Banimon Figures Tonight!

Jesse and I have returned from our recent trip overseas just in time for the new Banimon figure release, which is happening over at the Banimon Shop tonight, September 27th at 9PM EDT.

Boris has a very unique style, and his new figures capture that magic and at the same time possess some interesting new building components to add to the growing parts list. Perfect for pocket travels and army building, these new soldiers pack a lot into a small package.

While you are poking around the Banimon site, make sure to check out some of the animations that Boris has done over the years, as well as spend some time watching (and playing) a little Banimon TV.  This guy is a serious talent, with an extremely refreshing approach to design and storytelling. I'm really happy to see Boris share yet another creation with the world.

Congratulations B! Good luck tonight!


Another Variation

Few more changes to that leg assembly. I'll probably mess with it forever!

Also, the new Beast Saga figures are fun (Thanks Don!)! The weapons are a little soft, but overall they are beefy and awesome.

Cerberus Tweak

While on the plane I tweaked the leg assembly for the recent contained build of Cerberus Gobon. I like this configuration a little better, as it's more stable and also allows for some lateral movement (splits!). So now this beefball has a rocket powered rump in addition to more Footloose dance moves!

Also, the blaster is now hooked to its side, which creates an actual battle action when you twist the big disc. Pretty funny to watch the "twist blast" motion.


Next Stop: Japan

Some shots from the air. Great visibility leaving Hong Kong.

Dunkin' Moore

Jesse lost his mind when we came across this New England oasis.

At around 4 AM, I watched him rocket from a deep slumber, consume 3 donuts within 5 minutes, then quickly go back to sleep.

This was not an unusual incident.

Moustache Priority


Hub Holder

The spray mask patterns are like works of art. Above is a pic of the design used to add the paint onto a Hub Set dome.

That PMS 3375 C paint is starting to build up!

More Monkaa


Chinese Pizza

It was delicious. Kind of like an omelet calzone hybrid.



Jesse and I are off to visit the factory once again!

While we are away, some fun projects will be rolling out from Spy Monkey Creations as well as from Banimon! It should be a stacked month for all new entries into our collective playground.

Marcus will be posting some sneaks from SMC's Weaponeers of Monkaa, leading up to their big reveal at Power Con next Saturday. I can't say enough about how psyched we all are for Jeremy, Brian and Bill. These guys worked like madmen to nail this debut. The figures themselves will alter the landscape of how we all build!

Boris Savic, creator of Banimon, has quietly been working away on his brand new figure for quite some time. The results of all his hard work will finally be available very soon! After playing with them I think you guys will be smiling, as each little soldier is packed with some very interesting build potential wrapped up inside those awesome Boris-born aesthetics!

More details to follow on both of these projects!



Before I get into the shipping details for this week, I wanted to once again express my gratitude to everyone who participated in last week's release. Thank you for all the support that you have shown, especially in response to the last post. You guys are just unbelievably generous, and our family is feeling especially lucky to be doing this with all of you.

The shipping starts tomorrow afternoon and should run right up until I leave for China with Jesse at the end of the week. Michelle, Megan and I have been processing everything and are now in the thick of packing. Notices will begin to appear tomorrow.

Speaking of Jesse, he is still alive! The last few months have been very busy for the bearded beast, but the madman is starting to stir once again. We will both be in attendance at NYCC as per usual, and Jesse may even have something to surprise you with at the show (and wait until you see what he has in development for early 2013-it is totally unexpected yet completely Mr. Moore in every way). 

Huge thanks to Gimli for the above illustration of the Hades Force! Jesse can truly make anything look good.

Well, maybe not his beard while he's eating.

Thanks Jesse!


Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who participated in last night's release, we live on to do it again thanks to all of you! It was a wilder ride than normal and I'm well aware that there was some frustration mixed with the fun. I've received a good handful of emails about the fast sell outs and I want to address the issue a bit. So here goes...

Armorvor mania has shaken things up, drawing an all new section of collectors to our site on drop night. Many of these new orders are only for the Armorvor, from names that have never shown up before. This is awesome, but also pretty challenging when it comes like a freight train in the night through your house. Getting the right amount of stock is always a roll of the dice, and the last three Armorvor styles were all actually ordered at the same time. Only the red version made it out for the debut, and the two from last night were pushed to this drop. I knew the amount would go quickly based on the first Armorvor sale, but I could not increase the amount we had ordered, as they had already been completed and shipped. In hindsight I should have made the limit two instead of three.

An assortment is planned months in advance, with the entire year roughly mapped out. Decisions are not made out of left field, and we gamble with each new toy we make. Product sometimes get pushed around due to circumstances beyond our control and we have to scramble to stay on track. I honestly did not expect the Armorvor to be so intense of an item.

The Armorvor is extremely popular right now, and will be for a bit based on the activity that we're all seeing, so the production numbers are being bumped up. The assortment planned for October consists of three all new styles of Armorvor as well as few small surprises and that's it. Late November will see a larger drop which will close out the year, with the next scheduled release taking place sometime in January 2013. We generally do six proper releases per year, with a little thing or two wedged in between. It's been this way for a while and will stay this way for the foreseeable future. We know times are tight, and not really looking like they are going to improve without more bumps, so every time you guys come out and support what we are doing we are truly grateful.

Things will most likely continue to sell out when they are brand new, and then eventually cool down. It's been the pattern for literally every new mold we've put out. In time the Armorvor will find a steadier pace and I will do everything I can within the realm of reason to speed that process along.

To wrap up, October's three new Armorvors will probably go quick, as they are already near completion and the numbers are only slightly higher than last night's tally (I should have boosted them higher). The limit will be dialed down to 2 per customer for October so that the odds are better for everyone to get what they are after. I have already jacked the amount of Armorvors up for November to uncomfortably high levels, with the intention of satisfying the demand. The Travelers will also have increased production numbers in November.

My apologies to all of you who were frustrated last night, I accept full responsibility for the pain and I'm working to remedy the situation.

On a positive note, at least we're still alive! After five years of doing this without a net, I'm just thankful to even have the opportunity to continue making stuff. I hope you each understand how much you have changed my family's lives for the better. Thank you so much for still being there even with the hard turns, and I promise to always give Glyos everything I've got for as long as I'm still ticking.


Hades Force Is LIVE!

We hope you guys like the new additions and make sure to come back to play a round or two of GLYHUNTER!

More after the mayhem!

Marc Edit: Glyhunter is an endless adventure across planet Volkria. There are no weapons or powerups, and the levels loop forever. Press start and enjoy the ride! Also, the hit detection is not perfect, so keep your distance when possible.

The mini-game is an addendum to Record of the Delphi, and features a brand new tune, "Cycles," by Disasterpeace featuring Stemage! Now crank up the speakers and go play in Glyos traffic...

Another Phanost

Playing around with some of the parts. I kind of like old brainy head sporting the scarf. He'll be back to stir things up in November.

AE Bulker Suit

Added one Axis Joint Set to the contained GITD Spectre Bulker Suit, bringing the total parts count to:

-2 Hub Sets
-2 Phase Arms
-2 Gobon Blasters
-1 Axis Joint Set

Starting to feel like a familiar floating jelly brain may become this build's enemy.

We are still on track for 9:30 PM, hope to see you then!


Rock Shots

A few more pics from the past weekend.

We're working away here, getting ready for tomorrow night!


Away Game

Took the family back up to Gloucester yesterday and snapped a few shots of the new wave. Managed to get a shot of the Stealth Armorvor right at sunset, which created an interesting effect.

I'll put some more pics up in a bit!


Bulked Out

The Armorvor gains a little more of an alien space wolf vibe with its new fur color. Also, reversing the scarf on the Sarvos creates an interesting variation to add something different to the overall look.

That "Bulker" Suit is a contained build made from 2 Hub Sets, 2 Phase arms and 2 Gobon Blasters. It looks kind of like a beefy Samus/Robby the Robot fusion to me.