Glyosynth Glyninja Dark

Glyosynth Glyninja Dark is live!


Thank You!!!

A belated but big thank you for one of the strongest turnouts of the year! We've been in overdrive mode since the launch and feel deeply grateful to you guys for making the new wave something extra special. Lots of new folks were mixed in with our steady base, thanks once again to the mighty Crafsman! As mentioned in the previous post, we've adjusted the next order to try and accommodate the shift of having a significant amount of fresh faces joining the party. The current target for the last wave of 2019 is early December.

Working on this last round was mega satisfying because of the different artists involved in the process.

I've known Glen "Circuits and Brains" Schricker, better known as Schrick, since I was a kid, so any chance to collaborate together always has an added depth that comes from our old hometown connection. He's been a phenomenal talent since day one and completely nailed the sound of Halkenn's descent into darkness perfectly.

Supplying a frenetically paced parallel to Schrick's foreboding flourish was the super prolific John Beaudette, the twin brother and life-bandmate of our very own Marcus! As one half of the dual-powered Arcade Rats, John created a driving chiptune that captured the genesis of the Parasitic Halkennite in all its twisted glory.

Last but not least, the German Genius of Drawing (and painting, and coloring, and designing), Ralph Niese, delivered a critical sequence of awe-inspiring art that brought everything into wicked focus. We love seeing what Ralph creates for each wave, and paired with the audio escapades of Schrick and John the visual experience transformed into a beast even more powerful than the Halkennite itself!

Massive thanks to these three powerhouses!

Michelle and I took on the shipping alone this time, and the steady flow really kept us on our toes. This was the highest amount of orders processed and packed this year, even rivaling the craziness of 2013. As a result, it took us a little bit longer to carefully move everything out the door. We had The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers on a Fire Stick loop for the overnights and then rolled into SZA to hold things together as we closed in on the finish line. Also caught the Mandalorian and loved it. Jawa disintegrations! The Egg!

Wrapping up, we'll be heading back out to DCon later this week (Booth 3028) and we're super psyched to connect with everybody and talk shop! If all goes according to plan (blood sacrifices to US Customs withholding), we might even have a few advanced offerings from our early December wave available to check out. We love DCon and are honored to be able to attend for another year!

On a very special bonus note, keep your eyes on the store near the end of the week/weekend as we'll be popping up the third offering from our collaboration with 1000toys, the Nu:Synth Glyninja Dark! We've been waiting for this one since last year, and will have a limited supply available and ready to rumble. This one comes with a awesome cape and Glyos compatible Robo Force inspired gunblades and walks the line between Glyninja and Glyknight in design, but at the 1:12 scale. It's a good one!

Extra big thanks to everybody, both new recruits and old soldiers, for inspiring us to continue pushing the limits of this well worn Sandcrawler! Utinni!


Wave 84 is GO!

Wave 84 is live!

Speaking of brothers, our favorite German son has managed to once again outdo himself, supplying 3 incredible illustrations that tell the story of Halkenn as only Ralph Niese could do. Thanks a million, Ralphus! Now we need to find someone else for you to kill...

Important notice: We are seeing an extremely high level of traffic tonight. Please respect the limits in place on each page (2 on most figures, 1 per Armorvor) for the first hour tonight. This production assortment was placed long before the new surge of customers came in last month from the popular Crafsman video, so there will be some frustration with things going quicker than usual. We've adjusted the numbers for the next round in December, but please bear with us as we build a bigger house for everybody. Thank you for understanding.

Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

The Wrath of Halkennite

Finally evolved beyond the confines of Halkenn’s fatally damaged and battered body, the fully formed "Parasitic Halkennite" defiantly breaks free of its host, intent on becoming the one true version of Halkenn, reborn as the very thing that the weary hunter had sworn his life to destroy.

As the broken husk of the once great hunter falls to ruin, the trapped ghosts of his many slain enemies twist and claw from the prison of his lifeless and empty armor, now content
in their doom to serve an eternal watch... over Halkenn's Grave.

Special thanks to our brother (figurative and literal) John Beaudette, one half of our in-house band Arcade Rats, for creating the monstrous boss fight theme for Halkenn's final stage!

Count Dracuden


Mutant Evolver Pheyaos: Hallowden Fusion


The Circle of Chaos

Thanks to a hidden series of coordinates revealed within the Sincroborg Archive, the quest to locate the parasitic bio-force cure leads Halkenn to the distant and spectral walls of Castle Dracuden and the legendary Circle of Chaos.

Existing inside the black shadow of an unhinged reality, Castle Dracuden calls out to the darkest of beings, beckoning them to spend eternity within its infernal paradise, passage only granted by the willing damnation of one's own soul.

Outnumbered and facing the combined legion of Count Dracuden and his accursed Demorran Army, the abomination known as Pheydenstein, and the menacing Hallowden Pheyaos, Halkenn unleashes the true parasitic bio-force dwelling beneath his armor in one last ditch effort to destroy the Circle of Chaos and all its nightmarish followers,  forever.

Special thanks to our long time friend and all around amazing musician, Glen Schricker, aka Circuits and Brains, for setting the sinister mood with his new original composition! Click the play button above!

Phaseon Renegade Curator

Armorvor Neo Wyverillian: Dreadvalken Fugitive

The Sincroborg Archive

High above the floating fortress known as the Sincroborg Archive, a winged Halkenn seeks counsel from the fugitive Wyverillian of Dreadvalken Keep.
Against the clock and in search of the secret to controlling the parasitic bio-force now rising within Halkenn, the duo cautiously travel into the impossibly endless depths of the gravity defying structure, silently guided by the Archive's mysterious mechanical golem, the Curator.

Mutation Hunter Halkenn: Fossilzor

Desperate to rival his increasingly deadly supernatural foes, Halkenn rebuilds his Aetheric Eye using recovered pieces of the Fossilzor that originally destroyed his old team, granting him the new ability to fuse the dark lifeforce and power of any captured prey directly with the Black Core Compound that courses through his veins. 

Though recharged and evolved by this primal process, it triggers a subtle yet dangerous transformation. 

Over time, something malevolent inside the hunter begins to grow, slowly splintering Halkenn’s mind and scratching at the already fragile door to his sanity, wickedly whispering to be freed.