Attack on Altervoth

Head over to Callgrim.com and check out the new round of Callgrim and Order figures! Jesse has all new Warp Packs as well as new Phase Arm sets to beef up the troops in his shop.

We hope you guys have fun playing the new chapter of Glyaxia and enjoy controlling Callgrim as he exacts revenge on Phanost and his Altervoth army. It was a lot of fun teaming up for this release and we can't wait to do it again! Awesome work Jesse!


Face Off

Be sure to hit callgrim.com tomorrow (Wednesday June 30th) at 6PM EST for the face off! This is an extra special Callgrim launch, as we have crossed the streams once again and put a little spin on the Passcode, Skullface style!

We hope you guys have fun with all the new stuff and enjoy the latest roll out by our Bearded Brother Jesse!


Mercenary Alert

Big week for Callgrim, visit blog.callgrim.com!



Glyaxia Command discovers something strange on Planet Ilphim...


Lost Phanosts

Here are a few more pics from the last wave, revealing the secret fourth style in the CC 1.2 General Phanost drop - Lost Phanost. This is how he appears just before he engages the Elite Order outpost and gains new powers after activating the three Dimension Gates.


The Art Hustle

The guys over at Cardhacks have pulled off a super ambitious project in expert fashion. The Art Hustle card packs will be released July 1st! We're lucky to have been included in such a cool undertaking.

Mini Gonzo!

Thanks for the quick evacuation! All Mini Scars will ship in their cardboard pods this week! You guys are incredible.


RXH Scar Release!

The weekend was a whirlwind of shipping, with just about everything completely finished. Thanks go out to you guys for the collective patience as we lined everything up. This particular CC, though it didn't have cast heads, was a bit of a beast to complete. There are some surprises in the wave that I really hope you all get a kick out of.

So now that we are caught up, it's time to dive back in with the RXH Scar release! We'll open the gates here at the blog at 12PM NOON EST tomorrow, Tuesday June 22nd. The price is $35 USD plus USPS Priority Mail shipping (the usual). Please limit one figure per customer.

I've not been able to put this mini down since it arrived. Mori is amazing!

Mercenary Alert

New threats surfacing at blog.callgrim.com all week!


Growth Spurt

The first test shots for the OSM materialized from parts unknown (or China) this week! The fit and feel on these spacey little beings are really great! Our boys in the Far East spent solid time capturing that inimitable Four Horsemen look and the initial results look awesome. We've been playing around with them for the past few days and putting each figure through the regular torture test. The most fun though, has been swapping the parts. Blending all the little bits up and putting a whole new spin on what we're used to. As crazy as it seems, the look of the two lines matches right up! Pheyden can finally try out for cosmic basketball without making deals with a Buildman for the season. And Exellis can stroll around with an all new look. And those OSM heads...they are so fun to stick on the scrunchy Glyos bodies! Total Battle Beast city with Astro Nautilus!

We are all so excited to share these new guys with all of you. The custom mania just got major reinforcements, all thanks to the unparalleled craftsmanship of the Four Horsemen and the truly visionary mind of Mel Birnkrant. Bring on SDCC!!!

PS The Horsemen took some great shots that appear above! Love that set!

Interview with a Beard Lord

Check out Part I and Part II of a new interview over at Poe Ghostal's Points of Articulation. Poe taps into the early memories of Matt, aka the Beard Lord, and how things got started for us here at Onell. Part II focuses on The Outer Space Men project and reveals Caveman Doughty's first experiences online at the ripe old age of 25 (I was 15 and already building GeoCities...). Big thanks to Poe for putting this together- check out other interviews, reviews and more at PoeGhostal.com. The local brotherhood continues to grow...


Scar Arrival

We are wrapping up all the final details for the big shipping madness that begins late tomorrow and will most likely continue into the weekend. Some extra CC figures had to come together to cover everything, and with them a few surprises as well. Thanks to everyone for the solid support, dedicated patience and true generosity. This was a fun mini drop and we hope that it kept you guys busy in a good way when it was released! Also thanks to all of you guys who sent in the positive emails about the upcoming Rig! The molds are being completed over the next few weeks and we should have some test shots before you know it!

In some special news, something very cool arrived from RXH Japan today.... the Scar Pheyden Standard Mini shipment! Mori really brought it all together on this little guy. The new spray masks on the head and subtle wipe on the body are topped off by a fabric scarf that echoes the Dimension Drifters! One very interesting aspect of the gray used for the body is that it is laced with a sparkle that shines brightly in the sunlight but is almost unnoticeable in indoor light. There is no extra head with this one, as that was only for the first release. Planning on unleashing these little guys early next week. Numbers are limited as always. The price will be $35 USD. More details this week.

Mercenary Alert


Fear No Fate

The General and his Altervoth Army have landed! Along with a small release of figures we have also relaunched the site and streamlined some aspects of navigating this corner of the Glyos System (refresh each page). Now you will be able to access all available items in one spot, that being the Store. This doesn't mean we won't hide the occasional secret shop on the site though, we just wanted to keep the evolution going. And for a limited time, all the Founders are back in action!

Make sure to check out the Passcode section to discover the Cheat Mode! There are now more players to try out and an all new mini level as well! Take control of a DSR Dome and battle the mercenaries that are up to no good on Rilleco and find out what secret information they are hiding behind enemy lines.

We hope that this small release keeps things cooking and gets you guys psyched for the Callgrim release that's right around the corner.

Thanks as always goes out to all of you, for keeping us inspired and excited to keep this craziness going! Have fun with those Domes!


A Phanosty Release

The new stuff is ready to go! After the mayhem of the last release, we wanted to make sure we covered everything before announcing a definitive drop time, because we suspect we may actually receive a letter bomb this time if we have problems again. Seriously, this wave will be much simpler and smaller and will be going live tomorrow, Saturday June 5th at 3PM EST. Here's the lineup:

Caliber Dome (reconfigured light blue Callgrim) - $10 USD
Onell Design's very first Callgrim crossover release! Thanks Jesse!

Morphisar Conversion Set - $20 USD.
47 parts (includes 1 light blue Callgrim, 2 light blue Phase Arms, 2 light blue Gobon Blasters, 4 light gray clear Wheels, 1 gray Phanost head, 1 light blue Sarvos head, 1 light blue Phanost head, 1 light blue Phanost chest, 1 light blue Phanost pelvis and 1 gray Callgrim head)

Each Morphisar will actually ship in one of 3 formations -DSR Dome, Dome Runner or a Phanost Clone with Roller Pack. This is a major mash up and gets you a ton of special parts in one shot.

General Phanost Custom Corps - $25 USD
Limit 2 per customer (there are a lot less in this wave)
This is a limited run of special hand dyed and built up versions of Phanost that follows his transformation into his new form! The figures will be sold blind bagged. The assortment is split up into 4 basic styles: General Phanost Standard run, General Phanost Altervoth run, Phase Armor MK III Phanost gradient run and a special fourth type that will remain a secret until a little later.

Each figure has a mashup of parts and multiple dye applications (the Phase Armor styles were extra challenging to make). This marks the first time we've crossed parts with Callgrim for a CC release!

The last thing dropping is something that we've been toying around with for some time. It's called the Randomizer, and when you grab something from this new section you will have a chance at getting an older PVC production character from our figure archives! This means that anything we've released up until this point may appear in your order. This has been made possible after doing a big cleaning of the area over here and discovering some oldies but goodies. Plus I'm personally contributing some of my extras so that maybe some of you new guys can have a shot at the older styles without paying too much. To add some extra juice there are also 2 new styles that have never been released before included in this roll out. One of them consists of the parts that would make him the Reverse of the old Andromeda Pheyden released years ago. So we hope there is something for everyone with the Randomizer (a custom will pop up in an order from time to time as well). The Randomizer figures will be sold blind bagged at $8 USD each.

To pull everything together for this mini drop, we will also be adding some new content to the Glyaxia game! More players to choose from and even a secret level to discover. Be on the lookout for a particular skullfaced merc doing some illegal things on that put upon planet, Rilleco.

Speaking of our favorite merc, Callgrim's next big release is looking great and Jesse has been one busy man. The new figure colors are really just awesome and the new artwork is completely on point as always. He's still lining up a definitive drop date and when it does come time, there will be a healthy assortment of fresh product available.

As far as new stuff coming down the road from us, we have a big wave drop around SDCC time and multiple figures with RXH ready to pop up very soon (maybe even this month). Also, the all new vinyl piece is in pre-production and hopefully we'll see something in time for SDCC.
Well, that was a beast of an entry. Thanks for reading such a text mountain!

Mercenary Alert