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Mercenary Alert

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He's No Good To Me Dead - Episode II

Back at NYCC one of our long time customers (and friend), EatYourChildren, came bearing a incredibly cool gift...a casting of Pheyden encased in Carbonite! Perfect for a companion piece to the Sucklord crossover we released at that very show with the Suckmaster himself! EatYourChildren put some serious thought, energy and effort into this unique and well crafted piece. After getting it home and staring at it on my desk I was inspired to create its natural match. Now accompanying the "Pheydenite" comes the "Sucklorian". Paying homage to a few of our favorite things (Sucklord and some bounty guy), the Sucklorian might be a close Cousin to the inimitable Sucklord himself. Thank you so much EYC for an amazing gift that lives and plays amongst my favorite collection of things. For more info on the work of EatYourChildren, head over to www.eatyourchildren.net and have a look around and see Episode I. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does next!

Mercenary Alert

Jesse will be revealing one card per day from the first Custom Corps Series, exclusively at Callgim's Blog, over the next few weeks.
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All of us here would like to personally thank George and Ayleen over at Toy Break for setting up and activating a brand new official Glyos section in their forum. We are beyond lucky to have friends like these two. Head over to www.octobertoys.com/forum, take a minute to register, then join up for what should be a lot of fun and an easy way to communicate with each other. George and Ayleen, thanks again for dragging us cavemen into the modern world!


Average Intelligence

Our friends over at the Average Intelligence Podcast invited us to call in tonight for their show on favorite toys of the past...

"This week is our dedicated toy episode where we'll be discussing our fondest childhood toy memories, the jump from "playing with toys" to "admiring collectibles", and having our guest Matt Doughty of Onell Design, creator of the independent toy line "The Glyos System". Either listen live starting at 7 PM Eastern where you can call in at 347-237-4846. or listen on demand at your leisure begining at 8 PM."

Big thanks to Nate and Gary for the opportunity to chat.

Mercenary Alert

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Just about every Custom Corps order has been shipped and should start showing up at their various destinations over the next few days. Just a few last packages to finish up and then I may go into a mini coma. Thanks again for making what was just an experiment into something solid. The next Custom Corps is already under construction......


Kaiju Blasphemy Show

Resin casting madman, KiLL! , put together a custom show recently out in Arizona that centered on his Godamnit vinyl figure. KiLL! got some great contributions for the show and we were very honored to participate. Since two of the little Godamnit figures showed up I had some more options to build. The tinkering resulted in one strange beast! A new creation, Killroth, was born from two Godamnit figures,a bunch of sacrificial Pheydens and six tubes of compound. I tried to blend KiLL!'s style with my own to put a fun twist on our two weird worlds. Killroth can move at the shoulders, elbows, knees and has a secret movable "pelvic jaw" (I know, gross). I think he might be the product of a Madball that married an Inhumanoid, who then gave birth to Killroth in a galactic sewer. Double gross. Big thanks go out to KiLL! for the chance to make some new stuff! Check out his website www.killgraffiti.com for some truly original hand cast resin.