TFV is GO!

Wave 71 is live!

Huge thanks to Ralph for the killer new art! Incredible as always!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Task Force Volkriun: The Xenodeth Outbreak 3

Task Force Volkriun: The Xenodeth Outbreak 2

Task Force Volkriun: The Xenodeth Outbreak

VRD Captain Kynorrun

VRD Specialist Glyan

Vector Jump TFV Operative

Task Force Volkriun Gendrone Zereon

Task Force Volkriun Gendrone Force Defender

Task Force Volkriun Buildman Cinar

Task Force Volkriun Heavy Armored Soldier

Task Force Volkriun Commander Vulldren

Task Force Volkriun

Responding to an urgent distress signal sent from the Point Cerrek Space Station located high above Planet Esedeth, Task Force Volkriun mobilizes under the new leadership of the formidable Commander Vulldren. 

Outfitted with the latest Variable Reflex Driver technology and tactics, the battle hardened unit stands prepared for the worst. 

Reforged and sworn to never let their legion fall to ruin again, they forever honor the many brothers they lost at the Siege of Volkria. But will their collective might alone be enough to challenge the true enemy of the Glyos System?


Active Duty

Enlistment begins this Sunday, Feb. 25th at 9:30 PM EST.


Mega Merge

Over the last week, a new Glyos based crossover project we've been working on has finally surfaced online, that being Mega Merge. This collaborative effort came about thanks to our old friend, Jesse DeStasio (Knights of the Slice monarch), and his long standing relationship with toy manufacturer, Just Toys International. After many discussions and brainstorming sessions over the last year and a half, our three groups ultimately united to bring the Mega Merge brand to life.

The Onell Design end of the Glyoverse has quietly operated along the edges of an industry that focuses almost entirely on popular licensed properties. Though we are completely dedicated to creating original material, we also have a passion for the classics, and have mixed many tributes into the DNA of our releases over the years. Through teamwork with some of our great partner companies, we've even been lucky enough to work directly on a few legitimate classic property relaunches as well.

Though it's fun to visit the worlds of officially licensed characters, the general direction of Glyos around these parts remains grounded in the weirdo stories that we've been exploring for the last decade. Our new cousin, Mega Merge, on the other hand, will be focused exclusively on licensed stuff, particularly characters from video games, both old and new.

Long time Glyos builders may not immediately be into every technical design decision made with Mega Merge, as the primary directive with this new line is to capture the authentic look and feel of the licensed character first, not just to turn out a super parts-optional figure. That being said, there are actually many cool combinations that can be achieved with what's available just within the first Fallout selections, you just need to approach the building process from a different angle.

The pricing is super competitive with Mega Merge, with the initial offerings landing at only $10 USD per character. This is a major boon for the project, and a lot of work went into nailing that price point for the debut rollout.

If you dig what you've seen so far, maybe give it a shot. Some solid expansions are in the works, and if things shake out the right way, we could see some really fun vintage waves surface along with the current modern properties -and they'll all be fully Glyos compatible.

You can find the first wave for pre-order here.

Thanks for checking things out!


Bit Figs: Printables

Now available for download: Bit Figs coloring pages!

We've opened a Culture Pirates Etsy Shop, where new printable items like this will be offered.

Etsy is a community of independent creators and supporters that embrace the do-it-yourself work ethic. Back in my middle school punk rock days, DIY was our motto, and that attitude still filters through my daily life.

In addition to the coloring pages, there's also a set of Valentine's Day cards that can be downloaded and printed. Packs of Bit Figs vending series are listed as well to expand their online presence and introduce Etsy-goers to our little world.

We have more printable pages and activities in the works as we explore new markets for kids, parents, and teachers. If this is something you're interested to see more of please let us know!