The Glyos Connection

After many hours of building, testing and intense internal discussions, we are finally ready to debut the brand new Glyos community forum, the Glyos Connection.

Through a combined effort over the last few weeks, Marcus, Mark Vasquez, Marty Hansen and I have worked on bringing this new forum to life, and we hope that you find this fresh destination both fun and easy to explore.

Please let us know what you think, and share your suggestions either here or over at GlyosConnect.org.

Thank you for sticking with us during these times of transition!


On The Horizon

Get ready for Bit Figs to invade!

Matt and I are thrilled to present Bit Fig Pheyden, the first character in a new line of collectible mini figures available next month. Series 1 will be produced via Leblox, an on-demand 3D printing app based in Paris. Download Leblox for free and look for Bit Figs to rollout Monday, October 5th!

In addition to the 3D prints, there will be a limited number of hand cast figures available soon. Sign up here to receive first access and release info.

This is just the beginning of the Bit Figs journey. More big things ahead for these tiny travelers...

Edit: Original post was deleted and had to be recovered, apologies for broken links.



Skeleton Warriors Grimskull

For those that may have missed it, just a quick reminder that October Toys has a brand new Skeleton Warriors Grimskull Kickstarter currently active with just 10 days left to go!

George and Ayleen are keeping this new campaign streamlined and primarily centered around Grimskull himself, with an all new sculpt that features a healthy array of hybrid Glyos joints that once again allow for traditional articulation as well as full interchangeability.

Grimskull was one of my favorite characters from the original Skeleton Warriors toy line (next to Ursak -who would make for a great troop builder), so seeing this new interpretation of the classic design is really satisfying. This new sculpt has some excellent proportions and captures the anti-hero vibe very well.

On a related note, I would love to see George sculpt an Ursak that could also double as a "tribute" to Captain Power! I swear that Ursak looks like he's sporting a slightly medieval version of a Power Suit. Just imagine all the futuristic armored soldiers that could run across the different toy lines.

Or, I could be 100% alone in my fondness for Grimskull's crafty uncle.

If you want to see October Toys continue producing new Skeleton Warriors figures, maybe take a trip over to their Kickstarter page and check it out.

Good luck George and Ayleen!


Enter the Glyoverse

After over a decade, one of our favorites spots on the web, the October Toys Forum, will be shutting down at the end of this month.

Throughout the years our great friends George and Ayleen have generously donated endless amounts of their personal time and effort into maintaining the boards for all of us to peruse and enjoy, fostering an incredible community along the way. The wealth of information that has been amassed in the Glyos section alone is beyond measure. Spending time checking out what everybody is up to has been an invaluable resource on so many levels. The OTF will be fondly remembered and truly missed by all of us here at Onell.

For all the glorious years of true partnership, open communication and good times, we salute our extended family over at October Toys with a full heart. Thank you for everything.

For all of you that have participated in the OTF community, whether posting or just lurking, please know that you have absolutely influenced and assisted in building the very foundation of what we do here. We are forever grateful.

Though we are definitely feeling melancholy about the end of the OTF era, we are also looking forward to what the future holds.

Year after year, Marcus and I have continually been engaged in an ongoing discussion concerning the ever growing world of social media. As evidenced by our complete lack of it, we have consistently kept everything we do contained within this little blog. Being the caveman that I am, this method has served our modest system fairly well, but now with the end of the OTF pending and the loss of an official place for everyone to openly share, the time has finally come to shuffle the deck.

Behind the scenes Marcus has been readying some countermeasures in the event we lost the forum, or simply decided to venture into the universe of modern communications (I am a relic, Marc is not).

Below you will be introduced to something we probably should have activated many moons ago. My sincere thanks to my always technologically savvy brother Marcus for dragging us through a necessary threshold into the future.  -Matt

With the closing of the OTF chapter, we begin the next phase with not one but two new online realms for the Glyos System.

The Glyoverse is a community powered tumblelog where anyone can upload photos, artwork and all types of Glyos related content. Our goal with this site is to cultivate inspiration and excitement for the Glyos System Series, but most importantly to allow the artists, fans, collectors and friends of the line an equal chance to contribute to the community. Matt, Michelle and I can never stop thanking you guys for the incredible support over the years, and we hope this site becomes a tribute to what we have all built together.

We set up a few guidelines for submissions to the Glyoverse. Please read them through before submitting, and also take some time to review the tagging system. The tags will become the filing structure for the Gallery section, coming in the weeks ahead.

The Glyos Tumblr will serve as a fun companion to the Onell blog. The current Blogger site will remain the primary source for all things Onell, whereas the Tumblr will be more of an anything-goes stream of Glyos images and content. We'll be exploring things from the past, present and even the future, including unreleased sketches, scraps, and other oddities.

If you have any questions or feedback, please comment here or email web@glyos.com.

Also, we are looking into various options for a new forum, as well as potentially exploring other social media platforms. The caveman has to get comfortable around a fire before we board any spaceships...

Thanks again for continuing to build this unique and enduring community with us. -Marc

Natural Discussion

Saw this little critter at one of Cady's recent soccer games. Looks like Pheyden is having an interesting conversation with a new friend. Kabuto Mushi must have set this meeting up.


Call Received

Thank you on behalf of Dominic and his housemates for all the support that so many of you have shown since late last week. The words of encouragement and generous donations have really helped lift the spirits of our friends out in Olympia.


Distress Call

Our good friend and fellow Glyos producer, Dominic Campisi of Nemo's Factory, lost almost all of his belongings in a house fire that also affected his housemates just a few days ago. Dominic's clothes, phone, computer and even his original master sculpts were all casualties of the fire's ferocity.

Some of Dominic's friends have set up a special GoFundMe relief campaign to assist in getting things back in order for everyone affected by this recent hard turn. All donations are greatly appreciated by Dominic and his housemates and will be used to replace the damaged and destroyed personal effects of everyone involved in the fire.

Please also check out Dominic's site and take a look at his excellent debut figure, the AV Robot, as well as his incredible original comic book that features artwork by the incomparable Ralph Niese.

We send our best out to you Dom, and know that you'll land on your feet with your trademark resiliency and incredibly positive attitude.


Thank You!!!

Thank you for a solid Labor Day weekend release! The timing was a little tight on the heels of the Force Friday special event (which Marc and I attended a few towns away), but all those great new Stormtroopers will now have some fresh Gendrones to tangle with once the packages start landing early next week (and some this weekend).

This new wave represents an important point in the Gendrone story arc, and finally getting to set the old camera up and actually take those battle pics between Argen and Enyriun was something I've personally been waiting to do for a number of years. It might not seem like much, but those of you that are creatively minded (which I believe is the case with nearly all of our little community) can understand the feeling you get when a idea becomes a reality.

The store was well stocked to hopefully make picking things up a hassle free affair during the launch, with plenty of the main characters and accessories produced to allow folks to check things out at their own pace for at least a few weeks after the initial rollout.

Just like previous metallic waves, the true effects of these special PVC figures are tough to accurately capture through the lens, but they sure do pack a punch once you have them in hand. The new metallic teal blue performs some otherworldly magic under the light, looking like an alien armor generated from beyond. The new metallic blood red is no slouch either, and adds some interesting options when building with the other metallic runs released throughout this year. It's also the "Standard" color I imagined Enyriun appearing in as the Hi-Phaseon configuration. The metallic yellow Sunstorm Crayboth is also sporting a new hue, which again is tough to capture through pics. Plans are to explore this metallic yellow again across some other molds in the near future.

Looking towards October, we have a smaller, specialized assortment on track, focusing on some detail lined "deluxe" versions of a few characters in addition to some Halloween themed selections. Sort of a sequel to last October's round in some respects.

A couple projects are also nearing completion, and I'm personally going a little crazy wanting to share them with you! If things land in the right spots, we should all have some new options to explore before the end of 2015. Let's just hope the Glyarmor cooperates a little easier than our friend Skeleden did during the tooling process.

Thank you once again for coming out for the new release! It's hard to believe that we've all been doing this together for over 8 years. Our family will forever be grateful to each of you for allowing us to continue on this path.

PS -I love the new 5 POA Snowtroopers. Also, Captain Phasma.


The Gendrone War

The new store is live!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR tonight. We usually see an increased volume of traffic during a new release and need everyone's cooperation to ensure things operate smoothly. After the initial dust settles, we will lift all limits. Thanks for your understanding and support. Have fun!

Build'em Blast'em

Torn Asunder

Enyriun's philosophies echo closely to those of Argen's, minus the growing need for dominion over all other lifeforms in the quest for complete transcendence. Argen's reliance on the Villser-born Axis Tech initially granted tremendous power to the Gendrone Forces. Unfortunately, without the proper controls in place, the Axis Tech also linked those that utilized it to something driven almost solely by the need to evolve through domination..the Villser Virus itself.

The Renegades sensed the darkness within Argen when they first met and eventually sent their "children", the Phaseons, with Argen in the guise of support, but with a secret protocol to neutralize the rebellious gendrone in the event that things spun out of control.

What the Renegades did not predict was that most of the Phaseons would come to truly believe in Argen's core ideology.

Only Enyriun remained absolutely dedicated to the original Phaseon mission, determined to avoid a terrifying vision of the future that had been granted to the lone Phaseon upon the moment of its awakening into true sentience.

This vision of a "Gendrone Empire" was also experienced by the Crayboth Twins, Gryganull and Grellanym, bonding them to Enyriun through an unprecedented bio mechanical psychic link.*

*Content snipped, expanded and edited from the comments section for easier access

Scrap Crusher


Mission Details

The Gendrone Forces have been plunged into civil war!

After serving as Argen's right hand through many missions, Enyriun takes the form of a Hi-Phaseon, finally making a move to break free of his former friend's increasingly dark machinations and liberate his fellow Gendrones from Argen's command.

This wave is loaded with build potential, and spotlights a new, darker metallic red, one that has been requested a number of times since we ran the first lighter metallic red a while back. We've been calling it Metal Blood around here, and a little preview did sneak out as a bonus back in May as a stowaway Crayboth.

We also have some restocks, in the form of Dreadvalken Overlord Phanost and the Stealth Crayboth. All outstanding Phanosts that are owed to those that received refunds after the last release will get there packages mailed out before the launch on Sunday night, unless you want us to pack the figures in with your new orders.

We are on track for Sunday night, September 6th at 9:30PM EDT. 

On to the list! 

The Gendrone War

Dungeon Traveler Skeleden -Imperium Mutation (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red eyes, Metallic Teal Blue head/ armor/ upper arms/ thighs/ axe/ Traveler base body/ upper arms/ thighs/ Pheyden head) $12

Elder Exellis -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red eyes, removable belt, LSA head, Dark Traveler head/ scarf/ inner scarf) $8

Dreadvalken Overlord Phanost MK II (Clear Smoke Gray w/ Red eyes/ Black accents and matching Sarvos head/ Scar Pheyden head/ Pheyden head/ Pheyden chest/ Pheyden pelvis)  $10 RESTOCK

Axis Buildman Argen MK XVIII -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red Visors and White tampos -Includes new two part head and scarf) $12
NOTE- Each Axis Buildman is made up of one Buildman and one Axis Joint Set.

Axis Armored Buildman -Gendrone Liberation (Metallic Blood Red w/ Black Visors and White tampo) -Includes new two part head and scarf) $12
NOTE- Each Axis Armored Buildman is made up of one Buildman and one Axis Joint Set.

Hi-Phaseon Enyriun MK VI -Gendrone Liberation (Metallic Blood Red w/ Black Visors and White tampo) $14 
NOTE- Each Hi-Phaseon is made up of one Phaseon and TWO painted Hub Sets

Advanced Phaseon -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red Viosrs and White tampos) $10
NOTE- Each Advanced Phaseon is made up of one Phaseon and one painted Hub Set   

Gendrone Force Defender -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red Viosrs/ Black accents and White tampos) $16
(Special Reconfigured Edition of Toyfinity's Robo Force Maxx Zero)

Neo Sincroid -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red eyes, White tampo and bonus Glyan head) $8

Noboto -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red eyes, White tampo and bonus Protoclone head ) $8 

Gobon -Gendrone Imperium (Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red eyes and White tampo) $8

Armorvor Neo Granthan -Gendrone Imperium Mimic (Metallic Teal Blue/ Black Paint with Red visors and bonus head/ backpack) $10 -Features Neo Granthan head

Crayboth -XXX $4
Crayboth -XXX $4
Crayboth -Stealth MK V $3 (RESTOCK)
Swing Joint Set -Metallic Teal Blue $4
Swing Joint Set -Metallic Blood Red $4

Hub Set -Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red accent and White tampo $4
NOTE- Each Hub Set is sold in a specific Drone configuration.

Axis Joint Set -Metallic Teal Blue $4
Axis Joint Set -Metallic Blood Red $4

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Metallic Teal Blue w/ Red accent $2
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Metallic Blood Red w/ Black accent $2

Core Block -Sunstorm (Pearlescent Yellow Vinyl/ Orange Paint with Black accents and White tampo print) $12  


Thanks for checking out the latest assortment! More pics and details leading up to the release.