Thank You!!!

A belated but gargantuan thank you for landing us on the other side of 100 waves! It was a particularly challenging round that enjoyed throwing a couple curveballs our way, so we really appreciate all the patience while we navigated through "The Delay Zone".
Our main goal for Wave 100 was to share a healthy combination of new parts, new art and new story elements, coordinated to hopefully deliver a compact capsule of fun. Of course, getting all the pieces to complete the puzzle always takes more time than you ever plan for, but that's fairly minor if the end result still makes you genuinely smile.
I wanted to once again give deep thanks to Dillon and Sen for the artwork that they created for Wave 100. There are many unseen layers of effort that are involved with any artistic endeavor, and I was extremely lucky to watch both artists develop their projects into some truly extraordinary final forms. Dillon and Sen, I couldn't be happier with what you each pulled straight from the Edge of Space!
All orders from the night of the sale to the posting of these words have been packed and sent out. Thanks to all of you, Michelle and I happily faced a larger than usual stack of orders, which in these strange times is something we are very grateful for. The only downside was that it took us a little longer to process, pack and tape. Michelle was also busting my chops because the specific names of the characters in this round were making her brain implode while she hammered through the processing. Some couples bicker about what's for dinner, others knock heads about the names of made-up aliens sounding too similar in a database, and then some do both.
The Mega Man 2 soundtrack pretty much kept me alive during the papering/taping time in the barn, along with a combination of certain songs from Twice and the Cocteau Twins. I think Mega Man 2 might have the best music from the whole series.
Our next wave is looking to emerge sometime in late April or early May. Also, make sure to check out the latest from Cappy Space (new stuff currently available) and Spaced Out Design (featuring a crossover connection to Wave 100 due tomorrow night).
Super special thanks to CC for the awesome image shown above! We spent an entire week together venturing out onto the frozen reservoir located way out behind our house, each day after school, shooting all the photos for Wave 100. It was a perfect passage of time that I'll be replaying in my mind forever.
Each time I draft a message to you guys after a new launch, I swear to myself that I'll keep it pretty brief as not to torture, but the text pile still manages to scale up! So, with that being said, please just know how much our family appreciates the continuous support that you have all generously shared for coming up on 17 years. Words don't really cut it for how we feel, but they'll have to do! So, with true feeling, thank you!   


Wave 100 is GO!!!

Wave 100 is live!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Also, due to the state of things with Covid-19, we will only be shipping domestically (and to Canada) for this wave. We sincerely apologize to our international customers for the situation.

So Falls a Traveler

The Kydrothi Cometh

In all the years of working with so many talented artists, sculptors and musicians, I've always had a very special fondness for the extraordinary work of the artist known as Sen. Once again, Sen has provided a series of astonishing illustrations, this time to celebrate and expand upon the story featured in the Those From Beyond the Edge comic. 

Sen, somehow you innately comprehend the true aesthetic of what Glyos is inside my brain. Thank you for each and every piece of art that you've created throughout the years. What a wicked talent you possess!

Kydrothi Hyper Phase


Waellex Edgebreaker Unleashed Reverse

When the Kydrothi and Waellex break through the Edge of Space they do so packed tightly within their biomolecular tachyon charged protective "Intruder Suits", which are analogous to what a Sarvos Type Traveler utilizes to a lesser effect. 

The reasons for the armor are multifold, but the primary purpose is to keep some form of control over the Kydrothi and Waellex, as each suit is outfitted with a "kill switch" that is designed to terminate or paralyze the user if direct orders are not followed. The trade off is access to enhanced power, speed and near invulnerability, but at the cost of the user's complete freedom. This is exactly what the Sarvos Type Travelers must contend with, though some have learned how to beat the kill switch, thanks again to the intervention of the Delphi.

Kydrothi Edgebreaker Unleashed

The Intruders are in actuality the equivalent of what a Traveler is and represents, but they herald from two "older" and completely different "Systems" that exist Beyond the Edge of Space. They have been summoned from their mother systems by the Elder Masters to come to the Glyos System and regain control. 
The Elder Masters are near omnipotent in their scope and their vision, but cannot physically gain entry into the worlds that they create themselves. Therefore, their bidding is carried out by the "First Children", which began with the Kydrothi, the Waellex and the youngest of the trio, the Delphi. Each race was sent to a newborn system, charged with guiding and manipulating the lifeforms of each separate system according to the plans of the Elder Masters. 
Only the Delphi dared to eventually rise against the harsh reign of the Elder Masters, rebelling when their own "children", the Armorvor, were ordered destroyed by the Elder Masters. Through the intermittent and unexplained appearance of the dimension bending Zorennor Rift, the Delphi found a way to hide their Armorvor from the vision of the Elder Masters, who somehow could not see into the Rift itself. 
To replace the Delphi after their rebellion, the Elder Masters created the Traveler, a less powerful but more controllable race of beings than the three races of the First Children. Even though the Traveler race was intentionally designed to obey more easily than their predecessors, they began to also awaken to the cruelty of the Elder Masters, thanks to the intervention of the Delphi, who had become more powerful while within the Zorennor Rift, gaining a new mastery of time space through the use of forgotten Dimension Gate technology. 

Those From Beyond the Edge

We are "beyond the edge of excitement" to present a brand new comic, illustrated by the multidisciplined lefty art master known as Dillon Wheelock! Dillon took on this assignment knowing full well that there were some very large shoes to fill, and proceeded to craft an amazing showcase of sequential art that I'm certain Ralph would have really enjoyed reading. We hope all of you smile seeing the new and old characters warping around the page again.

Dillon, thank you from the deepest part of my heart for reaching out and teaming up with us. I honestly never thought we'd delve into this end of the creative field again, but you showed me that there is still more story to tell. Your generosity, creativity and patience truly pushed this into reality.  

We dedicate this comic, and all comics to come, to Ralph. You opened the door that we are all still using to tell stories together, and we will honor that forever. 

Those From Beyond the Edge

Intruder Edgebreakers

Pheyaos Hyper Phase MK II

Pheyden Hyper Phase MK II

Crayboth Hyper Phase MK II

Sincrodrone Eidymos

Sincro Phase once existed in a different form, known then as Hyper Phase Pheyden. During this segment of his life, he encountered the first known "Lost Sincrodrones", choosing to defend them against the time traveling Queen Kirallius and her followers, who had set out to eliminate the Sincrodrones due to their eventual "future corruption" at the hands of the abstract mechanical entity known as Argenesis, the ruler of the Gendrone Empire in the timeline Kirallius travelled from. In a brutal confrontation, Hyper Phase was able to stop the Kirallius Incursion by allowing himself to embrace the Villser Virus within and transform into Hyper Phase Pheyaos.

As repayment for his help, the Sincrodrones tried to assist Hyper Phase in finding a cure for his Villser Virus infection. Using their ability to mechanically "procreate" new Sincrodrones, they granted Hyper Phase with a Sincrodrone "son" called Eidymos, Echolinking their life forces together. The duo then ventured together in a continued attempt to cure the Villser Virus, building a small team and eventually crossing paths with the advanced race known as the Sincroborg. The Sincroborg also lent their science to Hyper Phase in his mission, teaching him to fuse with their technology and modifying his relic of a Biovessel. He renamed himself Sincro Phase Pheyden in their honor.

Sincro Phase Pheyden

Drifting in a fixed pattern near the mysterious Edge of Space aboard their hybrid Biovessel, Sincro Phase Pheyden and his small but dedicated crew work tirelessly to unlock the secrets of controlling the dangerous Villser Virus contagion. 
To maintain mastery over his own compromised form due to being exposed to the virus long ago, Sincro Phase Pheyden utilizes a combination of Traveler, Axis and Sincroborg technology to suppress its mutational effects, bolstered by a synaptic Echolink to a young Sincrodrone known as Eidymos.
By operating in an artificial environment designed to simulate the cold plains of the Planet Nemica, the experiments taking place within the Biovessel maintain an intense level of security, remaining far from the populated and vulnerable sectors scattered across the Glyos System.

First Pheyden


Interdimensional Intruders

 Look into the Edge of Space for Wave 100, revealing ancient secrets this FRIDAYFebruary 23rd at 9:30PM EST!
We need one more day to nail down everything just right. Apologies for the second delay, but it will be worth the wait!


Merry Christmas 2023!

 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours!  


Thank You!!!

A gigantic holiday thanks to all of you for making Wave 99 something special. The world we're living in is kind of all over the place these days, so we really appreciate your continued interest and support of all things Glyos on the whole. I'm beyond thankful each and every day that our paths continue to run together over so many hills and valleys. You guys motivate everybody over here to keep pushing further into the depths of our imaginations, discovering new creative frontiers to share with each of you.  

Wave 99 went through an abnormal number of revisions during its development, mainly due to so many ideas popping up right as we were about to lock everything in. It was mostly a good thing, but boy did it take us for a ride on the way to the finish line. However, one main point that never shifted was the return of Hades and Argen. Those two originally materialized during some of our biggest breakthrough years, serving as arguably the first truly defined "alternate" forms of the Pheyden and Buildman characters. When I think of Argen I always also think immediately of Ralph and the Gendrone Chronicles that we all worked on together. That was the first big project we ever collaborated on, and it helped cement the foundation of not only a number of key characters, but also some significant parts of the in-universe Glyos System history. We almost completed the second arc of that story, but ended up shifting focus before we wrapped it up. 

Michelle and I went into overdrive mode during the processing and packing of orders from the release, clocking in some serious hours to stay on track. Thanks to all of you, we had a heavy stack to make our way through, and we couldn't have been happier to do so. Spent a lot of time in the barn "listening to" the 1980s animated version of Testujin 28, which gets pretty wild in the later part of its run. How often do you get to see a giant robot fight Dracula, a giant robotic mummy, hordes of zombies and the Grim Reaper? It's worth a watch. 

As of this writing all orders have been processed, packed and dropped off at the post office, except for what came in over the weekend, which will hit the post later this morning.  

Speaking of early risers, make sure you check out Marty's latest wave over in his shop. If you're a fan of "web-head hunting" villains, then he's got the assortment for you. The double builds he created came out extra wicked, packing on the serious Mushi Muscle that only somebody we call the Godbeast could provide. We were also lucky enough to team up with Pat "Bio-Masters" Bussey on the tampo designs. 

Now speaking of Pat! The great Cappy and Pat connection continue their amazing collaboration with the rollout of their all-new subline, the Brynelords! Spawned from their combined love of creatures that lurk in the deep of the ocean, these wild super building character sets are finally ready to invade your shelves and bathtubs, especially for some perfect mash ups with the Bio-Mass Mutant, Bio-Mass Monster and Mischiever molds. They also happen to thematically line up pretty well with "The Ones Beyond" the Edge of Space that I've seen warping in and out of here over the last few months... 

A massive thank you once again for journeying with us to the far reaches of the Glyos System! We'll have some fun things coming in 2024, starting this February with Wave 100. 


Wave 99 is Go!!!

Wave 99 is live!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Also, due to the state of things with Covid-19, we will only be shipping domestically (and to Canada) for this wave. We sincerely apologize to our international customers for the situation.


Parallel Pathways

 Old friends and new rivals collide for Wave 99, glowing up this Sunday, December 3rd at 9:30PM EST!


Sea of Daggers

Our deck mate on the high seas, Jesse DeStasio, has been running a very special fundraiser called the Sea of Daggers, which wraps up today. The core of the project focuses on one of Jesse's favorite childhood characters, Crae Drake. Those of you who have been following Jesse and his Knights of the Slice series over the last 8 years will no doubt be familiar with Crae, but this latest iteration combines the "Diskman" concept of enhanced Glyos compatible articulation that we used for the Gauss Armor project. Once again the Four Horsemen have granted us the use of the disc system so we can push Crae and his crew of characters into more poseable possibilities. 

As an added and deeply connected bonus, Jesse and I have integrated an old character form my pre-Glyos days of creating, which happened to line up very well with the expanding world that is the Sea of Daggers. "The Naval Deep" served as the primary antagonists for an old story I created called Cly Nonan, back in the mid 90s. Cly, much like Crae, was an explorer and solitary orphan, raised by hardened warriors to survive in a dangerous and mysterious world on the high seas. Both of our characters end up meeting "sidekick" nonhuman creatures that then accompany them on their many journeys. The similarities are downright uncanny. Of course, Crae looks a lot like Jesse D, while Cly looks mostly the opposite, being clean shaven, tan and blond. 

The Naval Deep surface as primary adversaries for Cly, as it is eventually revealed that an old war with them claimed the lives of Cly's parents. I spent many years working on the Cly Nonan story, spanning three stages of his life, with his final bonus appearance being in Rechlen and Aves, as an old man protecting his sidekicks from the misguided Space Trappers themselves. I never thought anything from Cly Nonan would make it into the modern Glyos universe, but thanks to Jesse D's campaign and some incredible support, something has.

Please go check out Jesse D's fundraising project and support what you can. Thank you to everybody that has already taken the plunge and made Crae and the Naval Deep possible, as it's an unexpected dream come true.


LegionsCon 2023

We are excited to make our annual pilgrimage to the amazing LegionsCon this weekend, November 11th-12th, in Whippany, New Jersey. The Four Horsemen are family to us, so getting the opportunity to hold another mini "GlyCon" within their powerhouse exhibition is an off the charts level event for us. Massive thanks once again go out to the 4H, their resident master of marketing Jeremy Girard and the infinitely generous Joe Veteri. 

Looking forward to catching up if you can make the show! 


Mercenary Alert

Returning from beyond the void and hot on the heels of the recent Game of Hope show, Jesse Moore and his boys have released an all new wave of Callgrim to wreak havoc on your toy shelves and work desks across the plastic frontier! 

This new assortment marks the online debut of the Heavy Armored Order, which is a special "hidden" form of the Sincro Armor Set. 

The main goal of  Sincro Armor project was to create a multi-purpose "universal" set that could line up with not only the Sincroborg, but also many of the various molds from across the expanded Glyos catalog -with extra attention paid to its interface with Callgrim. 

So as a surprise for Jesse on his birthday a couple of years ago, I hid the Heavy Order "face" behind another glued on outer Sincro styled armor plate, then sent the first test shots up to him as a present to discover. It was a good little bright spot in those uncertain times. 

Congratulations to our brother Jesse and his sons on the triumphant return of our favorite mercenary!


Game of Hope 2023

One of the major things we've missed throughout the pandemic was connecting in-person each year with our extended Japanese family. Now, after far too long a pause, we're all able to finally have a reunion, but for the first time right here in New England.

Tomorrow afternoon we'll be in attendance co-hosting the first Game of Hope exhibition to be held at Jesse Moore's Graphic Jam screen printing shop, which also doubles as the official headquarters of Callgrim.

Flying in direct from Tokyo and releasing limited editions of their otherworldly Japanese sofubi will be the superhuman quartet of RealxHead, Uamou, Cord Viper and Goccodo.

Running support for this mini showcase will be the equally incredible Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen, Toyfinity (John Kent), Spaced Out Design (Pj Bartlett) and performing live, Toy Pizza's very own Jesse Destasio and Zed Star Seven! Jesse D will also be promoting his latest campaign to bring another of his childhood characters to life (more on this next week).

In special celebration of the event, Jesse Moore will also be revealing his latest assortment of Callgrim, featuring all new runs of the most notorious bounty hunter in the Glyos System. Jesse will have some surprises pulled from his archives available as well. There's also rumor that some very rare Callgrim sofubi might make an appearance...

The Game of Hope is set to run tomorrow, October 28th from 1-6 PM at the Graphic Jam in Beverly, MA.


Mike "MZ" Moszczynski 1963-2023

Though he was a fairly private person, Mike "MZ" Moszczynski, fellow Glyos maker and creator/owner of the Zullbeast and Zullen, was one of the most generous people I've ever known. His sudden passing last month hit like a freight train for his family and all of us. He was just shy of 60 years old. 

I met Mike MZ online in early 2011, after he'd reached out about some of my older work, particularly the Rechlen and Aves series. His enthusiasm and genuine interest were the real deal, and we started to correspond regularly. Mike would go on to reveal his deep love of the classic OSM toyline, created by Mel Birnkrant, and the subsequent Four Horsemen relaunch of the line in 2010, which had led Mike to Glyos. We talked about how much the OSM had impacted the both of us, opening up new creative pathways and the desire to one day potentially build our own worlds. Mike really had an incredible drive to create, which became more and more evident as we continued to connect. 

It wasn't long before Mike started sending packages up here, each one filled with extraordinary customs, painted and built with true talent pulled directly from his surprisingly wild imagination. I tried to return the gestures by hiding old hand cast Rechlen and Aves figures in his outgoing packages after we'd have a launch. What started out as some fun gift giving quickly escalated, with Mike sending up a complete vintage OSM Series 1 set, as a gift. To say I was shocked is beyond an understatement, but the day I opened that box will never be forgotten. I still have them stored in that very box they arrived in, adorned with Mike's writing, reflecting his dry sense of humor. It was the same box I'd sent to him earlier, so my message to him was also scrawled on the inside flap. A small testament to the early days of our friendship. I'm so thankful that I held onto that beat up old box.  

Eventually in 2015, Mike decided that he wanted to get into the production end of things, so we worked together with our mutual great friend Marty Hansen (prototyping/casting), ace sculptor Rudy Garcia (sculpting) and at that time fellow upcoming Glyos "maker in the making" Pat Bussey (product art) to concept and create what would come to be known as the vinyl Zullbeast. Mike's endless love for all things cosmic and creepy really came through with the Zullbeast, and quickly rolled directly into the development of the PVC Zullen project at the end of 2015. For the Zullen, Mike and I imagined that a collective of alien races had stolen technology from across the other Glyos "lines" and worked in the background to manipulate the events of those other universes, sort of like a counterintelligence to the Delphi. Mike was all about collaborating and exploring together, and that was the case for as long as I knew him. 

Before Mike passed away, we'd been working on his latest project, which we called the "Zulloid". This one began in 2019 and went through some deep iterations over the last 4 years, continuing development right through the heart of the pandemic. As always, Mike stayed dedicated to seeing the project through, despite a variety of challenges, frustrations and delays. Once again, we worked with Marty, Rudy and Pat, and soon welcomed the great Anthony Coffey on board to take on digital sculpting duties. The Zulloid served as my first real working project with Anthony, who has gone on to sculpt many subsequent Glyos projects. Once again, another new branch of creative collaboration grown thanks to Mike's desire to keep making things.   

In my last conversation with Mike, which was literally the day before he moved on, he asked that we keep his world alive, and carry on the legacy of all that he'd worked on. I promised him that we would do so, and that his memory would live on with each and every figure that he brought to life, through his love of creating and the love he forever showed his friends. 

We miss you Mike, and we won't let you down. 


Power-Con Mini Wave is Go!!

Wave 98.5 is live!

Be sure to also visit
The Culture Pirates Shop
to complete the team!

Note: All limits have been lifted, thanks for your cooperation!

Also, due to the state of things with Covid-19, we will only be shipping domestically (and to Canada) for this wave. We sincerely apologize to our international customers for the situation.


Power-Con 2023

If you're in Columbus, Ohio this weekend, check out an especially super charged Power-Con, featuring a jam packed exhibition of independent action figure makers from all over the country. Also make sure to swing by the newly assembled "Glyos Alley" section of the show to catch up with many of the current Glyos makers and get your first shot at their special Power-Con exclusives. 

Celebrating our first attendance of this long running show, Onell Design and Culture Pirates will be releasing a special small Power-Con joint assortment across our two sites. Both attendees of the convention and those at home will have the chance to pick up the figures, both onsite and online, while supplies last. 

Our stores will open simultaneously tomorrow night, Friday the 11th, at 9:30PM EDT for online sales.

Onsite sales will open in Glyos Alley tomorrow when Power-Con begins at 2PM. 

A massive thank you goes out to Val Staples for inviting us to his show and letting us join in the fun!


Thank You!!!

A belated but big thank you for returning to Granthan with us on our 16th anniversary! The fact that we've somehow managed to quietly survive this long is an absolute testament to your dedication and generosity. 

Gearius and his various adventures over the years frames much of the creative journey that we've slowly explored since starting production Glyos back in 2007. One of the very first variant Pheydens was the Gear's Edge style, debuting in Wave 1 along with Standard Pheyden and Phase Pheyden. It was soon after that rollout that I carved a scar into one of the Gear's Edge Pheyden heads, which subsequently ended up becoming the prototype for the Scar Pheyden head that continues to be offered to this day. 

Soul of the Traveler, arguably the magnum opus of the Passcode era (thanks in particular to the extraordinary original soundtrack created by Disasterpeace), prominently featured Gearius in one of the lead roles, piloting his beloved Rig right into the heart of an unfolding space-time tragedy. I'll never forget working with Rich and Marcus up in the attic together as we hammered out that whole project. 

Gearius also reappeared once again as part of what stands as our most successful assortment to date "by the numbers", Wave 90. Who would think that a brown based wave would land at the top spot of all our statistics, but such is the case. 

Though he's a Second Generation Traveler, Gearius has really been with us from the start, so it's felt extra satisfying to fill your packages with the latest iteration of a somewhat unassuming, yet very pivotal, "new" old version of one of the first Pheydens. 

As of this writing, all orders have been packed and shipped out. Michelle and I were on duo duty, so it took a little longer to process the pile, but thanks to her we stayed on track. The main listening selection in the barn this time was to the 1980 Astro Boy animation, which I've watched so many times that I can "see" it, even if only just hearing the audio. We also listened to the new Indiana Jones soundtrack from the latest movie for a spell. We'll always love Indy around here. 

Our next round will be in conjunction with the upcoming trip to Power-Con in early August. The meeting of Glyos makers in the special "Glyos Alley" section of this beefy show covers almost everybody who is currently active in production, so it should be a good one. We plan to offer what we're bringing to the show online in our store at the same time as the convention, so this would mark the return of the "non-con" release, much like what we would sometimes do back in the SDCC days. Expect a direct crossover with the Culture Pirates shop as well.

Thank you once again for all the genuine creative freedom that you've fostered and shared throughout the last 16 years. Let's keep at it and see where the Dimension Gate takes us next!

*Extra special thanks to Cady for the powerful illustration of Gearius shown above! Truly amazing work, Bubba! 



Wave 98 is GO!!!

Wave 98 is live!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Also, due to the state of things with Covid-19, we will only be shipping domestically (and to Canada) for this wave. We sincerely apologize to our international customers for the situation.

Gauss Armor Relgost Fugitive

Armored Delphi Reccuryn

Sincroborg Gray Renegade

Pheyden Prime

Variable Reflex Driver: Cliff Drifter

Crayboth Alcrayer CC Pic

Thanks for the awesome Crayboth pic, CC! Your future job as official Onell photographer awaits!

Crayboth Alcrayer

Armorvor Kugarrec Granthan Drifter

Variable Sincrodrone Granthan Drifter

Glyan Granthan Drifter