A Visit From Sandy

Well, that was a mean storm. Power was restored from the street late last night (temporary until full repairs next week), so we are getting back to regular operations.

We lost four trees, with one of the biggest (and also one of my favorite) trees breaking in half and literally just grazing the front of our house (and wiping out the street power and some phone lines). The downed lines set off a pretty intense fireworks show. The craziest part was that I actually witnessed the big tree split, as I spent the entire length of the storm outside frantically repairing things and clearing downed limbs.

Before the major brunt of the storm, we got a little preview of Sandy's power, as our chicken barn took a hit that luckily didn't wreck too much when it came down, although the entire barn roof rests about a half inch lower (the door had to just about be torn open to get in). Man was that tree heavy to move. The chickens made it though!

Our old fence was also smashed by falling trees. It was while I was working on getting the fence back up that the big tree cracked apart, as I tacked parts together to hold through the winds.

Some other areas in town were also beaten up, but for our location I'm pretty sure we got the "Nature's Revenge" special treatment. We're feeling pretty lucky though, as that big tree could have really caused some major damage had it snapped only a few feet lower.

I'm catching up on emails today and shipping the rest of the orders from the last week out as well. The net connection is in and out, so we will be a little bit behind until we are 100% back to full power (which should be early next week).

We hope that everybody who was affected by Sandy is recovering at a steady pace, we're thinking of you guys.


Fishtank Castle Annual 1983

From the Tarantulas himself (this went live last night EDT):

 The (30 year?) wait is almost over !! From the lonely toll of midnight UK time (the not quite as lonely toll of 7pm EDT) Fishtank Castle will re-appear !!  

Pre-orders for 'Fishtank Castle Annual 1983' will remain open for 24 hours ONLY - after which it's gone FOREVER (unless you're at ToyCon UK next year - might have a few there..;) See you at 12 !

As you may have seen elsewhere I'll be taking pre-orders for these from Friday night - £25 each plus shipping and strictly limited to 24 hours.. 

Right now I'm applying finishing touches and it's tempting to post some of the content - but I want the first time you see this stuff to be in print - just like opening a brand new annual as a kid - so no previews sorry.  
Roughly divided in two, the first half is an affectionate tribute to the annuals I loved as a kid. All the comics have been re-coloured 1983 style ( no lens flare ;) and the latest chapter 'Destiny of the Nibbler' rounds the story off (wait till you see the last panel)..There are contributions from a few people you know well - some of whom have beards ;)
The second half is an archive section and comprehensive full colour checklist of Nibbler releases since 2009 - including headers and other archive material - all wrapped up in a classic hardback cover.  
Really hope everyone's into this and will support the project - it's something I've always wanted to do.
Chris has really been pouring everything into this project, and it's on track to go down as one of the most entertaining things to come out in years. At nearly 70 pages, this beefy book is sure to be peppered with that classic Tarantulas wit and loaded with crazy creativity. Also, as Chris stated above, some of us other nerds may even have a thing or two to contribute.
I was late posting this (my brain is fired from shipping), but there is still a little time to get in on the fun!
Congratulations Chris! We are all psyched to get our paws on this baby!


Halloween DB Show

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that my band, Destroy Babylon, will be performing in Cambridge MA Halloween night at the Middle East. We'll be playing the entire soundtrack to "The Harder They Come," the film and album that introduced much of the world to reggae music 40 years ago. Opening acts will feature Fleetwood Mac and NOFX cover sets... a lil something for everyone.

If you're in the Boston area and still looking for some fun on Wednesday night, drop by! See that dude above in the hat? I'll be dressed like that.


Thank You!!!

Thanks to all of you who participated in Saturday's release! The turnout was solid and it seemed like the limits on the figures worked out to be the right approach to making sure everybody got what they were after. My apologies to those that wanted multiples of the Armorvors, those little beasts continue to rock the boat over here! New stuff is currently in production for next month's drop.

All shipping for this batch starts on Wednesday.

November is just around the corner and we have a pretty decent sized assortment of things on deck for the end of that month. The vinyl will be dialed back again, with only the Armodoc representing our hollow bodied babies. November will be our last full production release for 2012, with late January 2013 being the next planned return of new stuff.

I've been personally working on the production Delphi, along with a few other projects that are moving along at an OK pace. Some new joints have been in the works for quite a while, and it looks like they may finally surface after way too long in the testing phase.

The 4H, Spy Monkey Creations, Boris over at Banimon and Jesse all have some great (and some surprising) projects in the process of being made. It looks like 2013 could be the craziest year yet for Glyos in general.

Thanks again for being the best damn group of people out there. We had an awesome experience at NYCC, and spending time with many of you made the trip to the city absolutely worth it. It was truly a blast just talking about anything and everything. I still can't believe how like minded we all seem to be!

All of us over here feel luckier each and every day we get to continue making new toys to share with you guys. Your support is never taken for granted and it remains the only reason we can follow our hearts over here. Thanks again for everything.


The Store is LIVE!

Have fun!

Armorvors Attack Tonight!

My apologies for the delay in posting the final details for tonight's release, been busy over here since NYCC!

The Store will be ready for action at 9:30 PM EDT, tonight, October 20th.

Here's the skinny:

-Armorvor  Neo Nebula (Light Purple/Dark Purple with green visor /grey furry head with painted eyes) $8
-Armorvor  Verexxan (Grey/Dark Grey with red visor /yellow furry head with painted eyes) $8
-Armorvor  Spectre (GITD Green with aqua green visor and accents /black and white painted eyes) $8

-Neo Nebula Pheyden (Light Purple/Grey detail lines with painted eyes) $8

-Crayboth  Stealth (Clear Colorless/no paint) $3

There will be no surprises tonight, just a contained little drop. The major piece of information is that each Armorvor will be limited to ONE OF EACH STYLE PER CUSTOMER.

So you can grab 1 Neo Nebula, 1 Verexxan and 1 Spectre Armorvor tonight.  

The Neo Nebula Pheyden will be limited to 2 per customer and the Stealth Crayboth are unlimited.

The one of each style limit for the Armorvors will hopefully ensure that everybody who wants something tonight will have an easier time at the checkout and cut down on overall stress.

The November Order is in production and will see the return of the Stealth Armorvor (Clear Colorless) in much greater numbers for customizing, as well as a special all new solid color with paint applications, also produced in much greater numbers.

Hope to see you guys tonight!!!