Mega Bit Pheyden

Introducing the newest additions to the Bit Figs line:

Bit Pheyden and MEGA Bit Pheyden!

Mega Bit Pheyden is an all-new 3" articulated figure that features removable, Glyos compatible arms (3 parts total). Also included in this double set is a 1" Bit Pheyden, produced perfectly in scale with all our Ninja and Animal vending series figures. The dark metallic gold Trophy Set is the very first sample run available now in limited quantities.

The third pic above showcases Mega Bit Pheyden packing an extra punch with swing joints installed, as well as an Astro Nautilus mutation, parts courtesy of The Outer Space Men.

These new Bits, as well as Fistfuls of Ninjas, Animals, and other items are available now at the new Culture Pirates shop. This site is the official shop for Bit Figs, Music ADD Records, limited edition Glyos merchandise and more.

Mega, mega thanks to all of you for the continued support. Have fun!


Tread Lightly


Galaxxor: Monster Hunter Robo

The Space Warlord of Chicago, Ben Spencer, has just released an awesome new trio of "standard" Galaxxor characters (Galaxxor 001 and Gorgax are shown above) that showcase the very first deluxe paint jobs on his full production figure. You can find them right now, over in the Galaxxor Online Store.

Ben has a great sense of color and design, and these special versions of Galaxxor, coupled with a fun story synopsis, serve as a great jumping off point into his Monster Hunter Robo mythos.

Love the choices for this rollout, Ben!


Bit Bun

Bit Pup


Bit Kit

Bit Pig


Bit Duck



Circuits and Brains: 1982 + Other Stories

The great Glen Schricker (aka Circuits and Brains) has a new wave of songs for the cybernetic called 1982+Other Stories that fans of classic sci-fi soundtracks will definitely enjoy, now available for streaming and download here.

I grew up with Glen, and have been enjoying his work since we were in high school together. His latest album is now in full rotation here at headquarters, with his "Dungeon Traveler Skeleden" tune from last year's Glyosar wave leading the charge. I'm also really digging the ghostly song, "Pilots Are Missing".

We love the new stuff, Schrick!

Ku Jumble Suit


Operation: Cold Slice

Toy Pizza will be activating a special Knights of the Slice division Friday (today), August 5th at a time TBD over in the Toy Pizza Shop!  Check out the latest Toy Pizza episode for more details here!

Grand Lord of the Knights, Jesse DeStasio, sent over some fun bios to share for the "Real Type" inspired selection of KOTS Wave 2 shown above:

NAME: Medic Knight
NICKNAME: Boyo, Male Knurse Knight 
POWERS: Can create force fields around injured comrades for a limited time. The longer it's held for, the more strain it puts on Daz. 
WEAKNESSES: Is secretly afraid of guns. 
BIO: Daz is the first British Knight of the Slice, appointed due to his emergency medicine and first aid knowledge. Although part of the ancillary team, Daz has is no less important, having saved the day many times over. 

NAME: Orange Knight 
NICKNAME: Knightmare 
POWERS: Not yet discovered
WEAKNESSES: Uncertain 
BIO: The Orange Knight is an odd spectre that only appears in the dreams of Brick. The dreams seem to have started the first time Brick transformed into his Integer Mode. though it has not yet been determined if the Orange is a direct result. Most recently, the Orange Knight has appeared to Brick dressed in a formal tuxedo, in a setting not unlike a wedding. The significance and meaning of these visions are still a mystery. 

NAME: Combat Type 01 & 02 
NICKNAME: The Twins  
SECRET IDENTITY: Jer & Josh Pollen 
POWERS: Higher than average durability and the ability to quickly dash in a way that appears to the untrained eye to be teleportation. The dashes are only capable of being executed for a few seconds at a time and over distances no greater than a football field. 
WEAKNESSES: The twins are hot-headed adrenaline junkies,  so they can very easily dive into battle without taking the time to think about their actions. They have also been known to get into fistfights amongst themselves in the middle of a mission. 
BIO: Growing up idolizing ancient 80s action movies, the Pollen brothers joined the army as a way to finance the independent films they wanted to make. Finding their aversion to authority put them at constant odds with their commanding officer,  the twins were discharged and started working security for Fred Foods. During the night shifts they would continue to make their lo-fi films while no one else was around. Eventually, they were caught trying to swipe one of the Knights of the Slice uniforms (in order to film the climax to their story) and ended up in Fred's office. Rather than fire the twins, Fred took notice of their military backgrounds and made them official Knights of the Slice. They are currently assigned to humanitarian missions in foreign conflict zones, where they provide security for food convoys. 

NAME: Death Knight
NICKNAME: None known 
POWERS: Death Knight can become intangible with a mere thought. His weightless is so great, he can travel great distances with the slightest gust of wind. He also seems to be able to conjure grey mists that can obfuscate.
WEAKNESSES: Bright lights, loud noises, highly saturated colors. 
BIO: Little is known of the one who calls himself the "Death Knight", though he appears to have an extreme hatred for the Knights of the Slice. It's rumored he may have been an ex-employee or a trainee who failed to make the cut into the order of the KOTS. Several times he has shown up to trap the Knights or make their missions more treacherous, although he never engages in a direct fight. While he is currently classified as a nuisance, the concern is with a little help, Death Knight could become a formidable threat.  

Seeing the Knight mold run in these particular colors pushes the core aesthetic in a different direction, and gives a great "Special Missions" vibe to this new assortment. I've been carrying around the Death Knight since the first sample arrived, marveling at the clear smoke armor's effects against the pure black body. Definitely a great combination!

Jesse D and Onell have also been working behind the scenes on a secret "tangent" project which further blurs the lines between our two plastic worlds. More on that as we crawl into the fall.

Extra large congratulations to the entire Toy Pizza crew for continuing to expand the KOTS universe!


Thank You for 9 Years!!!

Just like a stealthy clan of cyber ninjas, you guys struck with a powerful force last Wednesday night! Thank you so much for a truly exciting 9th anniversary release and for warmly welcoming Bit Figs into the fold. All the production numbers balanced out and the store operated without any major insanity or shurikens to the skull, so the mission continues!

The inspiration behind these seemingly random ninja themes dates back to the powerful influence that the early 80's ninja craze had on us when we here at Onell were kids. Even though Marcus and I are 10 years apart in age (and were raised in different states), we both still developed a lifelong love of those shadowy assassins imported from esoteric Eastern legends.

Ninjas were everywhere in those days, from movie screens, videotapes and magazine stands all the way down to the ubiquitous quarter muncher machines that peppered the walls of seemingly every grocery store and pizza joint. There was just something about the ninja concept that resonated across the country, especially with the latchkey generation.

Maybe it was the barrage of Kung Fu flicks that seemed to perpetually play on our local channel 56 (WLVI) every Saturday afternoon, but I personally went bonkers over anything ninja related. I remember wrapping an ACE bandage around my head and terrorizing the neighborhood not long after watching Enter the Ninja on video at my Uncle's house in Beverly, MA (and this weirdness took place years before playing The Revenge of Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden around the clock).

Eventually, my growing obsession graduated to a full on "child sized ninja uniform" that I had begged my mother to order for me from the amazing Ninja Magazine. Can you imagine the level of unintentional comedy that I spread running around at night as a pudgy little kid in an ill-fitting ninja outfit, punctuated by a massive set of scratched up Coke-bottle thick glasses? I even had my own ridiculous homemade katana that was fashioned in our family garage from a busted hockey stick. Of course it had an equally cruddy matching scabbard thrown together from old socks and scraps of duct tape to complete the look. Pitiful? Yes. Unforgettably fun? Absolutely.

Thinking back to those days of true childhood freedom, I'm made even more aware of how crazy lucky we've been over the last 9 years, especially with the constant shifts in an increasingly volatile market. I hope we can keep this extended trip going for some years to come, but no matter what happens, I couldn't be more thankful for everything leading right up to this very moment.

Thank you straight from the heart for making Glyos more than just the fever dream of a chubby little ninja kid.