From the Files

Here are a few designs, some old and some fairly new. A couple things to come are lurking in this mess. This picture is a small fraction of the drawings that have been generated since starting this project. I don't think I could function without my Buxton Service pads!


Glyos Catches Mono...

...this April.


Prototype Glyan Sneak #4

This new sculpt represents the Standard Glyan wearing an Advanced Flexion Suit. I imagine these Glyans populating the various planets of Glyos, acting in many different roles as they go about the business of keeping things rolling throughout the System. These guys (and soon girls) can be soldiers, police, explorers, farmers, mariners, astronauts and whatever else your creativity allows. These guys are your average Joes (ha!) who can't warp through time and split the fabric of space, at least not without some serious hardware (maybe Glyaxia Command can help them out). I hope that when these Glyans roll out you guys are inspired to put your own spin on who they are supposed to be, a canvas for you to develop some crazy paintings on. I look forward to that more than anything else, seeing what all of your collective creative brilliance will evolve these small characters into.

On a related note, Rechlen and Aves will still see the light of day, but their scale will be larger to match this new figure. The size issue has made me crazy for years, but when it finally came down to making the average sized Glyan, having more building potential and slightly larger dimensions were the better choices for where we are headed with this whole project. I'm still a huge fan of the 2 inch figure, but after playing with this new guy there was no contest for what to do for full production.

There are still a few surprises concerning this figure which we'll spotlight very soon. Thanks as always for taking the time to check this stuff out.


Prototype Glyan Sneak #3

Includes three part Phase Blaster and alternate head. Four part arm and leg construction, three part main body. Uses the men's room.


Prototype Glyan Sneak #2

24 parts, a bit shorter than Pheyden and likes to pilot Rigs. Will be Buildstation ready and also available painted up.

Mercenary Alert

More story and art unfolds at the Callgrim Blog!


Prototype Glyan

Now that our latest project is in the steel tooling process, it seems like a good time to start showing a few sneaks! This is not Rechlen and Aves, but it has ties to them. More sneaks as the week moves on!

Also, we are going to leave the Fistful of Glyos open for one more day, as I spent last night gathering parts from every zone on the property! I hope the extra time allows for anyone who missed out to grab what they need. Thanks again for the great response!


Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who joined in on the release last night, we hope that you guys like the new Rig and the Fistfuls when they arrive. We'll keep the Fistful option open until later tonight, then it will be retired until everything has shipped out and we can dig up more stuff. The Bin has been burned through like crazy from the response!

It's fun trying different methods of getting stuff out to all of you, and we'll keep on tweaking things as long as we are allowed! For the record, I've personally spotted some very rare parts in the Bin as I've been going through it. There are a few things I couldn't believe we still had any trace of!

Our thanks once again to each and every one of you.


Son of the Junk Shop

The Mk II is prepared to roll out and hunt down some Armodocs!

Also, as a fun experiment, we are offering some parts from the past tonight... Fistful of Glyos! This new entry to the store is much like the old Junk Shop, but this time the selection of pieces comes from our big Archival Bin! If you feel like rolling the dice and going after some oddball mixes, then this might be something you like. There are two options, the first being a Standard sized grab of random parts and the second being basically a double grab of random parts. The stuff in the Archival Bin spans all the way back to 2007, the year we started full production. There are some pretty oddball things hidden in the Bin. I hope you guys get a kick out of this and we'll see how it goes!

Heads Up

Some new RXH info concerning the quake aftermath and Mori's activity can be found over at the RXH USA blog. Thanks to Datadub for the update.


Japan Quake Update

Japan Quake Info - When the recent monster quake hit Japan I was actually in the middle of communications with Don online. He was giving me the play by play as the aftershocks were occurring and the first realizations of what had happened began to set in. Luckily our friends in Japan are OK and are already on the move to assess the damages in their areas. As we hear more from the crew over there we will update with any new information. Thank you for the concern and inquiries about the status of our brothers and sisters in Japan.

Return to Granthan

We will be releasing a MK II version of the Granthan Division Rig tomorrow night (March 12th) at 9 PM EST. The colors match the original Rig from the debut drop, except this edition has blue highlights instead of green. The fit function has also been improved some more as well (though still a work in progress) so swapping parts is not as challenging as in previous runs.

I imagine that this particular Rig was used by Klace after the Massacre on Granthan, the blue replacing the green to represent a new beginning and to honor the fallen Travelers that perished in the Armodoc attack. Plus, blue looked pretty good.



Saturday night special! More details to follow...


Remember Your Death

Hey everyone, it's Marc! I wanted to diverge from the usual material if I may for a moment. My long-time friend and DB bandmate Jon Mercer is nearing the end of a kickstarter campaign for a short film he is working on. Mercer has been involved in many of our media projects- everything from lending a hand with the Passcode videos to schooling me in Adobe After Effects helping create and edit Callgrim Episode 1. We've been family since the 1st day of 1st grade, and a quarter-century later we still love to challenge each other on crazy projects. Hey Mercer- we still wanna see that 3D Zombie Pheyden...

Check out the potentially kickass film, Remember Your Death, and maybe see if this project is something you may consider supporting. They're only hours away from reaching their goal!

In related news, I will be at PAX East this weekend to watch Mercer and friends speak on a panel for yet another cool project he is involved with! I'm also looking forward to seeing Phil Reed at the SJ booth, and stoked to catch a set by resident Glyos composer Disasterpeace! Maybe at some point I'll have a chance to showcase my Mario Kart skills...


Galaxxor Crossover

Not too long ago I was invited to work on a new Galaxxor edition by its creator, artist and Nerd City host Ben Spencer. I've admired Ben's Galaxxor project since discovering it and was very excited when the chance to collaborate popped up! Galaxxor has a very cool vibe and the sculpt looks right at home with the stuff we do over here, so working together seemed a natural fit.

What's really fun about this particular edition is that it's not just Ben and I pairing up, but also Marty of TGB Customs and Nate of Dork Dimension doing their magic in the casting and illustration departments! Marty has been on fire with his Kabuto Mushi and Infection 2.0 turnout, so seeing an all new set of casts is a great way to keep the ball rolling. Nate continues to impress with his abilities to push the characters into new territories with each illustration he completes. Both of these guys have been doing incredibly solid work since kicking off 2011.

For my part in this crossover I sculpted two "jumbo" sized heads for Galaxxor's larger body. Compared to a standard Glyos figure, Galaxxor is a giant, so the heads had to match up. When approaching the design itself on the brainy looking one, I was trying to get that Mother Brain feel from Super Metroid fused with the big brained enemies from Robotron 2084 (and a dash of Brainoid from the Adventure People line). This had to be a head that would also be fun to make larger scaled Glyos bodies for down the road. I've always wanted to have a few beefier noggins to use for the purpose of topping extra large builds, and for deformed Braniac little creatures as well. Hopefully you guys find this pile of synaptic scariness interesting!

The other head has kind of a funny story, as it was actually created after the Main Brain one. When Ben, Marty and I were going back and forth about what the special head should be we all landed on a version of Pheyden to do the job. Well, I had a hard time getting into it when the time came to actually start the sculpting and I mutated the once innocent Pheyden into the bulbous thing seen above! When I showed the boys I think they were a bit surprised by the weird direction I went in and were a little confused by what I had done.

Since the brain head had a reversible "back" face that has a kind of visor thing going on, it made the cut, but since I felt a bit like a mad scientist unveiling his freak I created another head more in line with the original idea.

Naturally even that head was warped by my hazard of a mind and it became a part of the ongoing Pheyden storyline from the Passcodes involving the Delphi. I imagine it is very possible that the Delphi may have evolved from something like a Traveler throughout their long existence, and that it might be that the current Travelers could follow this pattern. This "Delpheyden" head represents the next step in a Traveler's evolution, taking design cues from the Delphi look. I see the Galaxxor body as an inter-dimensional technology that was discovered and then utilized to hasten this evolution by Glyaxia Command. I know, I have problems.

The plan is to eventually release these two heads on their own in continued collaboration with Marty, following up on our work together with Kabuto Mushi and Infection 2.0. The first place to get them though, is on the special C2E2 Edition of Galaxxor coming out on March 18th at the Nerd City Booth at C2E2 in Chicago! Ben has created a very cool color scheme and Marty has done some of his usual super quality molding and casting work. Top it off with an all new illustrated header card by Nate the Ace, and the team up is complete!

I wanted to say thanks to Ben for inspiring me to get sculpting and for allowing me the chance to play with his creation. Galaxxor has an excellent feel as well as a lot of heart. My thanks also go out to Marty for bringing together yet another fun collaboration with some very talented people. I'm lucky these guys even let me in their building!


Mercenary Alert

Argrim custom revealed at blog.callgrim.com!



Almost finished with the latest project to send over to the factory for production. Time has been warped more than usual on this one. Floor sleeping accommodations remain a comedy situation, although this particular makeshift pillow beats out the old paper towel roll. Proper sneaks coming this week!