Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great Wave 81! We spent the last week in overdrive hammering through the orders, finally wrapping up late last night. As of this writing, everything has hit the post, including all international packages. We're seeing many new names in the processing of orders, no doubt due to Pheyaos opening up some alternate dimensions since its debut.

The old Rothan color combination was really satisfying to explore again, as both Marcus and I are nuts about the classic Rat Fink green (and all things Big Daddy Roth). Coupled with the dino-inspired Tyraxsis hues, Wave 81 made for some pretty good primitive building themes around here. Since Mori is also a huge fan of dinosaurs (check out his instagram), we couldn't resist diving into some Jurassic action early in the lifespan of the PVC Pheyaos. Combined with the Villser in particular, the possibilities for more savage builds open right up!

Extra special thanks once again to our German brother, Ralph Niese, for bringing a new quartet of truly wicked illustrations into the mix. A launch doesn't feel complete without Ralph's art, and we were able to enjoy a double dose of Wave 80 and 81 action this time! Thank you Ralpho! Your skills never cease to impress at the highest level.

Speaking of great new art, the Pheyaos drawing above was done by none other than Cady Jayne herself, who just wrapped up 8th grade. Watching her artistic abilities come into focus over the years has been the best, and she'll still take requests from her old man! Love this one, Bubba!

The turnout for this round was intense! Michelle, Pj and I really had our hands full in the shipping department, and we couldn't thank you guys enough for that. Michelle clocked some serious hours making sure all the orders were processed and packed correctly, and even though he'd just had his own Geo release to contend with, Pj still rolled in to assist. Two total powerhouses! Barn tunes were more spartan this time to allow tighter focus due to my ridiculous naming system and the confusion it brings to the packing process. Once we got cooking, some Yumi Zouma, Fritz and the Tantrums and TBS echoed through the barn. Pj, my voice is still thrashed from that damn TBS.

Our next release is set for late July and will mark our 12th anniversary in full production. Should be a fun one!

June has been filled with lots of Glyos action from across the different makers. Check out the following when you get a chance:

Nemo's Factory new release: Arcade Quest (open now) -featuring a tampo assist by our very own Marc Beaudette

ManOrMonster? new release: Warlords of Wor Powercon 2019 Exclusives pre-order (6/21)

Toy Pizza new release and NEW release: Device Ninja debut (open now)/ Mikros Part 2 (coming next Monday 6/24) / Toy Pizza Con (7/13) -we'll be in attendance

Godbeast new release: end of the month

Also be sure to visit our other brothers:



Bit Figs

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring


Rise of the Beasts

Space Out Design

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The Outer Space Men



*Mechazone -(not Glyos yet, but we love David!)

We're looking forward to hitting the 12 year mark with you guys next month! Thank you for allowing us to survive far longer than we ever should have!


Wave 81 is GO!

Wave 81 is live!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Jungle Clash

Jurassic thanks to Ralph Niese for the four savage illustrations!

Colossus Rex Tyraxsis

Mutant Evolver Pheyaos: Tyraxsis Fusion

Villser Fusion: Low Bronto

Villser Tyraxsis

Rothan Reconnaissance

Traveler Simiod Clones

Buildman Rothan MK II

Glyan Rothan Bio Ranger

Pheyden Rothan MK II

Sector Rothan

Mutant Evolver Pheyaos: Floraphase Fusion

Rogue Regeneration

Mutant Evolver Pheyaos: Rothan Fusion

Disintegration Point

Wrath of the Reborn

Reemerging from the events surrounding the appearance of the Atarikoth Comet and the devastating Diversus Gate Incident that followed, Gatekeeper Viyer once again turned his focus on the study and genetic manipulation of the most unique and powerful entities found throughout the Glyos System and beyond.
Accompanied by his loyal bodyguard and friend, Traveler Evenollus, Viyer crossed through the Zorennor Rift aboard his rebuilt Edgeliner Marezioc in search of the original Villser homeworld, Odravunn, and the untold lifeforms rumored to exist there.
However, before reaching their destination, the Edgeliner was attacked by an unknown, cycloptic creature that possessed bizarre and incredible dimensional abilities. After a long and exhaustive battle due to the its extraordinary regenerative properties, the chaotic beast was finally repelled by the brave actions of Evenollus, who suffered near fatal damage in the process of phasing through the monster's body.
Desperate to save the life of his companion, Viyer infused Evenollus with a combination of hyper powered Mordireus energy and a captured sample of the very beast that almost destroyed him ... 


Feral Futures

  Stalk the Biophase Jungle of Sector Rothan, this Thursday, June 13th at 9:30PM EDT!



Thank You!!!

Huge, huge thanks from everyone here and from Mori in Tokyo for the positive response to Pheyaos!

This wave was actually first put in motion last summer, and due to a lot of luck (and some very long hours), things actually landed where they were supposed to for Wave 80. We really appreciate the strong turnout for the Pheyaos debut and it definitely opens up the doorway to producing additional figures that walk the line more closely between "narrative" and "building" in the future. Both Mori and I want to continue exploring our collaborative universe for another 10 years to come!

To keep the ball rolling, expect to see some more Pheyaos action late this month/early June, as well as another return of an old color combo that dates back to the early years of production. Mori, Marcus and I dove deep into the upcoming new Pheyaos editions together, fusing a number of our shared interests into what we hope is a worthy follow up to the first rollout.

As of this writing, every order placed since the launch has been shipped, including all internationals. This round of packing was an extra beefy one, so it took us a little longer to process everything, as we didn't want to miss a beat. I personally checked every Pheyaos that went out, to make sure the little mutant was looking sharp. Michelle was superhuman as usual, showcasing her amazing Rain Man-like organizational abilities (right down to the toothpicks and cheese balls). Marcus returned to the paper and taping mayhem this time and helped speed the process of getting the boxes out of here, and also played DJ for a couple of days. Barn tunes consisted of Koffee, Kaytranada, Riot and a taste of the new Flying Lotus (with Little Dragon=heaven).

Looking ahead, we're super excited to share the next assortment (Wave 81) with you guys later this month, and hopefully the good luck will continue as we finalize the other new projects we've been developing alongside Pheyaos.

Massive thanks once again from both Onell and RealxHead!



Wave 80 is GO!

Wave 80 is live!
Refresh: https://onell.store

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!


Double Dragger

Mutant Evolver Pheyaos: Hyper Mordireus Fusion

Crayboth Hyper Mordireus

Traveler Evenollus Hyper Mordireus

Rift Killer Hyper Mordireus

Mutant Evolver Pheyaos: Stealth Fusion

Commander Viyer Enigma Guardian

Glyan Enigma Guardian

Twin Splitter

Mutant Evolver Pheyaos: Enigma Fusion


Hybrid Horizons

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of our collaboration with RealxHead, this Sunday, April 28th at 8PM EDT!


Pix Brix Kickstarter

Our partners over at SSM Vending have a Kickstarter campaign for their patented building system, Pix Brix!

For those that have attended DCon the past couple years, you may have met Josh Dumphy, lead artist and creative force behind many of the vending items offered by SSM, including Pix Brix. Josh and his family are also responsible for helping get Bit Figs distributed in capsules nationwide. We've been lucky to see the development of Pix Brix since the beginning, and this campaign will hopefully provide creators with a lot more colors to utilize.

If you are unfamiliar with this unique building toy, check out the video and consider grabbing a few bulk packs. The ability to create not just 3D models, but to build horizontal, pixel art pieces really sets these apart. Matt and I have put together some fun pieces, and I'll be highlighting more builds and post templates over at the Bit Figs blog in the coming weeks.

Good luck with the campaign, Josh & co!


Geodraxus of Prismiria!

Tonight, our extended family welcomes a very special new member to mix, as Pj Bartlett's amazing Geodraxus crystallizes into its first painted production run!

Pj has been working and reworking Geo since way back in 2013, first starting as a custom resin project, then a 3D printed venture and now the complete, fully interchangeable PVC deal! Having a front row seat for the journey has been completely awesome, and super inspiring. Be sure to spend some time over on Pj's blog to explore the development of this fantastic and unique character (and many others) he's created.

Check out Pj's shop here!

You've made something incredible, Peej! Congratulations from the whole family! Long live Geodraxus!


Thank You!!!

Big thanks for a great start to March! Over the last few weeks nature has been playing a special kind of New England weather roulette, with tree snapping wind storms, concrete snowfalls and erratic temperatures flipping like a cricket. During these elemental sweeps, the samples from this new wave took turns braving the outdoors with me, testing their builds against long days filled with chainsaws, shovels and snowplows. It's been awesome seeing the figures arriving in your mailboxes and getting upgraded forms to tackle some all new adventures out there. Production runs for this wave seem to have lined up well, with most of the stock likely starting to tap out late this coming week based on the current flow.

When we roll out one of these thematic tribute waves, the exercise represents much more than simply color matching a beloved source material, it also connects emotionally back to the specific time period that the inspiration was drawn from.

I was 12 years old when I first watched Robotech back in 1985. Being a latchkey kid, cartoon time in front of the tube was not only comforting, but also inspiring. Many hours were spent drawing Valkyries battling Zentraedi Battle Pods in blown out cityscapes (actual evidence shown below), all the while carefully studying the animated action that burst forth from our old television set. Thinking about those times, I suppose it was like attending some kind of daily bizzaro life drawing lesson, only with mecha as the focal point. What a college course that would have been.

As of this writing, all orders have gone out, including all foreign packages. We're still adjusting our numbers to best line up with the new postal rates, so we may make a few minor shifts in that department (for the better) as we review this last round of shipping. Michelle, as always, was steady and on point throughout the usual processing, packing and shipping duties. Barn tunes favored the great Benny Sings (City Pop), the Interstellar soundtrack again and the new Ladytron (track 2 is especially good).

Our next wave will be landing in late April, and features a couple very special aspects that we'll start to dig into sooner than later.

We hope you guys are staying creative during these winter months.

Thanks again from the whole family!