Enter the Acolyte

Our extended family over at Toyfinity has some new Manglors action currently available to terrorize your collections! 

Accompanying the return of the Standard Manglord and the special Protolord from the previous Toyfinity preorder is the Manglord Dactylian Acolyte. Shot in a deep and vivid purple and accented with a very interesting, almost color shifting paint (watch the color pop simply by passing from shadow into light), the Dactylian Acolyte comes forth to test the Manglord on behalf of his master and terror from the skies, the Manglodactyl itself! 

Don't forget to also capture the latest tribes of Mordles while exploring the catacombs of the Toyfinity shop!

We're working closely with John Kent and Erwin Papa to help expand the world of Toyfinity's Manglors and think the next chapter might really rattle your bones!


SeNsational Stickers!

Years ago, I was lucky enough to meet the extraordinary artist known as Sen during a convention out west. After talking for a spell, Sen presented a short comic/manga featuring some Glyos characters that really knocked my socks off. From that moment on, I hoped that one day the rest of the world would get to see not only that short comic, but possibly a lot more of Sen's take on the oddballs that populate Glyos on the whole. 

Since last year that hope has turned into reality, with Sen producing a number of wicked illustrations that have accompanied our releases. But at the same time, in the background, they'd been working on another really killer project that's finally ready to rollout!

Head over to Sen's Hellomugicha Etsy Shop to discover not only their excellent (and official) SD holo sticker versions of many familiar Glyos characters (presented in the classic Bikkuriman style), but also a large variety of other amazing stickers showcasing Sen's awesome range of talent! 

We've truly loved working with Sen over the last year and look forward to the extraordinary artwork they have on the horizon! 

Thanks Sen!


Limmbiod Lashing

Thank you, Cady!


Thank You!!!

Huge thanks for supporting the return of the EMD in all its intense orange madness! You've all kept Michelle and I very busy over the last couple of weeks, and we are supremely grateful for that!

Revisiting familiar color combinations is something we enjoy doing around here, but certain older waves specifically represent the times when this project ventured into uncharted territory, such as the original EMD assortment. 

Not only did Wave 19 mark the beginning of what would be a loaded 2012, but it also ushered in the advent of the vinyl "Core Block". The memory of cracking open the first cases of the Blocks and realizing that I could legitimately build actual towers and sprawling structures is still very clear. We even tried playing a bizarro game of reverse Jenga when the first shipment arrived, seeing just how high we could stack the Block structures (multiple citadels right to the ceiling). It was a unique and different way to explore building and I'm happy we had the chance to do it. Our latest iteration of the EMD pays tribute to those days with the featured crossover builds.

Michelle and I tackled the processing and shipping as quickly as we could, though the rate of orders was a little steadier than usual, hence the lateness of this post. We finally managed to catch up over the weekend and are now in the pocket as far as pacing goes. I spent most of the barn time listening to classic tunes from the 70s (ELO, Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel -yes, I am old), episodes of Galaxy Rangers and some episodes of the 2004 Astro Boy (some of the best animation of its time). One particular 12-hour packing and taping stint was supercharged by these glorious pieces of entertainment. As of this writing, everything has hit the post.

Looking ahead, we are shooting for a late June/early July Wave 98, which will also serve as our 16th anniversary assortment. Hopefully you'll enjoy what we have on deck for it.  

To say we are thankful for the dedication that each of you continues to bring to the equation doesn't remotely cover how we feel. It's a state of perpetual gratitude that will last long after this all ends. 

As always, we'll give it everything we've got to try and keep the project as interesting, unexpected and most of all fun, as possible.

Special thanks to SeN for the wicked illustration shown above! We love it!


Wave 97 is GO!

Wave 97 is live!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Also, due to the state of things with Covid-19, we will only be shipping domestically (and to Canada) for this wave. We sincerely apologize to our international customers for the situation.


Traveler Rynevo EMD Analyst

Gendrone Validator EMD

Launch bumped to 10pm!
Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience!

Limmbiod EMD

Sincroborg EMD

Armorvor EMD Security

Gendrone Mineon EMD

EMD Commander Narreyon

Crayboth EMD Assayer

Glyan EMD Operative


Artificial Ambitions

Manipulate some mechanics with Wave 97,
experimenting this Sunday, April 16th at 9:30PM EDT!


Thank You!!!

Thank you for an excellent start to 2023! The Manglors Madness that began over at Toyfinity mutated right into Wave 96 throughout the last few weeks, and we've had a great time celebrating the long-awaited return of the classic series with all of you! 

As Toyfinity's main man, John Kent, detailed over on his blog, the road to bringing the Manglors line back to life started over a decade ago, transforming repeatedly during its development. We explored some wild concepts together, with multiple artists lending their abilities as things took shape. I still remember very clearly talking to Ralph Niese about the early Toyfinity plans and then waking up days later to a barrage of amazing concept art that he'd whipped up, based on just some early sketches I'd shared with him. That wicked artwork Ralph created became part of the foundation of the project, providing an awesome "what if" visual companion as we continued to reimagine a bunch of crazy old toy lines.

Many years and many drawings later, when the time finally came to actually bring the Manglors project into the process of full production, we sadly found ourselves living in a world without Ralph in it. Luckily for all of us, we were able to welcome another mega level talent to the mayhem, in the form of Erwin Papa

I'd met and worked with Erwin on multiple Toy Pizza/KOTS projects thanks to our favorite raconteur and super creative, Jesse DeStasio, so the timing seemed perfect. It's truly due to the infusion of Erwin's wildly original and creative style that the new Manglors initiative finally reached the right level to reemerge with purpose. We can't thank Erwin enough for his incredible contributions and steadfast dedication to resurrecting the Manglors series with Toyfinity and all of us over here. There's even more wild Erwin-Powered creature action on the horizon!

We also want to send out an extra special and massive thank you to the Cosmic Class artist that is Nate Baertsch! Nate's extraordinary digital painting for the Toyfinity Manglors launch was an absolute showstopper, continuing to fuel his meteoric rise to the ultimate levels of Frank Frazetta and Ken Kelly. No small statement, but absolutely true to the last word. Thank you, Nate!

Last but not least, thank you to our own Cady Doughty for putting together the new Manglors theme music! Cady really delivered on the challenge to come up with something "brief, spooky and cool", capturing the vibes flowing through Nate's art and Erwin's sculpting. Coupled with the supremely skilled Marcus working the animation in perfect timing as usual, we were all able to enjoy something really special. 

As of this writing, all the orders since the new release (except a few from today) have been shipped out and should have already started landing. Michelle and I worked together at triple speed to try and push everything out the door as quickly as possible, though a nice ice and snow mini front decided to give the old shovel muscles a mid-packing workout. Music in the barn once again leaned into the Interstellar soundtrack peppered with a little GI Joe: The Movie "listening" as the tape gun was flying. Seemed appropriate to channel some Cobra-La, seeing how that and Inhumanoids lent some serious DNA to the new Manglors aesthetics.

Looking ahead, the current plan is to return in early April with Wave 97 if momentum continues to pick up at the factory. Expect some more monstrous action within a decent sized assortment. For 2023 in general, we're going to try an alternating schedule between mini and medium scaled offerings about every other month, barring any slowdowns.

Thanks once again for being part of this ongoing project we call Glyos. It's because of all of you that we're able to keep on making unique and strange things to share with true authenticity. You allow us to pursue our creativity without interference, and for that our entire family couldn't be more grateful.


Wave 96 is GO!

Wave 96 is live!

Huge thanks to the unbelievably multitalented Erwin Papa for another wicked Manglors illustration! 

We've had the best time working on the Manglors project with John and Erwin, and what better way to celebrate the ongoing Manglors Madness than with a Manglors takeover! Kaisyriax and Pheyden look like they've met their match!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Also, due to the state of things with Covid-19, we will only be shipping domestically (and to Canada) for this wave. We sincerely apologize to our international customers for the situation.

Manglors Manglophantom

Manglors Manglosiyer

Kaisyriax Pyrosiyer

Pheyaos Pyrosiyer

Pheyden Pyrosiyer


Pyrokinetic Panic

Heat up in the fiery frenzy of Mini Wave 96,
igniting this Sunday, February 19th at 9:30PM EST!


Manglors Wave 1.5

Head over to Toyfinity.com for more Manglors mania action! 

Direct from Toyfinity HQ:

Due to popular demand, the standard MANGLORD is back! 

Toyfinity is offering a special re-order allowing you to add this supreme warrior chieftain of the Manglor tribes to your collections!

But he is not alone...

As a special bonus, you will also have the chance to add a returning threat from the primordial times of planet Uzalek to your collection - the PROTOLORD and his demonic followers, the PROTOMORDLES! 

Pre-order window closes tonight at midnight: https://toyfinity.store

Video produced by Toyfinity & Onell Design
Art by Nate Baertsch
Animation by Marc Beaudette
Music by Arcadia Doughty

Art by Erwin Papa


Manglors from Toyfinity!!!

Head over to Toyfinity.com tonight, January 29th at 9:30PM EST for the debut of the reimagined classic Manglors figure line! 

First released 40 years ago by the Ideal Toy Company, the original Manglors were "made of the strangest stuff on earth" and promised kids across the country an action figure that you could "tear apart and stick back together again". Suffice to say, the stuff that they were made of turned out to be less than cooperative once you attempted to "mangle your action alien figure" into new forms. Even the incredible artwork by the legendary Ken Kelly on the boxes couldn't hide the fact that the figures simply didn't work. 

After being notoriously maligned by parent groups of the 80s for failing to deliver on the basic tagline of their property, Ideal put the Manglors back in their eggs after just a couple years at retail, marching forward instead with their all new Robo Force rollout.

Thanks to Toyfinity, Manglors finally gets another chance to shine! Now fully Glyos compatible and redeveloped behind the scenes for over 10 years, Manglors emerges from the Toyfinity family of regenerated Ideal properties, finally ready to deliver on that 40-year-old promise to "create your own creatures"! 

We'll dive more into the Manglors in the months to come, including some behind the scenes action.

Massive congratulations to John Kent and Toyfinity! Long live the new Manglors!


Yukihiro Takahashi (1952 - 2023)

Quick post to honor the late, great Yukihiro Takahashi. Yellow Magic Orchestra has been the go-to soundtrack for countless late night sessions at Onell HQ dating back to Wave 1. For a few years Matt and I had our own band, Indoor Recess, where we would play YMO-esque improv jams every week (shame we never recorded anything, but maybe for the best). The combined synth wizardry and iconic melodies of YMO have provided endless inspiration.

Takahashi brought a warm pulse and steady heartbeat to the best electronic trio in music, and his solo work stands just as tall. His recently reissued debut LP is "the missing link between the City Pop scene of the late 70s and the synth sound of YMO which was about to revolutionize the world" (via We Want Sounds). Highly recommend checking out / revisiting the self-titled debut, Yellow Magic Orchestra, and Solid State Survivor, plus Takahashi's Murdered by the Music, Neuromantic, and What, Me Worry? or just work your way through their collective catalogs. RIP to a true master.


The Jagged Age

The exciting and ever-expanding Toy Pizza universe once again returns to the Jagged Age, with just the right amount of madness and a brand new Card Slicer expansion deck! 

Prolific as always, our brother and creative architect of all things Knights of the Slice and Toy Pizza, Jesse DeStasio, began his foray into the world of Card Slicers last year and has steadily constructed yet another fresh new way to enjoy the unpredictably magnetic worlds of his now classic characters. With his new Kickstarter project, The Jagged Age: Fantasy Card Combat, Jesse shifts gears to travel back to the land of Nosvera and the latest adventures of relic hunter, Crae Drake. 

Though I've never personally been much of card "player" outside of UNO (thanks to many visits with my maternal grandmother growing up), I still always liked the imagery that was the foundation of any major card system. Starting with old Star Wars and Pac Man card sets back in the late 70s and early 80s, the genre reached its true crescendo for me with Digimon in the early aughts. Even though I never played the Digimon card "game", I was crazy about hunting down the different characters simply to see the artwork. It was a quick, cheap and easy way to explore a pretty vast range of exotic designs with the hope of discovering a hidden treasure buried within any given pull. The original "blind bag" DNA, dating all the way back to the baseball card packs that our fathers would stick in their bike tires while riding down dirt roads to go pick off metal army men with their BB guns. In many ways, the collectible card is a true American classic that went on to influence creators from around the world. 

Fast forward to Jesse D's Card Slicers. Partially due to the pandemic born difficulties that the last few years of action figure manufacturing overseas has brought on, Jesse decided to pivot and not let fate alone decide the future of his ventures. To this end, he constructed, through an ongoing process of trial and error, his own tabletop card game system called Card Slicers. Quite the endeavor to see through, but one that Jesse has proven more than capable of pulling off.   

In support of his Jagged Age expansion, Marcus (who is a legit tabletop gamer and enthusiast) and I have created a few special cards to add to Jesse's campaign, featuring our resident Dungeon Traveler, Skeleden. Of note, Skeleden was actually born through the old Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter campaign, so this marks his second appearance on the platform (with another one coming later this year). We thought it appropriate to send Skeleden into the Jagged Age to assist Crae Drake and maybe finally give Hob a hand. 

Even if you're not into playing the game itself, you can still catch some really amazing artwork that Jesse has assembled for the card set. It's like an entire figure assortment that you can fit right into your pocket, packed with great art, imagination and originality. 

The Jagged Age Kickstarter
(ends tonight!)


Thank You!!!

Extra special holiday thanks from Michelle, Marcus and I for making our last wave of the year a really exciting one! Even though we've been at this for a bit, we never completely know how a new release is going to land, so we're all the more grateful when we're granted the chance to do it again. 

Bringing the different elements together for wave 95 was a lot of fun, even though it was a challenging process. The slowdowns that have plagued the supply chain throughout the pandemic seemed to really reach new levels over the last year, with long delays and every kind of rising cost almost comedically stacking up. Despite the resistance of lady luck to shoulder the show, our intrepid circle of makers found a way to continuously produce and present new things. I wonder how, or even if, generations to come will look back at this specific passage of time. 

Speaking of new things, the main attraction of this new assortment was our latest crossover with RealxHead Japan, coming in the form of the Alien Aberration Kaisyriax. Of course, it's our usual mouthful of a name. Mori and I started work on this project during a visit to Japan back in 2015. Leading up to that trip, we'd discussed creating a successor to Pheyaos that could serve as a shared villain to taunt the protagonists in each of our separate, yet interconnected, worlds- in PVC and sofubi alike.

Starting with the name "Bio Kaiser" as the theme, we went back and forth with paper and pen, as we would customarily do while eating a meal together. Lots of great discussion about what a "big bad" represented to each of us was shared and then worked into the core design. Strangely, we both had a funny fixation on the character having a distinct "eye" visor in whatever form it would take, no doubt due to the continued influence of Yoshiki Takaya and Yasushi Nirasawa on the both of us. Though the final version that we presented to you last week has evolved quite a bit from the original sketches we did, the main elements found their way through (especially the visor and "face"). If you spend some time exploring this new plastic parasite, you'll most likely start to uncover a number of fun in-jokes that pay tribute to all the weird bad guys we played with growing up, both here and in Japan. 

Turning towards the process of shipping all these new creatures out, as of this writing all but a few packages have been delivered to the post office. Michelle and I tried to work around the clock to get things out the door as fast as possible, which was a decent challenge considering the magnitude of the orders for this round. It was good, solid, New England work and we were both filled with happiness as we hammered through those cardboard castles! At the critical packing point, Pj rolled into the barn and made all the difference in crossing the finish line. Despite his own heavy work schedule, he made the trip and proved once again how dedicated to family he is. Thank you Peej!

Additional massive thanks go to Cady, Sen and Glen for their incredible contributions to the wave. Being able to work with each of these supercharged creatives is a perpetual dream come true, on every level. Things feel truly complete when we have all new art and music opening up our imaginations, bringing all these abstract concepts to life. 

Looking to next year, we're approaching the releases in a slightly different way, with the initial focus being on some smaller assortments that will hopefully surface a little more frequently, as opposed to longer intervals. We're always trying to tweak how we operate, just in little bits at a time. For new projects, there are some very special crossovers that are now just on the horizon, one of which connects directly into our most recent reveal. 

I feel more and more excited with each passing year that we still get to create all this stuff. As always, Onell owes its continued existence and viability directly to each one of you and your astonishing dedication to a very small company with a very full heart. 

Happy Holidays and thank you for an excellent year!

PS -Don't forget to warm the figures up before you start assembling and building!


Wave 95 is GO!

Wave 95 is live!

Massive, massive thanks are in order to Cady, Sen, Glen and Mori for their inspirational and exceptional work on this long gestating wave. We could not be more excited to be working with each one of them, whether it being for over a decade, or only just a year. Kaisyriax is finally unleashed in style thanks to each one of you!                    

Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Also, due to the state of things with Covid-19, we will only be shipping domestically (and to Canada) for this wave. We sincerely apologize to our international customers for the situation.

Core Counterparts

Alien Aberration Kaisyriax Bio Phantom

Alien Aberration Kaisyriax

Phanost Aberration DX

Pheyaos Bio Phantom

Glyan Bio Phantom Halkenn

Crayboth Bio Phantom

Pheyden Bio Phantom

Star Marshall Sincroid Superior Core Aetheric

Sincroborg Core Aetheric