Just in time to round out the first month of 2014, Ni has a brand new quartet of Outlanders ready to enter the mix!

These Outlanders have some of the neatest color combos yet, utilizing the old sea glass Neo Voss clear tint in conjunction with the crazy Rift Breaker pearlescent clear from last year. The translucent hues are accompanied by another duo spotlighting a subtle combination of a bluish purple and pinkish magenta, topped with a neat pale greenish accent.

You can find these new Outlanders over at the 481 Universe Store!

Congratulations on going into another year of Outlander production, Ni!


Grip Strider

Argen's connection to the Planet Rilleco runs very deep, and quite often he finds himself returning to the dark and mountainous world in search of solace. Watching the indigenous lifeforms simply cycle through their patterns brings Argen a great sense of peace in an otherwise trying time.


New Weaponeers Of Monkaa

Our friends over at Spy Monkey Creations currently have some brand new Weaponeers of Monkaa figures available in their store, featuring a particular clear green that is very close to our hearts around here.

Make sure you also check out their awesome new addition to the Weaponeer saga, The Golden Age, once again illustrated by the superhumanly talented Nate Baertsch!

The combination of chrome and clear on this powerful new Brutok pays some serious homage to the magic of Microman, and the timing is perfect in celebration of that classic line's 40th(!) anniversary.

Well done Jeremy and Brian!


Rock Stinger

With a vicious strike that is widely known across the System as one of the deadliest, the Granthan Rock Stinger seemed surprisingly at peace with Argen's presence, much to the relief of the curious Gendrone.


Thank You!!!

Thank you for making the first mini release of the year a good one!

It seemed like the mix of different things brought in a fresh variety of people, with some new names popping up, no doubt from the OMFG side of the universe. Old Argen moved faster than any of us had anticipated, which means that metallic green will be back in 2014. More metallic selections of the high swirl/super vibrancy variety are also in the pipeline as I write this. Experimenting with the special effects PVC really is a lot of fun, and results like the new metallics keep things exciting.

Speaking of experiments, we have a couple special hues lined up for late February that continue the journey into crazy PVC effects. A few familiar characters may show up, albeit sporting some new paint and maybe a fresh part or two. GITD fans should also be happy...

Michelle is busy processing all the orders like a wild woman, and the barn is prepared for the shipping assault. The first packages will begin to hit the post on Thursday afternoon and will keep cooking into the weekend.

I'll be posting up some more of those Argen Contained Builds/Concept Drawings over the next few days, and if you guys dig them, I can continue popping new ones up here and there throughout the year. I would absolutely love to see how the illustrators in our ranks out there would approach rendering some of their own builds (or simply builds that they like). It was a blast trying to crank out multiple drawings within a day that I could share with you guys. Creating like that takes me back to the simple days of just sitting with a few pens, a cheap pad of paper and little else to work with.

Well, maybe one of those miniature Corn Pops cereal boxes and an early Saturday morning in front of Grandma's television would really make the vibe complete.

Thank you!!!


Mini Release is LIVE!

Refresh the store:

Please note the limit of ONE ORDER within the first hour will remain in place. After that we will lift limits and allow for additional orders. Thanks for your continued patience!

More posts with strange drawings and Contained Builds will pop up in a bit!

Jump Hunter

Known for their hyper powerful leaping abilities, the Jump Hunters of Planet Volkria proved a deceptively difficult species for Argen to try and learn from.

Claw Stalker and Concept Challenge

Argen studied the creepy Claw Stalkers deep down in the dark caverns of the Planet Reydurra, adapting his structure in an effort to duplicate their incredible natural climbing abilities.

Though some of these Contained Builds have been floating around here for a bit, I thought it would be fun to render a few new conceptual drawings of the creatures that I imagine these builds are based on.

I'll attempt to pop up a fresh sketch with each specific build as we lead up to the release tonight, my stupid lingering sickness permitting!

Absorb and Evolve

Argen may not have seen a lot of action around here last year, but behind the scenes his story was being expanded and mapped for 2014 and beyond.
One piece of Argen's Arc follows his journeys to various exotic and mysterious locations, as he searches for ways to adapt the forms and skills of different creatures into his core program, to share with his Gendrone brethren. Like a cosmic nature hike where Argen can transform into a mechanically based version of a select critter and experience how that entity truly lives, expanding his own spectrum of understanding.

The next few posts cover some of the Contained Builds I imagine Argen learned while on his extensive travels. The physical limitations being that they were each put together using only the parts from 1 complete Buildman, 1 complete Axis Joint Set and 1 Scarf.

From Granthan Rock Stingers to Volkriun Jump Hunters, Argen searches the Glyos System for special lifeforms, driven by an ever-growing desire to absorb and evolve.


Mini Mission Details

Right as I was working on this post, a nice virus decided to sweep through the entire house, so the last few days were a bit like a Black Hole (I think I saw Maximilian in a fever dream). We're back to working order now, just a little grosser than usual.

This first Mini Release of 2014 offers a few crossover items, focusing on Series 2 and Series 3 of OMFG, made possible by the great October Toys! We have had these waiting in the wings for some time, and to add some spice to their collective light blue rollout, a single color Armorvor has been run to match! We also have the OTMFG Zombie Pheyden light blue edition, designed by Lamour Supreme and sculpted by George Gaspar (ours is a different hue than the bright blue one currently in OT's store). Finally having the whole selection of OMFG figures available feels good! All the light blue stuff is run in the older Pheyden hue, to keep it closer to matching our OMFG Series 1 run.

Argen MK IX will be offered in an Axis Armored Form at $11 USD, consisting of 1 complete Buildman, 1 complete Axis Joint Set and 1 scarf, so you get a dollar knocked of the price with this one.

This particular Metallic Pearlescent Green run is from the same batch as The GodBeast's first full PVC production Kabuto Mushi assortment, so color is a solid match.

We will also have a restock of Stealth Armorvors, to keep the Buildstation cooking.

There will be one surprise on Sunday night, in connection to the Buildstation.

Here's the list!

Buildman - Axis Armored Argen MK IX Gendrone Voyager (Metallic Pearlescent Green with Yellorange visors and White tampos) $11 

OMFG -Series 2 (Light Blue) $10

OMFG -Series 3 (Light Blue) $10

OTMFG -Zombie Pheyden (Light Blue) $2

Armorvor  - OMFG Mimic (Light Blue/No Paint) $8

Armorvor  -Stealth MK IV (Clear Colorless/No Paint) $8


We're still on track for Sunday night, January 19th at 9:30 PM EST.

Leading up to the release, I'll be popping some more pics of the contained builds that old Argen has been using these days, particularly on a recent trip down to Florida. The Axis Joints were designed primarily to integrate with the Buildman figure, and just adding one set to the mix pushes the building potential into some fun new places.

Now, off to regenerate for Sunday night!


Mini Release

Argen has been on a little walkabout over the past week, and has returned just in time for a small rollout this Sunday, January 19th at 9:30PM EST.

This will mark our first release of 2014, and consists of only a handful of items, Argen MK IV up there being one of them.

Full details coming late tonight on the rest of Sunday's assortment!

I think I love that metallic green.



Argen rolls into 2014 sporting a new metallic green alloy that you beetle lovers out there may be a little familiar with...

That emerald Gendrone shown above is due to pop up later this month, and with his arrival we're trying a little something different. To keep things interesting in the alternate months of our usual larger releases, new items will be appearing in the store that are not always entire waves of a color, but instead something more "contained".

2014 will see some metallics and other FX plastics, and our general cycle of production has mostly been planned out. However, the Alternate Month releases mentioned above may contain some detail lined figure runs, RealXHead surprises, crossover specials and possibly even a CC this year. For those of you who love OMFG, you might also be extra happy, maybe even this month...

What our crew over here wants, more than anything, is to make your experience of playing with and collecting Glyos as fun as possible. This year we'll be working harder than ever to try and hit all the right notes, and hopefully together we can make 2014 a year that makes you smile.

More details on the January Mini (tiny) Launch later this week!


Kabuto Mushi MK II

Tonight, January 3rd, at 9 PM EST, Marty "The GodBeast" Hansen will unleash his very first full production run of Kabuto Mushi MK II out into the wild! This 26 piece, fully Glyos compatible insectoid warrior has been cooking for a while, and Marty completely put his heart and soul into every aspect of its development. I met Marty way back in 2005, and we have been friends ever since. Witnessing TGB evolve over the passing years has been pretty fun -almost as fun as giving him grief on a regular basis (he goes into anaphylactic shock if he doesn't drink a Full Throttle every 4 hours)! Luckily, Marty has a really great sense of humor, which is matched only by his deep sense of loyalty.
The process of creating this beefy little beetle will be explored in further posts, as it was an extremely satisfying project to watch unfold. There are many influences and tributes spliced into Kabuto's DNA, spanning across decades. When I look at this figure, it feels like I'm seeing an old friend again. One who's ready to continue a game that was started in my imagination, back from when I was just a kid.
All of us over here, especially me, want to send a monster sized congratulation to our brother, Marty Hansen. Tonight's been in the making for a very long time.
Welcome to the family, Mr. Mushi! Good luck tonight to the Hansen Clan!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

As we brace for another big snowstorm that is due to arrive early tomorrow morning, I wanted to start 2014 off with a few pics of a couple pocket survivors that have been hanging around with me since December. One point of interest is the head on the blue build, which comes from the legendary Mel Birnkrant's awesome design for his Outer Space Woman, Horroscope. I'm crazy about the look of this particular head, as it screams classic sci-fi with just a dash of Lovecraft mixed in. The Four Horsemen did an excellent job sculpting Mel's concept, and the finished product is really fun to incorporate across the lines.

The metallic red Protoclone is a little upgrade to the Gatekeeper Protoclone shown a few days ago, now sporting a more fortified form. The knee construction on this little brawler allows for some neat posing options, and overall the build holds up well to extensive play. I've had Little Red here in the rotation nonstop since putting it together.

Speaking of fortified forms (ha!), our long time collaborator and extended family member Marty Hansen, AKA The GodBeast, will be releasing his very first full production figure, Kabuto Mushi, this Friday night! The road to Kabuto Mushi's PVC form has been filled with some great moments, and I'm very happy to have been along for the ride. Marty's worked like a maniac for many years and been through his fair share of trials and tribulations. He might be a fiery son of a gun sometimes, but his heart beats for the right reasons. Friday night should be pretty fun.

More on Kabuto Mushi as Marty leads up to the release!