The Junk Shop

This should be kind of a fun option for building up piles of parts. Over the past year and a bit we have been through all kinds of crazy toy producing experiences with the Glyos line. The first figures we had produced showed up covered in nasty, sloppy paint and we had to hand clean thousands of them. It truly sucked. The second round was much better, but still had some paint adhesion issues. So again, we cleaned and fixed everything we sent out to you guys. This is the major reason for long lags in getting orders out. The last few batches got even better, but STILL were not dead on. It took me traveling to China and actually working with the factory -on the assembly line- to finally get things right. The upcoming Buildman (believe it or not he really is almost here) is geared to be our best figure yet. The point of this entry is to bring attention to something new we want to try. As we continue to try to bring the quality even higher and the price even lower, we want to offer everyone a chance at the rather significant pile of figures that did not quite cut the mustard as far as paint and finish go. I call these misfit figures the orphans of the Glyos System. All the parts are totally functional and molded great, they just have kind of uneven final paint syndrome (like when a GI Joe has bad eye paint, but not as overall rough looking as the new Indy figures). Offering these figures at a big discount will make it easier to amass extra building parts at a lower cost. Since part of the Glyos fun is customizing and eventually building bigger stuff, grabbing parts for as cheap as possible is key. Check out the Junk Shop and let us know what you think. All the figures will ship in totally random configurations, but rest assured that every so often something "non junky" will slip into the mix when these little misfits make their way to your homes. Thanks as always to everyone for making this project worth absolutely every long night, we really appreciate the chance to do this together with all of you.



This one's for you, Bryan.

Crayboth Assault II

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we have lowered the cost of each Crayboth pack to $6. Thanks to all of our friends for their awesome support and continued interest in our crazy projects.


Crayboth Assault

Building your army just got a little easier... check the store.