Mercenary Alert

The Wraiths are LIVE over at Callgrim.com!!!

Mercenary Alert

Mercenary Alert

                       Tonight at 9PM EDT, Callgrim.com!


Mercenary Alert

The Beverly Beast emerges once again to buck the trends set before him, debuting some truly progressive Callgrim toys tomorrow night (April 27th) at 9PM EDT.

Jesse has always wanted to manufacture things that really capture his personal vision of old Skullface's world, and over the past year he has worked extremely hard to make what lives in his head a reality.

The prices are higher than what you are used to as far as Glyos toys are concerned, but these new creations represent an artist going for exactly what's in his heart, regardless of public opinion and how much it cost to do (which was quite bit).

Watching Jesse build up his part of our collective world is rejuvenating, and I'm extremely proud of him for sticking to his 30 piece PVC guns.

Nice Wraith, Gimli!



Playing around with some more builds. The Hi-Phaseon gets some extra power with the addition of two Phase Arms and two Gobon Blasters. The Combodrone is made up of one Hub Set, one Axis Joint Set and one Phase Arm and Gobon Blaster Single Set.


Spy Monkey Returns!

Our friends at Spy Monkey Creations are set to release three all new Armory Sets tomorrow, April 13th at 12 PM PST.

On deck are the following:

-Metal Series (vacuum plated gold ABS/clear colorless PVC) $20 USD
-Solid State Series (white ABS/white PVC) $15 USD -SPECIAL PRICE
-GITD Green (GITD green ABS/GITD green PVC with aqua paint highlights) $20 USD 

Congratulations once again to the SMC crew for another great selection of stuff! I love that we can make a proper Henshin Eagle and I had a really fun time building with this new batch of parts. The white build is dedicated to the old Panzer World Galient series as well as the Lovecraft inspired alien beasts that dwell in the dark around here.

Well, maybe those are just my kids.



Some more ZED Conversion Kits from the Zorennor Wave will be popping back up in the store before the end of April. Based on the drop night response and various emails over the past two weeks, it seemed like another round of these particular parts should happen sooner than later.

Some more Cane Version Deep Space Glyans will also be returning this month, along with a restock on black Buildman Gendrones, black Axis Joints, black Hub Sets, black Glyans (Cane) and possibly a small surprise.

Thanks again for making the recent launch a good one, and for being so patient while we got everything out the door.


Wrapping Up!

Just a few packages left and everything from the drop will have shipped out!

Once again I want to thank my sister for working like a maniac all week long. Michelle was also a one woman super force as she processed everything that came through the system.

I would be living inside a box under a bridge without the efforts of these two.

Above are a couple of pics from before the packing started. The little Hub Jumper that Cane is standing on has been my companion since the stuff came in. I'm more obsessed with the contained builds than ever before.

The crazy Wedge construct that Sullkren is "taming" is what happens when you try to replicate the old Rubik's Twist snake. You can actually fit a Block perfectly inside the middle of the "ball" formation.
Marc and I have had a blast rolling this thing around the driveway when it is connected end to end in a circular form. It acts like some kind of crazy frisbee/bio wheel and is pretty durable under the stress of play. Maybe we'll get a quick video of it in action next week.