Renegade Regurgitoid Kyolulo

Wanted by Glyaxia Command for
"Illegal Possession of Glyan Technology".
Last seen near The Edge of Space, headed for... Las Vegas?



Mel Birnkrant's New OSM Designs

The original father of all things Outer Space Men has revealed a whole new round of alternate head designs for Inferno, Xodiac and Astro Nautilus. It's a fan's dream to see Mel expanding such an awesome and all time classic toy line. I'm particularly crazy about his Xodiac variant with the tentacle beard and of course the Lovecraftian Cthulhu Nautilus. Thank you Mel for continuing to inspire the hell out of us!


Have Boots Will Travel

Somebody's headed for Las Vegas June 3rd
and he wants a piece of Dr. Cube...


Holy Smokes...

HUGE thanks to you guys for making this the fastest sell through of a RXH release we have ever had. Mori will be SUPER happy to read about this!

As always, we are humbled by the time you each take to be part of this ongoing strangeness. This was a particularly intense one to get together, so having a solid response means a great deal to each of the artists involved.

Our best to all of you.

Real X Head Undead!

The new crew is LIVE!

Extra special thanks to Ralph for the consistently amazing artwork he continues to bring to each project. He could make a toilet look awesome. Seriously.

Hope you guys have fun with this round, it was a long time in the works! Thanks once again to Mori, Chris and Don for all the late nights they put in to get this to materialize. We are very lucky to be able to create with each one of these artists and still be allowed to eat at the table.

Cherry Mints Part 3

Berserker Rage! Hope to see you at 9PM EST...

Cherry Mints Part 2

Be careful what you probe for... more in a couple...

Cherry Mints Part 1

Check back in 2 hours for another taste...


RealXHead X Tarantulas X Onell Triple Attack Release

We have been waiting a while to roll out this triple collaboration!

Blending the DNA of three characters (Chaos, The Nibbler and Pheyden) into two crazy configurations, Armored Pheyaos and The Nibbler Reality Biter will be available tomorrow night, May 26th at 9PM EST.

Armored Pheyaos will be $40 USD and old Chompy (The Nibbler) will be $35 USD. Please limit one of each item per customer order.

Both figures are small edition runs produced by RealXHead Japan and feature a unique double paint wipe technique applied by the legendary Goto-san. All the parts can also be swapped between the figures- with a particularly funny "bridge" piece specifically used for the heads.

Be on the lookout for a possible surprise tomorrow night as well...

Massive thanks go out to Mori sensei, Mr. Chris and Don "Riplock" Kratzer for pulling all of this together with us. Also special thanks to GI Ralph in advance for what he has cooking for this mash up!



May has been a beast! Between getting set for our upcoming drop and some mold tweaking over at the factory, the days and nights have been a blurred line, but the results are looking pretty good. Mostly because of my ever present OCD, the May launch has been bumped to the beginning of June, so that everything is in top shape for you guys.

To lead up to the release, we have some all new RXH crossover action happening this coming week with not one, but two figures making their mini assault on the blog (and possibly a third mystery RXH bred creation marching in as well).

Thanks for sticking with us during the quiet spell over the last few weeks. I personally hope that when you guys get the new stuff we have been hammering away on in your actual hands, that the wait will have been worth it.



Mercenary Alert

There's a disturbance in the Force over at the Callgrim Blog...




Alpha VS Beta

As we get rolling into this week I wanted to play around just a little more in the world that Mel built. With the concept drawings being very slim on any kind of background stories for the weirdo designs, a more realized interpretation of what one of the characters might look like in an environment seemed in order.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this exploration into the OSM side of things. Even my daughter Cady got into the act! She was very excited when I told her we would post up her drawing of old Astro Nautilus. That incredible design grabbed the attention of her 6 year old imagination and out came what you see above. These two illustrations are dedicated to Mel and the Four Horsemen for all the heart they continue to sink into the OSM toy line. The new figures can't arrive soon enough!*

*That being said, some new recruits have arrived in the Glyos System recently... be ready near the end of the month.


OSM Variant Concepts Part Two

This page of color OSM variant studies focuses a bit on what the "human" element might look like when using Metamorpho's body as the the core buck. With very little tweaking, a very convincing OSM themed human astronaut can be brought together that could add a fun twist to the line. I would kill to have a plain old futuristic spaceman to go on missions around the house, discovering the crazy OSM characters and acting as the everyman in comparison to Mel's exquisite creatures from beyond. There are some definite opportunities to pay homage to the old classic space toy lines as well. Can you guys pick out any of the more obscure references that the color drawings contain?

The line drawing concepts spotlight Alpha-7 and some ideas of how to maximize that little green Martian. I kind of see Alpha-7 as a renegade who maybe was charged with completing some kind of mission and then goes AWOL when he discovers that his orders will jeopardize innocent lives. It might follow that his commanding officers would send something after him. A twist on the basic figure could be that they send out Beta-5, a mechanical "Retriever", that is basically an OSM style Terminator type character. If Beta-5's head could come apart and act as the components to a little mini Flying Saucer it would add to the customizing potential. Beta-5 could "land" on other mechanical life forms and hijack their bodies (kind of like the TGB crossover Bio Jumper from a few posts ago). The Horsemen's next level sculpting would look crazy in the form of a U.F.O., in any size!

The last few drawings are further explorations of the mini saucer head and some roughs of Octo Urchin and another ugly alien mug!

Some more direct Inferno alternative head designs are also in the mix. Mel and I had gone back and forth about what the other men of Mercury might look like, and these measly line drawings were my contribution to that line of thinking. Check Mel's art out to see the true master at work.

If you guys have any wild ideas of what you would like to see down the line with OSM, please let us know, as everybody involved in this project wants the OSM to deliver a satisfying creative punch that makes all of you excited to be part of it.