Real X Head USA Launches Product Tonight!

We're psyched to announce that the Real x Head USA site will have its first product launch tonight (October 29th) at 10PM EST.

From RxH US:

"Alright you animals, we will be opening the Beta version of Shinto Gangu Online shortly. Mori has cooked up a pretty special bunch of figures for this initial offering.

After much deliberation and debate we have decided to use an e-mail application/lottery system for the initial offerings. Paypal and most other shopping carts are notoriously weak on handling bursts related with online figure releases (ask any Matty Online collector). By going this route we are hoping to provide a fair and democratic sales opportunity and avoid any major cluster-fudges of overselling or cart crashes. Any figures still remaining after the initial offering will be switched over to a Paypal shopping cart. Since we will be overwriting pages on the site when we launch make sure you refresh your browser.

The shop will open on Friday October 29th at 10pm EST.
That's 9pm Central, 8pm Mountain and 7pm pacific (and 2am in England in case anyone is wondering). No orders from Japan please (give the rest of the world a chance)!

You can apply to purchase 1 of each figure being offered but please put your applications in a single e-mail. Multiple requests for the same figure from the same user will be thrown out. That's 1 application per e-mail address / household.

The initial offering will be open from 10:00 PM EST until 10:59 PM EST. That’s 1 hour, plenty of time. Any e-mail requests received before or after the time frame will be ineligible.

Once all the applications are in, Mori will draw the winners from the proverbial hat. There will be a separate drawing for each figure.

Qualified purchasers will be notified with Paypal instructions within 24 hours by e-mail. If anyone flakes we go back to the hat."

This is the first test drive of this new system, and we're looking forward to seeing how you guys like Mori's special selection for the roll out.

The figures in hand are beautiful and Marcus and I have literally thought about "losing" a few of them in the mayhem. Seriously, the clear Chaos with the purple fade is out of this world! Oh, and the Golden Glow "Fly Guy"? Wallet murder.

Mori's got so much more up his sleeves, we just have to keep reminding ourselves not to look at the glorious vinyl too much... or we will go nuts, and steal everything.


Metal Mania

Good old Phil Reed has popped up a cool contest over on his site, Battlegrip.com. Check out his pic of what looks like a mountain of assorted metal Glyos heads! We will be meeting up next week and hopefully unleashing this pile of crazy craniums once we get everything organized. In the meantime, if you leave a comment after his post and correctly guess how many heads you think are in 10 pounds of metal, you could score some free parts!

The winner will receive some fresh metal heads from Battlegrip.com as well as a sneak peek figure from our upcoming (as in next week) Custom Corps run. Good luck guessing on this one!

A little hint - it's not as many as you might think...


Build Boot

I got to the shop this morning and Matt was wearing this. No, he's not injured, he just has an impeccable fashion sense. Also, he took a dip in a giant puddle at 2am and submerged his shoes. Overnight shifts = dead footwear.


Phase Armor Xodiac

Playing around with the Horsemen's Outer Space Men (man in this case) and mixing things up with some Phase Arms. I love the clear green, and the matching colors add a fun dimension to building. I think we are definitely due for some new clear stuff... maybe something will show up in November.


Axis Armor Hades

Hades gets some new armor...
and a little dude to hang around with.

Axis Builds

Some more exploration of the new Axis Joints in conjunction with some Phase Arm/Gobon Blasters and Buildman.

The big guy has 62 combined parts and uses 1 Buildman, 1 Phase Arm Set (2 Phase Arms and 2 Gobon Blasters), and 3 Axis Joint Sets. The medium sized one has 35 combined parts and uses 1 Buildman, 1 single Phase Arm, 1 single Gobon Blaster and 1 Axis Joint Set.

Standard parts count:
Buildman -19 parts
Phase Arm Set -10 parts
Axis Joint Set -11 parts

Now, back to packing orders!


Joint Effort

Thanks for the intense response guys! More joints are already on order and on the fast track to get here ASAP. Sorry for the shortage on this run, but it was only the first round. The upcoming wave will have a ton of them in many different colors. As always, all of us here appreciate your continued interest in our little runt of a company.

The new Extra Sets can be found HERE. Also, we have put the Gear's Edge Pheyden back up in the Founders section. These particular GE Pheydens are pretty weathered with paint wash, but a swipe of 91% alcohol and they match up pretty good with the Gearius Extra Set. Hope this sales experiment finds a rhythm with you guys!


NYCC 2010 Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone out there who came by the booth at NYCC, it was a great show with a crazy amount of talent flying around the table!

These events always have an element of nervousness laced with the anticipation, so having such cool people swing by throughout the days really kept the vibe very positive. I personally can't believe how lucky we are to have such solid characters choose to be part of this whole strange project.

Special thanks go out to Nistuff and Kranix for holding down the booth with total consistency, it was great to see you guys doing your thing. These two were planted behind a wild array of product for three days! The Godbeast and Paul Kaiju continued their creative assault on the general public with impressive showings that had many con dwellers standing at the table for extended amounts of time. Mr. Dead Presidents himself dropped in on Saturday, and outside of melting brains with his paint applications, threw mini pretzels at just about anyone with XX chromosomes. The Bah'glenn debuted his Alien Mercenaries photo comic as well (which had the coolest back cover imagery)! The Evil Earwig also jumped into the mayhem with some original hand cast heads that had the table buzzing.

We ended Sunday with an appearance by the illustrious Vectar, who was on loan from the Sucklord to peddle his wares (and choke the nearby booths with spray paint). Of course we can't forget the good Doctorkent, who maintained tight security and general muscle when things got intense, not to mention doing some hellish Axis Joint assembly in the hotel room deep into the night (thanks to our friend Mike as well). Thanks to Ralph, we also met killer artists Alexis Ziritt and Alejandro Bruzzese. Make sure to check these guys out.

A shout out goes to The Cardhacks as well, these guys are working on some of the most unique projects around and back it up with quality moves. Also, big thanks to Rob Losito for keeping a pulse on the scene at the con as well as introducing us to many excellent artists, not to mention supporting what we have been doing for quite sometime.

Outside of the con itself, we had some great times in the East Village hanging out with our friends. Jesse and I wanted to send a special thanks out to Missy and Nate (of Average Intelligence fame) for guiding us through the city at night. You two were troopers and put up with every ounce of me and Jesse's fused neurosis! Long live Nino's Pizza! NYCC was a awesome time and we are looking forward to doing it again next year.

On one extra note, we will be putting some stuff up for sale at 2pm EST tomorrow, October 15th, for those that missed out on grabbing the new Axis Joint packs at the show. We are also going to try something new, and see what you guys think.

Along with the Joints there will also be two "Extra Sets", which consist of two heads, one chest and one pelvis in each set. The first set has 1 Sarvos and 1 Phanost head, a split new chest and a no belt pelvis in the Gear's edge color scheme (companion to the Gearius figure).

The second set has 1 Pheyden and 1 Scar Pheyden head, a Pheyden chest and a belted pelvis in pure white with painted eyes (companion to Enforcer Sarvos).

Based on the recent requests for more parts we thought we would try this out. Each Extra Set will be $4 USD and the Axis Joints will be $4 USD as well (and come with a special sneak production Govurom head).

Let us know what you guys think and as always thanks for checking this stuff out.

Oh yeah, one last bit. The crazy Pheyden with the cloak in the above pics was a booth mash up by the whole NYCC crew. See if you can guess who did what...



Mercenary Alert

A new mercenary has entered the Callgrim Barracks!

NYCC 2010

It has been a bit of a whirlwind since we returned home from our recent trip overseas. Jesse ad I both had an awesome time and covered a lot of ground (literally) in both China and Japan. A proper wrap up of the journey will pop up next week, but for now we turn our attentions towards NYCC 2010.

This year we have a new location and will be set up at booth 2780 in the Cultyard section of the floor. Special thanks go out to Boris of Banimon fame for taking care of us on the NYCC circuit for the last few years. Make sure to stop in at booth #652 and see what he's up to and pick up his all new Banimon issue 3!

The new area we are in is a grouping of companies that are hovering around a similar sun. Seeing the usual suspects will be great! We hope that those who are going get a chance to come over to our low tech table and catch up in person. Just look for the group of bearded fools shuffling some plastic around.

As far as what we'll have for the show, there will be a couple of kind of neat things from our side, the main one being a preview set of the new joints. These sets are extra unique because they contain a part that has now been modified for the upcoming full production run. The part is the small disc, which has had its diameter increased for more building options. So this show will be the only place to get the "proto disc" in its original form. Also, something else is inside each joint pack, but that will remain a surprise until things get rolling on the floor.We will also have a very small quantity of Black Rigs available as well.

Jesse will have something really cool for you guys in the form of a brand new Callgrim color, but with a twist that neither of us have ever tried before. Those of you who are fans of Tron should particularly dig the new Callgrim...

The thing we are personally the most excited for are the special guests appearing at the booth throughout the show. You will be able to meet Paul Kaiju, The Godbeast, the always unpredictable Sucklord, NiStuff, Ralph Niese, the ghost of the Tarantulas (well at least a few of his Nibblers) and some super talented members of the October Toys Forum who will have examples of their custom work on display at different times during the event. It should be a great mash up of different talents.

We are rolling out of here in a few minutes to make our way down to NYC, so in the meantime check out some possibilities the new joints allow. See some of you guys soon!