Geodraxus of Prismiria!

Tonight, our extended family welcomes a very special new member to mix, as Pj Bartlett's amazing Geodraxus crystallizes into its first painted production run!

Pj has been working and reworking Geo since way back in 2013, first starting as a custom resin project, then a 3D printed venture and now the complete, fully interchangeable PVC deal! Having a front row seat for the journey has been completely awesome, and super inspiring. Be sure to spend some time over on Pj's blog to explore the development of this fantastic and unique character (and many others) he's created.

Check out Pj's shop here!

You've made something incredible, Peej! Congratulations from the whole family! Long live Geodraxus!


Thank You!!!

Big thanks for a great start to March! Over the last few weeks nature has been playing a special kind of New England weather roulette, with tree snapping wind storms, concrete snowfalls and erratic temperatures flipping like a cricket. During these elemental sweeps, the samples from this new wave took turns braving the outdoors with me, testing their builds against long days filled with chainsaws, shovels and snowplows. It's been awesome seeing the figures arriving in your mailboxes and getting upgraded forms to tackle some all new adventures out there. Production runs for this wave seem to have lined up well, with most of the stock likely starting to tap out late this coming week based on the current flow.

When we roll out one of these thematic tribute waves, the exercise represents much more than simply color matching a beloved source material, it also connects emotionally back to the specific time period that the inspiration was drawn from.

I was 12 years old when I first watched Robotech back in 1985. Being a latchkey kid, cartoon time in front of the tube was not only comforting, but also inspiring. Many hours were spent drawing Valkyries battling Zentraedi Battle Pods in blown out cityscapes (actual evidence shown below), all the while carefully studying the animated action that burst forth from our old television set. Thinking about those times, I suppose it was like attending some kind of daily bizzaro life drawing lesson, only with mecha as the focal point. What a college course that would have been.

As of this writing, all orders have gone out, including all foreign packages. We're still adjusting our numbers to best line up with the new postal rates, so we may make a few minor shifts in that department (for the better) as we review this last round of shipping. Michelle, as always, was steady and on point throughout the usual processing, packing and shipping duties. Barn tunes favored the great Benny Sings (City Pop), the Interstellar soundtrack again and the new Ladytron (track 2 is especially good).

Our next wave will be landing in late April, and features a couple very special aspects that we'll start to dig into sooner than later.

We hope you guys are staying creative during these winter months.

Thanks again from the whole family!


Wave 79 is GO!

Wave 79 is live!
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Thanks once again to Ralphus for the two incredible illustrations!

Important Note: We have adjusted shipping rates because of the recent USPS price increase. However, First Class shipping is now an option for orders $35 and under.

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

GF Defender Ordeslin Guard

Commander Ordeslin

Villser Volkriun Test Type

Culproto Bioclone Factory

Villser Culproto Bio Warrior

Glyan Culproto Security Force

Glyan Traedian Intelligence Agent


Dimensional Duplications

 Recalibrate and replicate, this Thursday, March 7th at 9:30PM EST!

Slight delay due to the driveway trying to eat the forklift. 

Pics will start at 6PM!