The New Standard

A familiar face returns...

This Sunday, October 2nd, at 9pm Eastern, Mark I of Standard Bit Pheyden hits the official Bit Figs shop. This is the very first deluxe Mega Bit Pheyden set, featuring painted eyes and limbs on both 3" and 1" versions. Also available will be a matching "Pheyden Blue" exclusive 10-pack featuring both series 1 Ninjas and Animals.

This small release marks a pretty big moment for us here at Onell Design. Not only was Pheyden the first full-production Glyos figure, he was also the first character I attempted to create pixel art with. To see our flagship Traveler go from paper to PVC to video and back to PVC has been quite a unique journey. Those who've been with us for a while have seen Pheyden rebuilt, recolored, scarred, and now downgraded (in size and resolution). The full circle cliché in this case is more of a square, and personally I couldn't be any happier with how things have fallen into place. The pixel art elements of Onell remains my favorite contribution to Glyos, and continues to be an area where Matt and I really feed off each others energy and passion, even if it's more behind the scenes these days. The fact we now have a "Passcode Playset" of sorts is something we hope everyone reading this can enjoy as much as we will.

Check back Sunday night to grab a Bit of Glyos history.


October Fair 2016

This Sunday, October 2nd, Stega Clothes and The Graphic Jam will host their very first October Fair featuring local artists, printers, and more at Jesse's shop in Beverly MA. The Onell / Bit Figs booth will be setup alongside Callgrim, good friend KTRON and her awesome Monster Blankets, plus a handful of local vendors with toys, apparel, food and beverages. Selector Jbo will also be in the house spinning classic tuneage throughout the event. Show starts at 10am and runs til 4pm, if you're in the area swing by to check it out!



Hunk O' Cheese

Last Saturday, after attending the Granite State Comicon (and pawing through bins of old toys), I rolled into our driveway to find Michelle and the kids looking at the moon through a telescope they had rented from the library. It didn't take long before I was trying to take a snap of the big cheese through the telescope's eyepiece, the clearest of the bunch being shown above.

Little did we know that a penumbral eclipse had just occurred the day before. Though it wasn't visible in our part of the world, the timing was pretty interesting.



Granite Con 2016

We are gearing up for a weekend outing in NH! Granite State Comicon starts this Saturday morning at the Raddison Center in Manchester, New Hampshire, and runs through Sunday evening. If you are in the area and planning to attend, swing by the Bit Booth in the main Expo room @ table D8. Visit the site for the full scoop of local artists, guests, and events.

And for the Boston area folks, the Saturday afterparty takes place at the Middle East for a night of funk & soul music with my band The Macrotones and good friends Westbound Train. We hit early at 8pm sharp.

Warning: spoilers ahead...


Thank You!!!

Thank you for making Wave 58 a great one! My apologies that this is a little late, but we did indeed encounter an all new mysterious issue with our frenemy PayPal during the night of the release. Due to this new problem, which involved a significant amount of completely missing orders and funds that then appeared in batches nearly a day after they were made, we decided to shut the store down as we thoroughly double checked everything. Even with our battle tested mathematical countermeasures, we were sideswiped by the PayPal matrix of unpredictability yet again (although at this point weird glitches perfectly lining up with our launches seem virtually guaranteed). Suffice it to say we had a couple very long nights! We really appreciate all of your patience as we worked it out.

All orders placed before the store was closed have been processed and shipped out, including international orders, so be on the lookout for invading Quallerran forces starting Monday. The speed at which everything hit the post is 100% due to the combined efforts of Michelle, Marcus, Megan and Pj. They are truly teamwork personified.

Speaking of the Quallerran, we'll be nosing a bit into their collective background as the week progresses, exploring how they are connected to the creation of Noboto as well as the lost world of Vhorren-Vy.

I'll try not to ramble too much with this post, but once again you have kept the bus rolling, and more now than ever we are humbled by your passion and dedication to this strange little after school project. Thank you for inspiring us to push our own limits and for continuing to share your talents and creativity.


Quest of the Quallerran

Be sure to refresh: onelldesign.com/store

EDIT: The store is back up, thanks for your patience!

Glyarmor Andromeda

Armorvor Spectre MK II

Distant Relations





We've got some new things on deck for release this coming Wednesday, September 7th at 9:30PM EDT, barring any complications caused by renegade hurricanes or cyclones (we're looking at you Hermine).

The Axis Armored Spectre Commandos shown above feature the "Skate Wars" inspired side of the new Glyan head, which can switch into Glyninja mode with just a swivel and the included scarf.

These guys must need that extra firepower to deal with something much stronger than your average pesky Protoclone...


Thank You!!!

The support from this community never ceases to amaze me. There have been dozens of posts on this blog titled "Thank You!" (with varying amounts of exclamation points), and it's still not enough to truly show how much Matt, Michelle and I appreciate the support we've received over the past 9+ years.

This wave may have marked the launch of a new site, but the heart and soul that went into everything from concept to production was an absolute team effort from Onell HQ, Paul at the Glyos factory, and our new partners at SSM Vending. But all of this effort would mean very little if it wasn't for the love and dedication from YOU, our family and friends who've helped us carve our own corner of the universe together.

Bit Figs will continue forging new territory this year, including our first dedicated booth at Granite Con, September 17 & 18 in Manchester NH. If you happen to be in the Northeast, come by to say hi and check out some sneak peeks of what's to come. We also have new online content in the works, stay tuned.

Packages begin shipping tomorrow. Cheers!  -marcus