The Classifieds

It has been one insane last month. We attended NYCC then set up at Toy Fair one week after that. Got to finally meet some of you guys in person (Roy, Nate, Ray, Chris, Phil and Con just to name a few)! Saw all our New York friends and family and had some funny adventures in that amazing city. After a week of catching up we are ready to start on the road to SDCC this summer. To get things kicked off for March the store (remember to refresh) will be getting the mysterious Wave 5 of Pheyden and Exellis in individual and set options. The Craywave special is also back as well. Thanks to all of you, Buildman sold well (and out) with new colors on the horizon. The Phase Arm/Gobon Blasters are very close to shipping. Some more Sucklord crossover action is also on deck as well as a collaboration with the painting genius that is Matt Walker of Dead Presidents. Been thinking about doing a special run of hand cast Govurom heads using the new chest (with the extra hole in the back) and custom parts. Maybe a Warp Zone thing. Speaking of Warp Zones, our resident 8-bit artist and Passcode programming machine, Marcus, has whipped up another challenge over to your right. Who is that big Armodoc guy? And where the hell is Gobon? Soon the assortment will be complete. On one final note I wanted to personally thank the infamous Doctor Kent for putting together the Fans Of Pheyden blog. It is beyond humbling to see the amount of effort that the Doc has put into his collection and his archiving of the Glyos line. John, you are an actual mad scientist and I love your take on the figures and their worlds. And finally, a gigantic thanks goes out to all you guys that keep this engine rolling with your awesome support, you all allow us the chance to continue following this path.


New Blood

The official launch of Callgrim.com is here. For those of you that could not make the NYCC, the new limited edition Red Guardian Pheyden and Sentry Sarvos figures are now available through Rawshark Studios Online Store. We are all extremely excited and very proud to see Jesse make Callgrim.com a reality. Cool things are coming...


NYCC Booth #2351

We are at the New York Comic Con at booth #2351 with Rocket North and Raw Shark Studios. Come by and check out tons of new and exclusive stuff!