Nexus Rules

Jesse and I were able to test drive a sample of the new Assemble Borg Nexus during dinner at Studio Uamou/Boo with our extended Tokyo family.

I barely ate a thing because I could not the put the figure down! Nexus is truly a fantastic evolution of the Assemble Borg line.


RXH Edge

Mori's venture into the futuristic continues to yield some glorious results!

Shown above are a Mohican Trooper and Bio Knuckle, standing right on the edge of my hotel window.



Great Galaga

While checking out Yodobashi Camera yesterday, I discovered an awesome kit of the ship from the classic video game, Galaga!

I was then informed later that night at dinner, by Yasuhiro Nightow no less, that the design was done by the creator of Maschinen Krieger/SF3D, Kow Yokoyama!

Small Victory

The claw machines here in Japan are legendary, like Claw Paradise.

Won this little critter for Cady, who is a claw enthusiast to the highest degree!

Big and Creepy

Spotted nestled under a light.

Japan Landing

Jesse and I were met by Mori and Don after landing in Japan and proceeded to chow down at the local izakaya near our hotel in Nippori.

Both Don and Mori are working on some great new projects, with Mori actually bringing some of that fresh RXH goodness to NYCC in just a few short weeks!


China Image Dump 2

China Image Dump 1

Work Zone

From the Pattern Makers shop in China.


This situation is common when we travel overseas. Except that in this pic Jesse has a shirt on.

Well, half a shirt.


Enigma Source Part 3

We hope you guys enjoy the last act of the Enigma Source comic!

Thanks once again to the man with some serious Sequential Credentials, Ralph Niese!

One of these days we will make a big book collecting all these weirdo stories (and a bunch you haven't seen just yet).

Big Boys



The spray mask operations are really interesting to look over. The precision that is achieved by one skilled painter (our buddy Kai) in a tiny room is super impressive.

Above are some pics of the Armorvor wolf head spray mask set up.

Beef Bowling

Children were scarred by witnessing Jesse eat his Beef Bowl.

Yes, he's holding his beard with his fist to keep it from going in the broth.

China, welcome to the Mr. Moore Show!


Adventure Time

It's that time of year again to make the trip over to our factory! Marcus and Michelle will keep things rolling while I'm on the other side of the world, so shipping will continue to stay on track.

Pics will be popping up in a few days from the workshop that may contain a few sneaks of some new projects that have been cooking.


Beyond the Pond

After a super fast sellout of their online Power Soldier selection this past Monday, the Four Horsemen have posted that they will be offering a second chance to get them for those that missed out.

An excerpt from the latest 4H blog entry:

We’re going to put these figures back up for pre-order for those of you that missed out, and you’ll have 72 hours beginning Thursday, September 19th at 3:00pm to place your pre-orders. We’ll then run however many orders for each figure that we get during that time period. Once the sale ends, the ability to get those two figures ends. These figures will have stickers on the outsides of their poly-bags which will be numbered #251 and up (the figures that have sold so far are numbered 1 to 250) and will be placed into orders randomly.

This presents a great opportunity to still get in on this line at the ground level.

With what the 4H have planned for the rest of this year and into 2014, Power Lords is definitely a line to watch.


Power Play

The Four Horsemen will have their Power Soldiers available for purchase over at Store Horsemen today, September 16th, at 5PM EST. Priced at $10 USD and limited to 5 per customer, odds are these will be vaporized lightning fast!

Congratulations to the 4H crew on these first  production run Power Soldiers. I've been playing with them for days and they are absolutely the real deal. The team in the pics above even survived the rocks of Gloucester, which have claimed many a toy over the years!

NOTE: The White Elite Power Soldier in the middle has been swapped around with the Black Standard Power Soldier for fun, their actual default assemblies are single colored plastic with painted accents.


Cosmic Cousins

Took these guys for a little walk after packing and shipping yesterday...