Goodbye 2011!!!

                                        Hello 2012!!!
           To all of you guys, thanks for a truly awesome year!!!

Red Ones!

I was at the grocery store getting some glorious donuts a few towns over (I should have snapped some pics of those beauties) and lo and behold I spotted some RED twist-ties. These were always the toughest to find growing up, so naturally I grabbed a fistful and brought them home.

The result of my tinkering this time was a light armored Desert Knight kind of twisty.

As I was messing around, my daughter Cady jumped into the mix and schooled me with her creativity. She created a pair of Tap Dancing Shoes, a Space Ninja and a self portrait (with her extra long legs). I never thought I would have a little partner to make these things with, but awesome moments happen when you least expect them.

Happy almost New Year!


Spectre Pheyaos Will Return

Due to the intense response on the recent Pheyaos release, Spectre Pheyaos will return in greater numbers early in 2012. I let Mori know about the strong turnout and he has put another round into the production schedule. We will give ample notice before the next edition becomes available (my apologies for the surprise attack this week).

Thanks again to all of you for showing a continued interest in the RXH collaborations.

2011 was a bit spotty for RXH releases here in the states and I've personally gotten a number of emails asking why the drops on our site, as well as the RXH USA site, have been so erratic. I think the causes are pretty varied, but I believe the main reason is connected to the subtle changes that are happening within the collecting communities both here and abroad. It's not that anything is going wrong, just that things are shifting for all of us, both professionally as well as personally. Mori is still cranking out the new stuff in Japan at a clip, but the production numbers are much smaller and more contained than they used to be. This is a direct result of the shift in dynamics happening within the vinyl collecting market over there. Again, I don't feel like things are in trouble, just that they are changing and Mori is staying ahead of the curve as usual. Through the use of Twitter he has been able to put together special drops at his shops and through experimentation has created a new way of selling RXH (and toys in general). Unfortunately, being over here does not satisfy our domestic desires for his fresh stuff when he rolls out new figures. Mori and I have talked about some different approaches to our collaboration that might pick up the pace and will continue to tweak things as we go along.

Both of us really appreciate the great support that you guys have shown each time we have had something new to offer. It means everything to Mori and I that you are continually there and truly allows this project to keep moving.

We will concentrate on getting more RXH out to you in 2012.


Intelligence Report

Pappysoup rolls out another tale of the MTs with his new short story "Dead Time" over at pappysoup.com!


Spectre is Gonzo

Well, I continue to be a fool with hitting the right numbers on these things. I'll let Mori know you guys still like these little creatures and get the next round moving!

What do you all think about the unpainted styles? Are you more interested in CC type releases or direct paint jobs from Japan? Are you in the mood for Pheyden minis or more Pheyaos? I really enjoyed painting these figures and I definitely want to do it again.

Thanks for coming out for this mini drop!

Sneak Release!

We don't normally do surprise releases, but we wanted to end 2011 with something special from our ongoing collaboration with RealXHead Japan.

Tonight at 9PM EST we will have a GITD Pheyaos "Spectre Edition" available through a link in our upcoming 9PM blog post. The only paint on this sucker is his right eye, otherwise he is 100% pure Japanese glow vinyl (and he glows bright). Mori sent over a decent amount of figures so they should stick around for a bit. The price is $30 USD before shipping.

We will also have a small custom run of painted Pheyaos figures I did in the store as well. I couldn't resist the urge to paint a few of these guys, as the pure form just seems to scream for tinkering to occur. This will serve as the only real Custom Corps thing I have personally done in 2011. They will be sold blind bagged and run $40 USD.

We hope you guys have fun with this and it adds a little spice to the year end festivities!

Shades of Pheyaos

                           Special for the end of 2011.


Happy Holidays!

                Happy Holidays from all of us here at Onell!
                                  It's cookie time!!!


Inspired by the Bah'glenn

I did the above drawings while the Bah'glenn was visiting. They are a mix and match of direct translations of his core designs as well as some alternate takes on his characters.  His creation called "Cereblor" was particularly awesome, so I had to take a crack at illustrating a modern version of such a brainy beast.

Thanks again Chris, I had a blast scribbling these guys together.


The Bah'glenn

Recently our friend, Chris "The Bah'glenn" Negri came up to visit and spend some time sculpting and developing his Canne'boids custom figures in the mess that is known as our upstairs.

For those of you unfamiliar with Chris, he is an artist and customizer operating out of Long Island, New York and has been heavy into collecting toys of all kinds for the majority of his life. The toys he played with fueled his imagination (Chris has a freakishly rich one) leading him to build his "Creature World" stories and characters, which were all from "Planet Slauria".

While we were upstairs in the studio I was lucky enough to get some time with all of his sketchbooks and I have to say I was astonished by the depth of creativity within them. Chris has a simplified drawing style that may not be the most technically advanced, but it has heaps of soul and is very clearly defined. There are pages and pages of extremely detailed descriptions, both written and illustrated, of just about every aspect of Creature World and its inhabitants.
Very inspiring stuff. So inspiring, that I asked Chris if I could take a run at drawing some of his monstrosities as well as his more recent creations such as the Canne'boids and Alien Mercenaries. He was kind enough to allow me to have some fun.

Chris eventually sculpted some of our fused concepts and heated up the results in his little oven that he lovingly referred to as "Old Red".

It was a great time and I came away from the visit very impressed by the amount of pure dedication Chris has to his creations. He makes stuff because he really loves to, and that was pretty cool to see.

Thanks for coming to the house Chris, and double thanks for the spark of inspiration your work brought out in me.

Long Live Slauria!


Mercenary Alert

The freight is ready to ship! See more elves at work over at callgrim.com!


Pappysoup Rides Again

The mysterious and legendary (at least in our household) Pappysoup has finally returned from his covert operations and hits the ground running with an all new entry into his ongoing MT-01 saga!

Head over to pappysoup.com and check out his "short report" called Heavy Casualties, which catches us up with the battle hardened Gendrones of the MT Unit and their hard boiled leader, MT-01.

Pappysoup and I have collaborated on multiple Glyos related projects in the past (check out the sidebar on his blog), so getting the chance to do it again makes me extremely excited for what's to come. With his incredible imagination Pappy adds a unique dimension to the spinning of these tales.

Great to have you back Papioca!

Mercenary Alert

Jesse continues to work like a savage elf over at Rawshark Central.
Seeing those "skahves" gives me flashbacks to the Ayosire drop.
I had black fingers for a month.
I think Jesse will have them for life.


The Holiday Phase

 The Four Horsemen strike again with an all new Galactic Holiday Edition of the OSM Waves 3 and 4!
Packed with vac-metallized helmets (and certain weapons) featuring two special holiday themed tints (available in multiple options), these suckers really pop when you get them in hand. They are currently available at StoreHorsemen.com!

Mel's babies roll on!


Mercenary Alert

Check out Jesse's report from the shop over at Callgrim.blogspot.com!

More importantly, Happy Birthday to Jesse and our own Michelle (both December 7th). The big 4-0 for Jesse and 42 for Michelle! I'm the young fool at 38! Ha!


Runners and Hoppers

Customizing will be fun in 2012.


Ni's New Stuff

Our buddy Ni has a new round of custom craziness going live today, December 2nd, at 3PM EST.

Looking freshly painted (I think I can smell the Monster Kolor through the computer) and ready to roll, Ni continues to impress with his attention to detail and cool color combos. 


Packing Out the OMFG

Should have almost all of the OMFG out the door by Saturday afternoon.Thanks again to everyone who has shown their support for this unique project. I've said it before, but I love seeing something like this come together.

Back to it!