Mercenary Alert

The Madman from Beverly unleashes an all new mini wave of Callgrim, tonight, at 9PM EST! Be on the lookout for some high clarity action!


Intelligence Report

Pappy continues the Gendrone action with a new installment to the MT-01 saga over at pappysoup.com!


Custom Imperium Xodiac

Here are a few pics of the custom "Imperium" Xodiac I put together for the recent Futuretro show. The intention was to give a slightly more armored look (big surprise) but not get too beefy by sculpting up a few new bits. As if a member of Xodiac's race found a Flexion Suit while visiting Glyos and popped it on, resulting in the state above. The cosmic "beard" is a direct homage to Mel's Goldiac paint job.

I was working on this right up until we left for NYC last Friday morning, touching up the paint as the sun came up. These shots were taken between closing up the barn and loading up the car.

Man, I love being able to customize OSM figures. I still can't believe these guys are back.



Marcus and I wanted to send a huge thank you out to everyone whom we met up with over the past weekend while we were visiting NYC for the Four Horsemen's Futuretro show. It was more fun than either of us could have imagined, with some truly awesome moments and unexpected twists throughout the trip.

The opening on Friday night was easily one of the best toy show experiences in recent memory, with a ton of positive energy and just a great vibe throughout the entire evening. Getting to see Mel Birnkrant surrounded by a crowd of his fans, both young and old, was simply awesome. The man really is a legend, and he lives up to any high expectations that you could ever hold.

Thank you to the 4H and Toy Tokyo for working so hard to put on such a unique and refreshing show, it will go down as one for the ages.

On one last note, the night was sealed with a killer Food Crawl around the East Village, where we all got to catch up and chow down.

We can't wait to do it all again.

PS -The special edition OSM set with Mel's new color selections is a knockout in person. I'm little obsessed with the Inferno, as evidenced above.



This Friday, February 10th at 7PM EST, the Four Horsemen and Toy Tokyo will open the doors at the Toy Tokyo Underground Gallery to unveil Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro, a celebration of 45 years of The Outer Space Men and a rare look inside the creative powerhouse known as Four Horsemen Studios.

From the Horsemen:

"Their second annual show at the TT Underground showroom in New York City will feature many all-new, never before seen items and even some fan favorites and toy industry classics from the Four Horsemen's past, present and future! Get an up close and personal look at action figure work that's seldom (if ever) been seen outside the Four Horsemen's own studio.

Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro will begin with a special opening night for friends and fans at TT Underground Friday night - February 10th 2012, and will run through most of the following week.

And if you're a fan of the Four Horsemen's licensed action figure line, The Outer Space Men, then you're NOT going to want to miss this show! There's going to be a specially featured Outer Space Men display that will most likely never be seen in this form again, as well as some special events surrounding the 45th anniversary of The Outer Space Men!

Last, don't forget about the AMAZING set of super limited Outer Space Men figures redesigned by Mel Birnkrant himself specifically for Futuretro! This extra special set of figures will be signed by Mel AND The Four Horsemen, and will also come with an exclusive Outer Space Men print by fan favorite illustrator and frequent Four Horsemen collaborator, Nathan Baertsch! All of that for only $125.00! What a steal! If you want a sneak peek into Mel's brain as he created this new variation on his old classics, check out the "Custom Colors" section of his "Sketchbook" website HERE.
The show's absolutely free, so come on by, chill out with us and some amazing toy industry dignitaries for a couple hours, have a free brewsky on us, and say 'hey' at Futuretro!"

-4H  (clipped from the 4H blog)

Click over to the Horsemen Blog to catch up on all the details that surround this crazy show!

One particularly special part of the festivities is that the creator of the original OSM, Mel Birnkrant, will be in attendance on Friday night -this aspect alone is worth the trip! Between the Horsemen and Mel, you will be in the company of the best in the toy business, all in one spot.

There is also an open call OSM custom show on top of everything else (and fresh off his domination of cable TV, an appearance by the notorious Sucklord himself).

Marc, Jesse and I (the booby prizes) will also be coming down for the show on Friday night and possibly unveiling a thing or two in the gallery. We hope to see some of you guys and maybe go for an East Village Food Crawl later that evening. Crif Dogs is calling us!

All in all, a great time on the horizon!


Monkeying Around

Today is the day! Head over to Spy Monkey Creations at 12PM PST (which is in about 10 minutes!) to get in on the action!

In celebration of this newest edition to our community of customizing, I used 6 Armory sets and tried to build something with a lot of "mech potential".  I hope you guys have as much fun playing with the new Armory parts as I have been.

Good luck to the crew at SMC!


Spy Monkey Creations!

This Friday, February 3rd at 12PM PST, Spy Monkey Creations will unleash their parts-packed Armory Series 1 sets via their website store!

These guys are great old friends of ours and have worked extremely hard to bring their incredible custom weapons to a full PVC production level. All 42 (!!!) pieces that make up one Armory Set are 100% Glyos compatible and are made at our factory by the same team that manufactures all of our releases. A ton of time, energy and planning were poured into the development of this Armory Set, and we were honored to work very closely with the Spy Monkey team during the process.

I have been personally messing around with the parts (some pics above) and the build potential within these sets is really something. We can now add some classic hard lined mechanical aspects to our collective builds as well as an entire arsenal of beautiful clear ABS parts, ranging from spikes to domes to wings -and this is only one small aspect of what these sets can do. For fans of larger format figures that feature certain blond, beefy battlers, the weapons that can be configured from the Armory Sets just blow apart previous limitations, opening up the true power of full customization.

Our absolute deepest congratulations to Jeremy, Brian and Bill for bringing Spy Monkey Creations into this new frontier with their dedication, talent and hard work.

We'll be ready on Friday to join in the mayhem!