Through the Woods

After three solid weeks of hardcore scraping, sanding and packing, the new stuff is finally ready to go. Orders will begin shipping tomorrow (Thursday) and continue to go out into Saturday. Coming right off of SDCC, we knew the task of getting everything solid was going to be rough, and man were we right. Some unforeseen hiccups in production overseas caused an excessive amount of work to be placed on us for this release. I want to personally thank everyone for once again showing great patience and understanding as our small boat navigates the unpredictable ocean of making toys. This was our largest release of stuff yet, and we remain dedicated to bringing something new with each wave. Special thanks as well for making the Armodoc launch a success. The next round of them will have a larger run (with all new colors) and should stick around for a bit. I really appreciate all of you giving that little vinyl meatball a chance. Well, back to the trenches to get the shipping madness started! -Matt


Reinforced and Ready Again

The new wave is finally ready to go! Refresh every page! Thanks so much to all you guys for yet another display of incredible patience. I will always truly appreciate everything that all of you have done for us over here. As we roll out each new release the level of intensity continues to get higher, and sometimes we get behind (all the time). It's our collective goal to make each project we do something that can be enjoyed and then taken into the unknown of the imagination- creating something brand new that can be shared and appreciated by kindred spirits. We hope that the new stuff inspires your creativity and continues to bring us all together as we navigate this strange and incredible journey. And now some very important things. I want to raise a glass to Marc for taking the Passcode to another level. This dedicated machine put in an unbelievable amount of creativity, time and effort into what is our best animated tale of the Glyos System to date. Not to mention dealing with my insanity for far too long. Thanks Marcus, you've accomplished something glorious. I want to say congratulations to my wife and partner in multiple crimes, Michelle, who can finally see her long overdue creation Gobon roll off the assembly line and into the world. Sorry it took me so long Noni, he was a hard bugger to get to cooperate. Though he's not popping up over here (yet), get ready for the amazing Callgrim to make his online debut at www.callgrim.com very soon. Jesse continues to show us all how it's done with his powerful painting skills and killer toy design work. Thanks to my bearded brother, Glyos will be getting some anti heroes with extra bite, knees, elbows... and guns! Jesse, seeing you hold Callgrim in your hand after all this time makes me happier than when I first held Pheyden, you deserve all the great things coming your way. Massive thanks to Rich Vreeland, aka Disasterpeace, for his amazing musical contributions to the Passcode and letting us pillage his entire catalog. Rich, you are an original and brilliant composer. One last shout out- to the master, Ron Daley. Everything I've ever done that even remotely came out good was done side by side with this genius. Ron, I'm looking forward to our next round of building madness, King Crayboth is ready to surface! Thanks again to all of you for sticking with us- we're still alive because of your continued encouragement, understanding and support.


Simon Says Destroy

L'amour X Mishka = insane. Sculpt by L'amour, design by Mishka. Thanks Joel and Greg, Simon looks sick!