassette (and pressing vinyl is crazy expensive), we thought the cassingle was a fun way to go.

Much respect to Jay Champany, who recorded and mixed everything, in addition to writing the lyrics and voicing the tracks. Big thanks to the Big Guy here as well for illustrating Viper #3.

Today is also Cassette Store Day, and this release is an official part of the Jump Up Records CSD line-up, which includes a few classic albums from my 90s heroes The Toasters and The Slackers. They've also re-issued a killer cover album of Michael Jackson tunes done in a dub reggae style that have been played quite a lot at Onell HQ over the years, especially their version of "Rock With You".

Hope some of you enjoy the tunes!

PS- New Englanders, Vipers support Jamaican legend Lee "Scratch" Perry on 10/24 in Boston!


The Zullen Invade!

Tonight marks the debut of our long time friend and collaborator, Mike MZ's full PVC production of his wicked Zullen!

Packed with four different head sculpts, the Zullen is the product of a multi-level team up that was spearheaded by Mike himself. Tons of creative DNA was hybridized into the final design, and some blood was even spilled along the way (I nearly chopped my thumb off tweaking the sculpt because I'm a fool). Huge congratulations go out to Mike, Rudy, Marty, and Pat for all their great work in bringing this new creation into reality. It was a blast to be part of the process and seeing another project come into focus never gets old.

Way to go, Mike! Excited to see where the Zullen take us next!


Battle Tribes: Wave 9

Spy Monkey Creations is set to unleash some fresh mayhem over in their store tonight, October 6th, at 6PM PDT (9PM EDT East Coast)!

This new assortment spotlights some excellent super vivid injected PVC color and crazy paint across the whole wave. Those Old Gods really like to gang up and monopolize those BT bucks around here!

Another exciting chapter, SMC! Really love that Onyx combination!

Mission: Power Lords

Our old buddies, the Four Horsemen, have been running a special pre-order for the continuation of their awesome Power Lords line for the last month, and it wraps up later today (October 6th) at 3PM EDT.

Although we moved in different directions over the last few years professionally, we still remain great friends, and everyone here at Onell has been in full support of both Mythic Legions as well as the re-relaunch of Power Lords. The amount of work the guys (especially Eric) have poured into the redesigning process on these new super articulated Power Lords is deep, and continues to stand as an absolute passion project. As much as it was fun to work on this property together years ago, it's still been cool getting to see the 4H resurrect this strange yet glorious action figure classic, one more time.

If you enjoyed the first and second iterations of Power Lords, it's safe to say you'll love this third journey into the combined minds of the legendary Wayne Barlowe and the inimitable Four Horsemen.

Special thanks to Eric for the images shown above. Raygoth is the king!

Also, I've watched this little promo video about 50 times now, love the vibe Ryan Lord captured.