The Walking Dud Ultra Rotten Edition

Our friends at True Cast Studio will be releasing the very first fully painted production version of Adam Smith's insanely detailed Walking Dud figure (with tag team sculpting by the one and only Jason Frailey) this Sunday, August 31st, at 8PM CST over in their store. A light blue single color edition will be available as well (which matches our Standard Pheyden PVC hue), to balance out both ends of the spectrum!

The paint applications are absolutely intense on this nasty little zombie! Layers upon layers of saturated colors push the already sinister sculpt into territory only previously matched by Adam Smith's very limited hand painted resin runs. It's pretty neat setting the deluxe painted type next to the simplified light blue version and studying the effects of the paint on the core details.

Overall, an awesome and unique take on the popular zombie genre. I would love to see more classic creatures rendered in this style.

Congratulations to Adam and True Cast Studios on this landmark release!


Banimon Multi Mech 2

A few more Banimon Multi Mech forms and a look at the core design configuration from the top.


Banimon Multi Mech

A batch of five Banimon figures yields this little bugger, the Banimon Multi Mech. I imagine this mech assisting with various operations, using its adaptable form to meet the needs of any given mission.

These are just a few of the configurations that you can pull from this combination. Nothing needs to be detached, and the forms above can be realized by just shifting the locations of the assembled parts around.

The "Walker" mode shown above is a direct homage to a classic Microman prototype from back in the 80's (thanks the great Microbry for the link!).

Banimon figures have some real hidden building potential!


Banimon Havvacor Tank Unit

Took the Banimon Bunkerbuster for a spin on the rocks, accompanied by a Banimon parts only "Multi Mech" build.

Banimon Bunkerbuster!

Gigantic congratulations to our great friend and creator of Banimon, Boris Savic, on the impending release of his long awaited rotocast vinyl Banimon Bunkerbuster Tank, which will be available August 24th (tonight) at 7PM EST over in the Banimon Store! Also, check out his latest online comic, Banimon #4: Killer Science, HERE.

Boris has been working on his Banimon Tank project for the greater part of two years, tweaking and modifying the core design in an effort to make something functional and fun. Having a front row seat for the development of the tank has allowed me to really appreciate the creative process that Boris goes through, and his attention to detail truly shines through when you hold the Bunkerbuster in your hands. The overall aesthetic blends seamlessly with the existing Banimon PVC figures, and builds out the current Banimon universe by allowing a even larger spectrum to come into focus.

The tank is 100% compatible with all previous Glyos vinyl fit functions, and even has some PVC compatible ports located around the tank surface as well, which is a first! The play potential should find an interesting rhythm once this armored armada starts landing across the country. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of configurations surface using these new parts. Some color crossovers are definitely going to be in order.

Way to go, Boris! Here's to many more releases of this awesome new addition to the family!







Kabuto Mushi MK II: Wave Four

Fueled by a never ending supply of Full Throttle, Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen has put together a new wave of Kabuto Mushi MK II colors, which are currently available over in his store.

Showcasing five "Frosted Fade" neon hues, this fresh batch of Mushis also features some new configurations, available for the first time assembled directly from the factory.

Usually, I'm partial to the old Voss color, but the new faded neon orange and yellow combo has actually been the mix living on my desk since everything arrived. There is really a solid variety of warm and cool choices to check out!

Congratulations of the fourth assortment of Kabuto Mushi, Marty! The new colors are an awesome addition to the family!