Glyaxia Update

Been quietly working away over here, preparing the new Glyaxia Wave for release. The production on all the parts has taken some extra time, to really get everything just right. In true Glyaxia tradition, the tentative rollout date has now been bumped to May 11th. It must be something about my old high school colors that causes things to stay back a little.

On a related note, playing with the vinyl Tri Hubs and Switch Pins again has been an absolute blast. Being able to just cut into anything and create a function is hard to beat as far as unlimited creativity goes within a building system.

Pics are almost ready to start flowing, but I wanted to finalize the new base and a couple of strange configurations before we travel back to Glyaxia Command.


The Walking Dud

Today we welcome an all new figure into the Glyos family, manifesting in the form of Adam Smith's full production Walking Dud menace!

Adam Smith is the founder of True Cast Studio, which also houses the talents of Joshua Edwards, Patrick Quinn and the illustrious mustachioed master, Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen.

Marty has known Adam for many years, learning many of his early mold making tricks from the left handed molding ace, long before many of us ever considered the possibilities of resin.

Thanks to the talented combo of Adam (Dud base sculpt), Jason Frailey (hyper detail finish) and Marty (promotion and production assistance), The Walking Dud has made the leap from hellish handmade harbinger of doom to full fledged production PVC.

Projects like the Dud show a different side to the growth of Glyos as a whole, shining the spotlight on figural aspects that are not necessarily solely focused on build potential, but primarily on character design and classic action figure applications. More Socket Poppers than Buildman, which makes the spectrum of collecting all the more inviting. I personally love that the Dud shares the unified functionality of the joints, yet like the Power Lords, is not compromised aesthetically by its inclusion.

Down the road, I think we'll be seeing more projects like the Dud enter into into the mix, taking us into all new territories and spicing up the mix.

You can pick up the very first Test Shot production pieces of The Walking Dud this weekend, April 24th-25th, at C2E2 in Chicago, Illinois at the the Nerd City Booth (#750). This special edition is extremely limited and makes its debut in the same "Neo Phase" translucent neon green that we have run over here before. This particular hue is a sight to behold in person, changing drastically under different light sources and makes for an awesome combination with the Dud's superbly sculpted splatterhouse looks! Rumor has it that a certain battling beetle may also surface in this explosive green sometime in the next few months...

Congratulations to Adam and the entire True Cast Studio crew on their first production Dud!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Michelle, Cady, CC and I hope you and your families have a great day (the mayhem started here at 5AM)!

Things have been pretty quiet here on the blog for the past few weeks, due to some major hours being logged in up at the shop, coupled with preparing for the next wave of stuff centering around the return of Glyaxia. Hopefully when everything comes into clearer focus, you will enjoy what you see.

Speaking of the next round, the tentative release date has been scheduled for Sunday, May 4th at 9:30PM EST. Production of the new Glyaxia order has taken a bit, as extra time was required to nail the fit and finish on all the stuff. It's been a while since we've run so much vinyl, so a few things had to be pulled off the shelf and reactivated to produce everything that we wanted to fit into this assortment.

The timing bump to May also effectively ends the monthly release schedule for 2014, which in light of the heavy frequency of offerings from across the boards, may not be such a bad thing. Some months may run in succession again, but the space between the big and little waves will spread out some more. It was fun to push the envelope, but the accompanying risk of overload has been clearly illustrated and we're tweaking the plan to keep the ship on track.

Thank you for all the feedback so far this year, your individual opinions really do make a difference and we take everything into consideration as each decision is made around here.

Pics of the new selections will start to filter in this week, along with a few sneaks from the latest projects being worked on at the shop!




Ni has something extra special happening with his latest release, which is scheduled for tonight, April 6th at 8PM EST.

With the debut of all new full production helmets, heads and add-ons, the Outlander can now be reconfigured into a wider array of characters, including the menacing looking Leyden hybrid in the pic shown above! All the new Outlander colors match right up with the recent waves of GITD, Black Metallic and Ultra Silver.

You can review Ni's full list for this release over at his blog, and pick up the fresh batch of figures in his refreshed store.

Good luck tonight Ni!


Shipping Update

As of this afternoon, almost every order since the release last Sunday has been packed and shipped out, with only the international orders left to complete by the end of today.

Thanks again for your patience and we hope you guys have fun when the boxes start to arrive!

Special thanks to Marcus and Pj for serving time in the barn as we weathered the cardboard and plastic tornado. I owe you two a double trip to Nick's!


Thank You!!!

Thanks to all of you who stopped by on Sunday night!

These Alternate Month releases seem to be finding a decent rhythm, with the production numbers covering most of the demand for the new figures. Charging more for the extra paint on the Travelers makes me uneasy, but it was necessary if we wanted to give them all the bells and whistles and still stay in business. Though the higher price is not something I'm psyched about, being able to run these deluxe versions within much smaller assortments allows for not only a change of pace, but also an opportunity for more experimentation. Figures with more elaborate decos and detail lines, like the new Sullkren and Dark Traveler, are also easier to produce with a more dedicated and contained wave.

The continuing theme with these Alternate Month releases will be specially painted figures, ranging from all new characters to those that you may already know. Come the end of May, the LSA will make their first production appearance in their Standard colors, pulling their hues directly from the old Rechlen and Aves photo book (pages 25 and 26) albeit with a factory applied touch. The production numbers for this May LSA release are higher than normal, and there will be no limits.

Switching gears to this month, the new Glyaxia Wave is coming along on schedule, and after looking over the production samples, I think we should have some fun with this batch! Vinyl will be in effect, as well as some new paint applications on a few figures. Pics will start filtering in very soon.

To wrap up, I want to extend an extra special thank you for the continued support, especially with so many neat things out there from other makers to choose from.

When we started this project, the dream was to create a universe with no limits, a place that would grow with your imagination. It's only because each of you continue to give this concept a chance that we survive, almost 7 years after the first little production Pheyden crossed over from his world into ours.

Thank you!

Shipping starts Thursday morning!