Buildman Combinations

A small batch of test Buildman figures came in just before SDCC and on the flight out some new combinations were assembled. These guys are really fun because they have no dead ends. All the parts have multiple connection points, allowing for more freedom when creating new designs. It should be interesting when we have piles to play with, I really want to make a base.


Wraith Arrival

The Collection DX Wraith Pheyden is now available at the Collection DX Store. Joshua Bernard, the founder of CDX , selected the color scheme himself and even created an origin story for this menacing version of Pheyden. Head over to www.collectiondx.com to check him out! Great work Josh!


Returned and Recovered

We had a great time out in San Diego this year. Saw all our old friends and made a lot of new ones. Some incredible little toy companies out there, we were all very honored to be around all those great creative minds (and crazy hard workers). It's taken us a little longer than normal to get back on our schedule this year, post con. Thanks to everyone who put in orders for the new stuff while we were out there, we are finally finished up with shipping all that plastic! The Lamour/Triclops heads landed on Saturday at the con and craziness ensued. Thanks to Master Mold Maker and all around workhorse, Ron Daley, for cranking all those heads out. To everyone who still wants a set, we are cobbling something together that should be cool. Speaking of those heads, check out the new pictures and let us know what you guys think. We call this version the Shadow Set, and it has a darker feel to it. Joel, Rob and Luc -you guys are amazing designers and all around human beings, thanks for being part of this mash up. Thanks again to everyone who came by the booth and spent time talking with us, we all had a great time meeting up and look forward to doing it again next year.