Steady Craftin' with The Crafsman!

Over the last few days we've seen a steady stream of new faces/orders popping up, with a much higher frequency than usual, this long after a launch. Thanks to a tip from Pj, we discovered the above video that was recently created by the mysterious and hypnotic Crafsman. After watching the Crafsman in action (he really "gets" it), I of course ended up exploring the universe that the Crafsman has been building, revealing an innovative and clever mind at work that delivers his knowledge in super satisfying dulcet tones. Check out his Patreon here and YouTube channel here.  Huge thanks go out to The Crafsman for sharing his discovery of Glyos!

For all the new folks that may be seeing this post, thank you for visiting the site. We've raided our personal product archives since the Crafsman video debuted to try and bring some additional selections to our store for you, but as of this writing almost everything has been wiped out. That being said, we'll be announcing our next release date very soon, which will feature a fresh assortment of figures and accessories to choose from.

In the meantime, please explore the full spectrum of our extended Glyos producing family by following the links below, as well as searching the tags here on the blog for more backstory on each of these partner lines and their respective creators.

Glyos Makers:


Bit Figs

Cappy Space

Double G Toys

Galaxxor -new release last week

Godbeast/Kabuto Mushi -new release last weekend


Mystical Warriors of the Ring

Nemo's Factory  


Rise of the Beasts

Rocket North/Banimon

Space Out Design/Geodraxus

Spy Monkey Creations/Battle Tribes

The Outer Space Men

Toyfinity/Robo Force

Toy Pizza -just completed funding for AFOTM 2020! Conratulations Jesse D, Nicky and Jack!

Warlords of Wor -new release last week

Zullbeast (a Crafsman favorite)

*Mechazone -not in full production yet but soon to be

Thanks again to the Crafsman and all his viewers for looking into this small part of the independent toy world! Also, a big shout out to custom figure making king, Adam Crohn for setting this all in motion. Thanks for looking out, Adam!


Axis of Armorvors

A very small restock of Armorvors have been added to the store!

Please limit one of each per order. Thank you!


Thank You!!!

Thank you for the excellent response to the new release and for warmly welcoming the Armorvors back into the mix! The store operated without any major glitches thanks to Marcus keeping a tight watch on the code and closely monitoring the launch. To continue keeping pace we've been pushing the overtime even harder than usual so everything moves out the door as quickly as possible (hence the lateness of this post), and as of this writing we're all caught up, save the orders from last night and today which will go out shortly.

This new Armorvor head project really started coming into proper focus back in August 2018.

Jason Frailey and I had always wanted to explore more characters in PVC, with heavy inspiration being drawn from all the excellent resin heads that he produced with the great Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen over the years. After personally contributing some designs to those original handcast runs, I often thought about what the right combination of characters should be for a more varied PVC expansion beyond the original "Venjorun" wolf and Neo Granthan dino-ish heads. For the next phase of the Armorvor it felt important to hedge closer to the roots of what inspired the whole project to begin with. So with this in mind I hit the folded Buxton pads to generate a batch of new takes on a few familiar faces.

As before, Jason took my very basic drawings and turned them into incredible mini works of art. The choice to make moving jaw on the Arthrodak? All Jason. Adding to and expanding the mechanical aspects of the Kugarrec head? Again, Jason doing what he does best. The sculpt he did on the Neo Wyverillian (in conjunction with the demon wings provided by our friends at Spy Monkey Creations) perfectly captured not only the obvious (to those in the know) tribute to the rare Skull Grotess, but also paid specific attention to the influence of the classic dragon transformation from Altered Beast as well as the mostly forgotten main dragon character from another old Sega Genesis game called Beast Wrestler (RIP Yasushi Nirasawa). Jason is a beast in his own right, for certain, and I can't thank him enough for all the time and expertise he poured into this project.

Later this month, we'll revisit the new Armorvor heads once again, along with some special Halloween themed action across the rest of the Wave 84 assortment. Expect some unexpected strangeness.

Big shout out to our long time art partner, Ralph Niese, for two more exciting and original illustrations! The rendering of Phanost chewing the DNA from that bubblegum Pheyaos bio-pile is perhaps one of my all time favorites (though this seems to be happening with every new set Ralph creates). The intriguing image shown above is another Ralphus special that blends multiple influences all into one bizarre and fantastic swirl of visual history, providing some extra treats for those that have been collecting from the start. Thank you Ralph!

I bow down once again to Michelle for her inhuman processing and packing skills! Followed by another deep knee bent before the Pj Paper Palace! I'd be dead and nobody would have their stuff without these two work warlords. Spent the majority of the barn boxing listening to MCU movies this time. However, the prior photo editing mania was accompanied by the incomparable SZA.

In wrapping up this ramble, I wanted to hit on a few points in regard to some of our fellow Glyos makers:

-Jesse D and the Toy Pizza Boys have their new AFOTM 2020 campaign running right now. This is the direct follow up to the successful AFOTM 2019 service that has been consistently delivering exciting and unpredictable figures every month since January. If you're new to the world of KOTS/Toy Pizza, it's absolutely worth checking out. You never know exactly what direction things are going to go with Jesse D, and that's a big positive in comparison to most of the telegraphed thinking that perpetuates the current retail apocalypse. You can peruse the campaign details here. Also make sure to check out his Patreon.

-Toyfinity VS Bio-Masters Double Header release this Friday, October 4th, at each of their respective sites. Both John and Pat have striking and compact assortments on deck, featuring a selection that includes some classic characters, a little special FX PVC and a touch of crossover action. Working with both of these guys is always an honor and I think folks will really dig what they each have to offer.

We're buckling down over here in preparation for the end of the month's festivities, and if all goes well, it should be a solid follow up to our last Halloween rollout.

Huge thanks once again from the whole family for sticking with us!  


Wave 83 is GO!

Wave 83 is live!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Armorvor Kugarrec

Armorvor Arthrodak

Armorvor Neo Wyverillian

Fusion Foretold

Sarvos Dark Nebula

Phanost Dark Nebula

Dark Nebula Trio

Glyan Dark Nebula

Buildman Dark Nebula

Traveler Baleun Dark Nebula

Mutant Evolver Pheyaos: Dark Nebula

Mutant Evolver Pheyaos: Rift Phantom

Rift Schism


Savage Cybernetics

 The Zorennor Rift reopens for Wave 83 , this Sunday, September 22nd at 9:30PM EDT!


Bit Figs: Wave 15

A small selection of new and rare items have been added to the Culture Pirates shop, including GITD Space Series 1, and for the first time online, the original Animal Series 1 Display!

We're officially 3 years into the Bit Figs vending venture, and it's still a trip to find these little Quarter Munchers in the wild, especially now with the Glyos Space Series in full rotation.

There is also a new subset of Ninjas hitting vending machines in select areas, and we're working on some exciting bonus content to level up the gameplay... more info to come in the fall!



Cady is at again, this time tackling the new Renegades!

Hey Bubba, this is now one of my all time favorites!

Also, your Uncle Ralph will no doubt appreciate the use of those white gel pens.

Wicked, wicked good, kiddo!


Thank You!!!

Huge thanks to you guys for a super charged 12th anniversary release! You were even able to scramble Shopify's circuits, which up until last Sunday we'd never seen happen before! Luckily, Shopify was right on top of things, and resolved the issues quickly, allowing us to stay on track without closing down the store (Paypal PTSD!). We really appreciate the level of patience that you each showed as we worked through the surprise technostorm!

Like everything around here, we'd been planning the details of this wave for quite some time, so finally being able to share felt really good, despite the temporary store weirdness. Connecting all the dots to allow for production Renegades was challenging, but the pathway eventually opened up with some gentle bludgeoning. For those that have been into this stuff for years, I hope that finally seeing the Renegades in production was worth the extremely long wait.

An extra tip of the hat goes to Jesse D and the Toy Pizza Empire for supplying the Renegades with some KOTS powered mechanical menace in the form of the Rift Renegade Construct! Make sure to hit their store tomorrow afternoon for a new wave of UV reactive figures!

Once again, we want to send out a gigantic thank you to Ralph Niese for such a perfect set of new illustrations, commemorating the anniversary as only he could do. We've been collaborating and building the Glyos narrative with Ralph since back in 2010! Ralph, Marcus and I not only have a deep creative connection, but more importantly have a brotherly bond. This includes driving each other crazy at times, but I'm sincerely grateful that we've been able to make so much stuff together for so long. Continuing that trend, be on the lookout for the above illustration to appear as a 1980s fueled sticker sheet in the near future!

Looking towards our next release, the timing should land Wave 83 sometime in mid-September. Expect some more surprises to welcome in the Fall!

As of this post, all orders since last Sunday (barring what came in today) have shipped out, including all internationals. We had a full house for packing this time, and as always, Michelle and Pj were in top form. We all worked triple time to try and get the packages out to everybody as quickly as possible. Barn tunes were a blend of Yumi Zouma (first half packing) and simply replaying Avengers: Endgame (second half packing) on loop!

Special shout out to the our brothers Nate Baertsch and Iz for visiting for a few days during the release. They held down the fort while Marcus and I scrambled to get the store cured and made the night a lot less hectic! I'm getting super psyched for your new project, Nate!

Wrapping up, even if we were to close up shop in a tariff ridden toy implosion tomorrow, I would still feel like we lasted longer than we could have ever asked for. We'll keep pushing it as long as we're able, and I promise we'll stay true to what makes Glyos something special, which is of course, each one of you.

Thanks again from the whole crew for 12 years!


Wave 82 is GO!

Wave 82 is live!

Thanks to Ralph Niese for the incredible art to cap off a wild night!

All limits have been lifted!

We apologize for the store glitch! We are not sure exactly what happened but Shopify were super helpful and everything on the storefront should be good to go. It's been so long since we've had a meltdown in the store, we are all scrambled eggs right now!

THANK YOU for hanging in there while we mended the fences!!!

Just Like Old Times


Gobon Renegade Hunter

Phaseon Renegade Hybrid Caliber

Renegade Retribution

Rift Renegade Construct

Buildman Arsenal

Mutant Evolver Pheyaos: Alloyer Clone

Mutant Evolver Pheyaos: Mechacelium Fusion

Mechacelium Metalmorphosis

Pheyden Black Skull

Glyan Combat Team Black Skull MK II

Crayboth Ranic Hedger

Buildman Ranic MK II

Pheyden Regeneration

Abnormal Assimilations

Mutant Evolver Pheyaos: Standard


Ruthless Restorations

 Join us for our 12th anniversary as Wave 82 emerges from the shadows, this Sunday, July 28th at 9:30PM EDT!


Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great Wave 81! We spent the last week in overdrive hammering through the orders, finally wrapping up late last night. As of this writing, everything has hit the post, including all international packages. We're seeing many new names in the processing of orders, no doubt due to Pheyaos opening up some alternate dimensions since its debut.

The old Rothan color combination was really satisfying to explore again, as both Marcus and I are nuts about the classic Rat Fink green (and all things Big Daddy Roth). Coupled with the dino-inspired Tyraxsis hues, Wave 81 made for some pretty good primitive building themes around here. Since Mori is also a huge fan of dinosaurs (check out his instagram), we couldn't resist diving into some Jurassic action early in the lifespan of the PVC Pheyaos. Combined with the Villser in particular, the possibilities for more savage builds open right up!

Extra special thanks once again to our German brother, Ralph Niese, for bringing a new quartet of truly wicked illustrations into the mix. A launch doesn't feel complete without Ralph's art, and we were able to enjoy a double dose of Wave 80 and 81 action this time! Thank you Ralpho! Your skills never cease to impress at the highest level.

Speaking of great new art, the Pheyaos drawing above was done by none other than Cady Jayne herself, who just wrapped up 8th grade. Watching her artistic abilities come into focus over the years has been the best, and she'll still take requests from her old man! Love this one, Bubba!

The turnout for this round was intense! Michelle, Pj and I really had our hands full in the shipping department, and we couldn't thank you guys enough for that. Michelle clocked some serious hours making sure all the orders were processed and packed correctly, and even though he'd just had his own Geo release to contend with, Pj still rolled in to assist. Two total powerhouses! Barn tunes were more spartan this time to allow tighter focus due to my ridiculous naming system and the confusion it brings to the packing process. Once we got cooking, some Yumi Zouma, Fritz and the Tantrums and TBS echoed through the barn. Pj, my voice is still thrashed from that damn TBS.

Our next release is set for late July and will mark our 12th anniversary in full production. Should be a fun one!

June has been filled with lots of Glyos action from across the different makers. Check out the following when you get a chance:

Nemo's Factory new release: Arcade Quest (open now) -featuring a tampo assist by our very own Marc Beaudette

ManOrMonster? new release: Warlords of Wor Powercon 2019 Exclusives pre-order (6/21)

Toy Pizza new release and NEW release: Device Ninja debut (open now)/ Mikros Part 2 (coming next Monday 6/24) / Toy Pizza Con (7/13) -we'll be in attendance

Godbeast new release: end of the month

Also be sure to visit our other brothers:



Bit Figs

Double G Toys


Mystical Warriors of the Ring


Rise of the Beasts

Space Out Design

Spy Monkey Creations

The Outer Space Men



*Mechazone -(not Glyos yet, but we love David!)

We're looking forward to hitting the 12 year mark with you guys next month! Thank you for allowing us to survive far longer than we ever should have!