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The Four Horsemen's all new Outer Space Men SDCC Exclusive Alpha Phase Wave 3 and 4 will be available for PRE-ORDER over at www.storehorsemen.com this Friday night, July 1st, at 9PM EDT! More details at their blog.

These new additions to the expanding line up are looking awesome and have some very cool surprises within their construction. If you like to customize, this assortment offers some great parts to play around with. I've personally had some time with test shots (shown above in black light) and I love them. Hats off to the Horsemen for another set of amazingly sculpted figures!

Strange Visitors

Recently I was fortunate enough to get some time with a few of the original Outer Space Men, thanks to a visit from good old Doctorkent. The Doc had come across an incredible collection in his travels and ended up scoring a pile of toy grails when he closed the deal. One really interesting thing that we both were unaware of was that the vintage Colossus Rex actually had a pretty noticeable variant. Not just a tiny tweak, but an entirely different paint finish and even different color eyes. So not only did the Doc find a treasure chest of late 60's toy gold, he also happened to grab both Rex variants in one shot! Toy Karma at work.

Another great part of this soon to be legendary haul was the original Xodiac, missing his helmet and accessories. Even without all the trimmings, Xodiac is a killer figure. This character is quite the unique design, showcasing Mel Birnkrant's attention to character development and all around original vibe as an artist. When compared to the new Four Horsemen version you can really see how incredibly talented those guys are, capturing the gesture and basic feel of the original while adding just enough spice to make the smaller scale work. I bow to the Horsemen's sculpting power!

I want to thank John "Doctorkent" Kent for letting me play around with his newest acquisitions, it was really something to hold those old toys again and fall deeper under the OSM spell that Mel and the Horsemen continue to cast.

One last detail, the Doc left me with the variant Colossus Rex, so now I can scratch that off my Bucket List. Thanks again John, I'll take damn good care of the little bugger.


Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great turn out! Mori sent a larger amount this time so I hope that everyone managed to get what they were after. BubbleVein edged out VegiBrain and went off world just a bit faster. VegiBrain can cry in his salad over it while his brother takes the title!

We'll let Mori know that the bright colors were well received and keep the Adios Train rolling. Thanks again for the strong response, we are the luckiest little goon company because of your support!

Synaptic Bite!

Also, we have updated the Onell RXH Archive with the Chaos Invasion 3.1 split releases from Japan and the USA. The RXH vinyl section is now up to date as well. Have fun checking out some of the older stuff!


Mori Strikes Again!

A brand new round of Pheyaos just arrived from Mori and we are psyched to share them with you guys! These color selections pay homage to some old school editions of RXH as well as the Custom Corps 3.1 we did that had the "VegiBrain" Chaos in it.

The base vinyl on VegiBrain is a sweet yellow with crazy spray work done by the incredible paint master Goto-san. The other Pheyaos, BubbleVein (gross I know), is a neon pink vinyl that also features beautiful spray work by Goto-san.

These two versions of Pheyaos might be my personal favorites up to this point. I love the vibrancy of the bright vinyl and the layers of subtle paint work that have been applied all over these things. Mori and Goto-san really delivered with these two!

Both versions of Pheyaos will be available this Wednesday night, June 29th at 9PM EDT. The price is $35 USD each. Please limit one of each style per customer.

As always , gigantic thanks go to Mori, Goto-san and Datadub for bringing these creatures to life! Excellent work on these new editions!



The VegiBrains have landed.... and they are not alone!


Family Feud

Our recent crossover with the lunatics at Kaiju Big Battel out in Las Vegas will go down as one of the most demented things any member of my family has ever taken part in.

My Uncle Kenny (known to the general public as Wahoo), my sister Megan and I all battled each other in the squared circle in a childhood dream come true. Let me tell you that wrestling in those suits is not easy, just look at the video above and watch me barely navigate my surroundings. I look like a giant alien baby learning to walk for the first time and failing horribly- and I loved every minute of it.

Megan was an old pro in the ring and she showed some serious toughness by wrestling in four different matches! I nearly died after one. Hopefully we can have another showdown the next time KBB has a show back here on the East Coast. We'll probably end up suplexing our cousins for a follow up.

Monster sized thanks go out to Rand Borden, creator and mastermind behind KBB, for allowing multiple members of the Doughty clan anywhere near that event. I've been wanting to clothesline my Uncle Kenny since I was child and it was everything I hoped it would be. Cousin Eric, you are next.



You guys continue to amaze us with your generosity and dedication. We are without a doubt the luckiest toy making fools around, because each of you allow us to do this on a regular basis. Thank you from all of us over here for going the distance and still wanting to explore this corner of space. We will always strive to keep things interesting and affordable as the global climate continues its ups and downs. Hopefully this is a place where you can escape from the demands of a wild world, at least for a little while.

As far as what's on the horizon, we are hard at work on a full Glyan release that will spotlight a fully detail lined color selection that has a decidedly "Real Type" vibe to it. Think Armed Services and you get the idea. The Rig will also get an upgrade that should be kind of neat. The Gendrone Revolution will continue to divide the Glyos System in the coming months, with the Phaseons making their power and true motives known. Argen may have gotten himself in over his silver head.

The end of this month should finally see the release of Jesse's absolutely incredible first Callgrim Custom Corps! He has literally pushed himself further than we've ever seen, and it shows in the figures. Keep your eye on the Callgrim Blog for all the bloody details.

We will be attending SDCC for our last time this year. After all the traveling (especially in the last few years) we will be focusing on NYCC from here on out. SDCC has been a great show and a big part of our lives, but change is afoot and the Onell crew is ready for it. Come see us if you are planning to be at SDCC!

Thanks again for keeping us alive one more time. The three of us never take for granted the support and encouragement that flows from each one of you. We are truly fortunate to have some incredible friends out there.

Our best to all of you! -Matt, Marc & Michelle

Silver's Last Stand

We are live!! Refresh onelldesign.com/store

Argen makes his return tonight, accompanied by a newly forged Gendrone Revolution! To mix things up, we have put up a few builds that you can get right out of the gate with a little bit of savings added in. Their only a buck or two off, but maybe if you're thinking about getting parts to make these builds anyway it will be worth it. It wouldn't be a proper drop without an experiment- and a surprise or two! For a super limited time the Fistful is back! The parts are form the original Fistful batch with a few oddities thrown in. We've received a number of requests for this weirdo offering to return, so your wish is our command!

The biggest addition to tonight's launch is another expertly illustrated story by the ever impressive Ralph Niese. Detailing the exploits of Glyaxia Command's OTR Division, we hope that this 80's manga inspired throwback gives you guys a good feeling and some insight into the strange world that all these plastic goofs exist in... REFLEX!

One last thing, this will be the last time we run metallic silver in 2011. Other metallic colors are still on deck, but silver will be taking a break after this roll out.

We hope you guys have fun tonight! Thanks again Ralph! You are a freak of nature and we love you for it!

Sizing Up and Down

A couple more shots showing the Glyan's height VS Exellis, a moody metamorphosis and a reconfigured Glyan (using all parts) called a Flat Tracker. Hope to see you guys in an hour!

Axis Armored Glyan

With 2 complete sets of Axis Joints things can start to evolve pretty quickly. The Axis Armored Glyan is a contained build and uses every part from 2 Axis Joint sets and 1 Glyan.

The exploded view details the variety of new parts hidden inside our latest little bugger. When the next edition comes out, the middle chest pin area will be modified and a couple of new parts will enter the mix.


Revolution Resumed

We are all set to roll out a small drop this Friday, June 10th at 9PM EST. It took a bit to pull all the parts together so that Argen could start his Gendrone Revolution, but the time has finally arrived! The lineup is as follows:

-Argen MK III -Silver (with special tampo printing) $8
-Standard Gobon MK III -Silver (with special tampo printing) $10
-Phaseon Gendrone Revolutionary -Silver (with special tampo printing) $6
-Axis Joint set -Silver $4
-Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single set -Silver $2

-Phaseon Gendrone -Unpainted White $4
-Phaseon Gendrone -Unpainted Black $4

-Govurom w/Exellis head -Silver $8

-Glyan Combat Team Black Skull Preview Edition -Gray (with special tampo printing) $8
This version of the Glyan has a slightly different construction than the upcoming releases of the figure, as we have made a few changes to the steel tool (inner chest pin positions have been modified). This will be the only time this variation will ever be made available. Classic first run tweaks, once again due to my obsessive behavior!

There may also be a small surprise on the drop night if things line up... Thank you guys and we hope you like the new stuff!



Kaiju Big Battel: Leveling Las Vegas

Where do giant city-crushing monsters, super-sized freedom fighting plantains, intergalactic insects, and a diabolical mad doctor do Battel for control of the Universe? KAIJU BIG BATTEL, a top-secret monster fighting tournament where the most powerful forces in the galaxy meet to wage war in a tournament-style spectacle held in a squared circle with miniature cityscapes, oversized Japanese monster-movie props and other surprises. After sold-out East Coast Battels, Kaiju Big Battel is set to make its Las Vegas debut with its largest, most elaborate event ever- Kaiju Big Battel: Leveling Las Vegas!- at the Plaza Hotel & Casino on June 3, 2011. Come experience the national cult phenomenon known as Kaiju Big Batttel as a hoard of monsters, aliens, and Heroes conspire to bring the city of Las Vegas to its knees through urban destruction, white-knuckled action, and seismic surprises. Leveling Las Vegas! will also feature Kaiju Jumbotrons, the patented Kaiju Big Ring, and over 40 blocks of crushable cityscape.

The Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV - doors: 8pm, show: 9pm PST

The schedule of events for Leveling Las Vegas!:

- Super fun Kaiju slide-show

- Introductory Video Feature "What Is Kaiju?"

- Battel 1: "Dusto Bunny vs Grudyin"

- Battel 2: "Sun Buster vs Hell Monkey"

- Battel 3: "Yarsminko vs Cycloptopuss"

- Battel 4: "Pheyden vs Kyolulo"

- Battel 5: "Mystery Hero Re-Debut Battel: ??? vs ???"

- Battel 6: "Uchu Chu vs Unibouzu"

- Battel 7: Kaiju Championship Belt Contest: "American Beetle vs Number 13"

Test Drive


Mercenary Alert

First round of 'Corps Cards at blog.callgrim.com