Pix Brix Kickstarter

Our partners over at SSM Vending have a Kickstarter campaign for their patented building system, Pix Brix!

For those that have attended DCon the past couple years, you may have met Josh Dumphy, lead artist and creative force behind many of the vending items offered by SSM, including Pix Brix. Josh and his family are also responsible for helping get Bit Figs distributed in capsules nationwide. We've been lucky to see the development of Pix Brix since the beginning, and this campaign will hopefully provide creators with a lot more colors to utilize.

If you are unfamiliar with this unique building toy, check out the video and consider grabbing a few bulk packs. The ability to create not just 3D models, but to build horizontal, pixel art pieces really sets these apart. Matt and I have put together some fun pieces, and I'll be highlighting more builds and post templates over at the Bit Figs blog in the coming weeks.

Good luck with the campaign, Josh & co!


Geodraxus of Prismiria!

Tonight, our extended family welcomes a very special new member to mix, as Pj Bartlett's amazing Geodraxus crystallizes into its first painted production run!

Pj has been working and reworking Geo since way back in 2013, first starting as a custom resin project, then a 3D printed venture and now the complete, fully interchangeable PVC deal! Having a front row seat for the journey has been completely awesome, and super inspiring. Be sure to spend some time over on Pj's blog to explore the development of this fantastic and unique character (and many others) he's created.

Check out Pj's shop here!

You've made something incredible, Peej! Congratulations from the whole family! Long live Geodraxus!


Thank You!!!

Big thanks for a great start to March! Over the last few weeks nature has been playing a special kind of New England weather roulette, with tree snapping wind storms, concrete snowfalls and erratic temperatures flipping like a cricket. During these elemental sweeps, the samples from this new wave took turns braving the outdoors with me, testing their builds against long days filled with chainsaws, shovels and snowplows. It's been awesome seeing the figures arriving in your mailboxes and getting upgraded forms to tackle some all new adventures out there. Production runs for this wave seem to have lined up well, with most of the stock likely starting to tap out late this coming week based on the current flow.

When we roll out one of these thematic tribute waves, the exercise represents much more than simply color matching a beloved source material, it also connects emotionally back to the specific time period that the inspiration was drawn from.

I was 12 years old when I first watched Robotech back in 1985. Being a latchkey kid, cartoon time in front of the tube was not only comforting, but also inspiring. Many hours were spent drawing Valkyries battling Zentraedi Battle Pods in blown out cityscapes (actual evidence shown below), all the while carefully studying the animated action that burst forth from our old television set. Thinking about those times, I suppose it was like attending some kind of daily bizzaro life drawing lesson, only with mecha as the focal point. What a college course that would have been.

As of this writing, all orders have gone out, including all foreign packages. We're still adjusting our numbers to best line up with the new postal rates, so we may make a few minor shifts in that department (for the better) as we review this last round of shipping. Michelle, as always, was steady and on point throughout the usual processing, packing and shipping duties. Barn tunes favored the great Benny Sings (City Pop), the Interstellar soundtrack again and the new Ladytron (track 2 is especially good).

Our next wave will be landing in late April, and features a couple very special aspects that we'll start to dig into sooner than later.

We hope you guys are staying creative during these winter months.

Thanks again from the whole family!


Wave 79 is GO!

Wave 79 is live!
Refresh: https://onell.store

Thanks once again to Ralphus for the two incredible illustrations!

Important Note: We have adjusted shipping rates because of the recent USPS price increase. However, First Class shipping is now an option for orders $35 and under.

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

GF Defender Ordeslin Guard

Commander Ordeslin

Villser Volkriun Test Type

Culproto Bioclone Factory

Villser Culproto Bio Warrior

Glyan Culproto Security Force

Glyan Traedian Intelligence Agent


Dimensional Duplications

 Recalibrate and replicate, this Thursday, March 7th at 9:30PM EST!

Slight delay due to the driveway trying to eat the forklift. 

Pics will start at 6PM!  


Bit Figs: Wave 13

New items have just been added to the Culture Pirates shop!

Three new limited edition sets of Bit Figs are available online for the first time: Mordireus Space, Redlaw Ninja, and Mecha Animal, plus a new Bit Figs button pack!

A small bonus batch of Phase Animal sets from the original production sample run have also been uncovered – if you missed out back in 2016 here is your chance!

Please note the limit of 2 on the Mordierus sets - they are from an early test run and are extremely rare. Thank you and have fun!


Flying Vipers - Nervous Breakdub

On the 40th anniversary of its initial release, Flying Vipers pay tribute to the debut EP by hardcore/punk pioneers Black Flag. Their first 7" record, Nervous Breakdown, introduces the original line-up with 4 songs in 5 minutes. We've put our own spin on this iconic set, arranged as a single track, stripped down to bare bones drums & bass, and drenched with reverb and analog effects. Recorded and mixed direct to cassette tape over the span of a few hours.

Big thanks to our resident Viper artist, Big Boots MD, for reinterpreting the classic Raymond Pettibon illustration. More music – including our first full-length – coming later this year.


Dreadvalken's Tomb

Deep within the heart of the Black Citadel Dreadvalken, a forgotten king sits silently within the crystalline darkness, possessor of an unbound soul.

Now confronted with the spawn of a hidden legacy, Lord Dreadvalken must rise from his tarnished throne to safeguard the secret truth behind The Order of the Glyknights.

Huge thanks once again to Ralph for another beauty!


Thank You!!!

Thank you for a excellent start to the year! The Glyknight based waves are especially fun to work on, so we're extra psyched that things seemed to connect with you guys. The PVC color experiments continue to roll along, and I wanted to personally give a big shout out to Eric and the 4H for directly inspiring the hues on the Black Citadel Army selections. We love the 4H!

Now that the packages have started to arrive, those of you who picked up any of the Phantavoss items may notice that the color is somewhat more explosive in hand. That hue is another crazy one that shifts quite a bit under different light sources (and makes my already toasted eyeballs melt trying to correctly capture the colors while shooting pics). I guess we just can't leave that aqua/teal part of the color spectrum alone around here. The blame lands squarely on our summers spent in Gloucester.

As evidenced above, our long time partner in art crime, Ralph Niese, somehow continues to get even better with each illustration and painting he does. A truly rare and extraordinary talent, Ralph's work brings all the aspects of our various waves into hyper focus, expanding the boundaries of everything we do together. Thank you for another supremely compelling set (there's more), Ralph! Your idea of having the Skeleden Axe whipping around like Mjölnir was brilliant.

All orders, including all internationals, have hit the post as of this writing, save for a handful that came in later in the day. As always, Michelle and Pj powered the shipping process, braving the freezing barn and the "Zero Percent Zone" that was our yard. Louis Cole, King Princess and early Paramore (you know it, Pj!) flooded the icy airwaves as we hammered through the boxes and envelopes.

In the weeks ahead, you'll be seeing a healthy stream of strong releases from the different Glyos makers, each one set to deliver a unique and awesome assortment. To kick things off, make sure you check out our friend Brandon Barker's all new Warlords of Wor release tonight! Brandon has put together an absolutely killer Wave 5 (featuring all new parts!) that you won't want to miss.

We're super charged up to explore 2019 with all of you! Thanks again for all your genuine interest and for always sharing your individual creativity. This Edgeliner travels on because of you!


Wave 78 is GO!

Wave 78 is live!
Refresh: https://onell.store

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Old Knight Phantavoss Shadow

Super Crayboth Trollspawn

Crayboth Trollspawn Pod

Bloodboto Soldier

Goblerran Soldier

Skullboto Soldier

Black Citadel Army

Glyknight Skelecurse Ancerriun

Infinite Allegiance

Glyknight Phantavoss Varellius

Spectral Sojourn


Order in Exile

We hope you had a great set of holidays and are feeling good as we get moving into 2019!

The crew over here spent some quality time recharging together throughout the break and we're psyched to connect again and dive back into the mix.

This year should be another fun one, with a solid array of projects coming to life across a number of platforms, featuring new action from long time Glyos makers and fresh talent alike.

To get things started around these parts, our first assortment of 2019 (Wave 78) will roll out next Thursday, January 17th at 9:30PM EST. 

Spectral swords and cursed battle axes shall clash!



New items will zap into the Culture Pirates shop tomorrow,
December 16th at 9:30PM EST!



Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great little release! We've been working away over here like spastic Christmas elves to stay ahead of things and keep the boxes moving! It's been fun sending these mutants and Glyninjas out to you guys as we close in on the end of the year.

Speaking of this year, we've seen a lot of growth across the Glyos family in 2018. From new molds and experimental paint apps to special crossovers and even a successful Kickstarter (KOTS!), 2018 really introduced some excellent stuff from the different Glyos makers. 2019 looks to expand a bit more, with a number of exciting projects and even some new faces emerging onto the scene.

To celebrate the holidays in Advent calendar style (no chocolates, just PVC), December is packed with Glyos releases! We've already seen awesome new assortments from the great Pat Bussey (Bio-Masters), and Spy Monkey (all new parts, including a wicked Goblin and Berserker!), and later tonight Pj will have the first online sale of his incredible full production PVC Geodraxus (I've been lucky to have watched the development of this unique figure from day one and it's a refreshing, deep dive for builders).

As December continues to unfold we'll see offerings from the powerhouse, Marty "The GodBeast" Hansen (get ready for more super charged and striking color selections), and our very own Marcus will have a special Culture Pirates Shop release featuring a fun take on the Glyan and a full assortment of our accessories (and wheels!). Reinforcements will then land near the end of the month from our buddy John Kent and Toyfinity, which should make fans of the classic Robo Force characters smile.

Another surprising part of this crazy month is something that has finally materialized here at home base a little earlier than expected (as in a few days ago). I know the timing is a little strange, but due to the many requests we've been receiving since DCon, this Tuesday night (Dec 11th, 9:30PM EST) we'll be opening a special dedicated part of our store for the first domestic online release of our Nu:Synth Initiative crossover with 1000Toys, featuring Glyosynth Pheyden and Glyosynth Buildman. We have a decent amount of each style in stock and should be able to cover everybody who would like to check one out. This project has been an absolute dream and the crew at 1000Toys continue to impress. Huge thanks to Don, Jesse D, Yuta and the whole 1000Toys team! We'll post more about the process behind this crossover in the coming week.

All packages, including international orders, have hit the post, except what came in yesterday and this morning (they'll be out the door shortly as well). Huge props once again to Michelle and Pj for holding down the fort!

Recent packing tunes from the Barn included more Louis Cole (Marcus and I saw him live last month -incredible show), Queensrÿche (Mindcrime of course) and The Alan Parsons Project.

Thanks again from the whole family for keeping this ship running and inspiring us to push into new frontiers! 


Wave 77 is GO!

Wave 77 is live!
Refresh: https://onell.store

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!