Finally! Now with stop, rewind, and full screen options. Thanks again to the talented Glen Schricker for helping get this out there properly.

Suggestion: Upgrade video to HD (click the gear symbol and select 720p).

Stage 5: Long Ago

What can we say about Ralph Niese? He possesses natural abilities in illustration, painting, sculpting, and design that most would work a lifetime to achieve. When he puts something together, you know that it will be exciting as well as refreshing. I personally think Ralph was cut from the same cloth as the late Jean "Moebius" Giraud, with a talent right on that level. So it is with total excitement that we have this special comic from Mr. Bruno Orbit himself to put the cherry on top of our anniversary sundae.

Thank you Ralph, for taking another ride into Glyos, but this time to a place that existed Long Ago...

Stage 4: Lost Wave

It's more than appropriate that we get some new fiction from the tactical wordsmith known as Pappysoup, considering that the Task Force Volkriun colorway was selected by him. Head over to the Pappysoup's blog and check out his two latest tales of the MTs- start here and then it's Go Time.

Thanks again, Dave, for bringing one of the coolest greens into the Glyos System we could ever have asked for. Long live the Lost Wave!

Stage 3: After Action

The inimitable Phil Reed joins in the mayhem with his awesome comic, After Action! Phil's unique style seems to get better with each project that he lends his talent to. We are so psyched the he put this together for our 5th anniversary. Thanks for making our characters look cool, Phil!

PS- We can't believe you actually drew the Galactic Breadbox.

Stage 2: Record of the Delphi

Have we really not done one of these since 2010? Hopefully this makes up for the absence... I know it was just as much of a roller coaster ride (to hell) as the previous ones. Matt and I have been working on this for a while- we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.

The original plan was to debut this on YouTube for loading and sharing purposes, but we still haven't solved the frame rate and audio sync issues (we'll repost when we do). Massive thanks to Glen Schricker for helping out. As always, we owe so much to Rich Vreeland and the music of his one man army, Disasterpeace for allowing us to pillage his catalog. He is a symphonic assassin.

Here we go... Passcode: Record of the Delphi.

Edit: Now on Youtube.


Stage 1: Survival

The Sci-Fi Van Gogh, Jesse Moore, brings out the beasts with a special comic to celebrate our 5th anniversary!

Follow Task Force Volkriun's Captain Ruger as he tracks a mysterious alien signal, leading him and his team into the deadly woods of Planet Volkria... SURVIVE.

Live! Content in a Bit!

The store is LIVE! We didn't want to make you guys wait any longer, so we will have the content in a little bit (uploading issues!).

After you check out what's in the store (ARMORVOR! Gah!) Hang around a bit for some crossover content from Jesse Moore, Ralph Niese, Phil Reed and Pappysoup!  We will also be popping up a brand new Passcode (as soon as the damn thing cooperates). In celebration of our 5th year of making these little guys, we wanted to create something new, as well as explore some older ideas that we've been talking about for a long time.

Thanks so much to all of you for bringing us this far! We'll try and keep things interesting and keep pushing this old bus until the wheels fall off (or convert it to a Pulse Driver).

So Close!

I know, this is starting to feel like that old hell ride we all took back in the day, but we are literally almost there. We need until 10PM! With this much content, it takes a toll on our minds! One more sneak! Remember these guys?

How About 9:30PM?

30 minutes more and I promise this is not the son of Glyaxia. Here is another sneak..

Little Bump to 9PM

Just need an extra 30 minutes to finish loading some very special content. Here's a sneak of a Pheyden who was a little jealous of Gemini's recent choice of colors. He'll be available tonight.

Task Force Volkriun Mobile Base

There are some strange little builds lurking around this base.



For as long as I can remember, I've been building little ships for my toys. From shoe boxes to tin foil, I would use just about any material I could get my hands on to make things for my figures to ride in (or on). It was discount vehicles or bust!

The vinyl that we have been making for the past few years has slowly found its way into becoming a building system in its own right. It helps to be a little crafty with a blade, but building with the vinyl can really open up the playing field for the PVC figures.

So, I used 180 Wedges, about 250 Switch Pins and 8 Blocks to make the "Tri-Liner". It weighs about 7 pounds currently (I'm still tweaking it), opens up and when fully extended is about 2 feet in length (more on that later). Flying it around out back has been a total trip. The neighbors must think that I've been playing with some kind of futuristic breadbox.

Well, you can fit a loaf of bread inside the thing.


The Armodoc from this wave may be my favorite color swap to date. I guess loving the entire spectrum of the color green doesn't hurt.

I still like to go to the supermarket with Michelle and the kids and stare at the "Olive Bar", which is literally loaded with a massive variety of olives. Not even their beautiful colors could get me to eat one though. Ha!

Light Challenge

This new color combination must have been destined to spend a lot of time outside, because the sun is pretty much the best light source for shooting pics! There is this very cool, almost color changing effect which starts happening as you look at the toys under different lighting. Sometimes the Pappysoup green is almost brownish looking, then you walk into another room and it has a rich green hue. The PMS 374C paint accents also hop from being nearly a pale yellow to an almost neon green depending on where you are looking at the toy. It seems almost like some kind of camouflage AI coating is on all this stuff.

The only challenge to all this color morphing is that this Volkriun wave is pretty tough to take pictures of with any definite consistency. You guys may notice that the green hues will look sometimes drastically different in these posts. Some of these upcoming pics were shot in the studio, some outside and some landed right in the middle.

I hope you guys enjoy these next few rounds leading up to tomorrow night. We will be working around  the clock right up to the drop to make this one to remember.


Volkriun Flyby

A rough little byproduct from an outside photo shoot...


UPDATE: Drop Moved to July 29th, 8:30 PM EDT

We were on track for Friday, but the recent typhoon that just hit China sent the shipping process on the last bits of stuff we have been waiting for (and the ???? of this release) into a ping pong around Asia. The goods are now due to arrive on Friday or Saturday morning (as opposed to today), so we want to bump the sale date to Sunday, July 29th at 8:30PM EDT (been a while since we did a Sunday deal).

Sorry for the shuffle, but I personally want to look through all the late items that arrive and make sure that they cut the mustard. Everything else is top notch that has come in, so fingers crossed that nothing goes rogue!

Above are a few pics from behind the scenes. Expect the photo deluge to begin tonight and continue into Sunday. I know I keep repeating myself, but we can't wait to show you guys the stuff we have been working on.


Mission Details!

Well, maybe I should have said late evening.

Here are the details!

United Glyan Coalition: Task Force Volkriun

-Glyan Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green visors and white tampo) $8
-Glyan Volkriun Commando (Olive Green/Pappysoup Green/light green visors and white tampo) $8

-Deep Space Glyan Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green visors and white tampo) $12
-Deep Space Glyan Volkriun Commando (Olive Green/Pappysoup Green/light green visors and white tampo) $12
NOTE- Each Deep Space Glyan is made up of one Glyan and one specially painted Hub Set.

-Buildman Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green visors and white tampo) $8
-Buildman Volkriun Commando (Olive Green/Pappysoup Green/light green visors and white tampo) $8

-Phaseon Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green visors and white tampo) $6
-Phaseon Volkriun Commando (Olive Green/Pappysoup Green/light green visors and white tampo) $6

-Gobon Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green visors and white tampo) $10
-Gobon Volkriun Commando (Olive Green/Pappysoup Green/light green visors and white tampo) $10

-Commander Evireyor Volkriun Commando (Olive Green/Pappysoup Green with light green eyes) $8
-Volkriun Exellis (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green with light green eyes) $8


-Extra Set  Volkriun Commando (Olive Green with light green eyes -Pheyden head, Govurom head, Phanost head, Pheyden chest and Pheyden pelvis) $5

-Crayboth Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green with light green eyes and blaster) $4

-Hub Set Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green) $4
-Hub Set Volkriun Commando (Olive Green) $4
NOTE-Each Hub Set is sold in a specific Drone configuration.

-Axis Joint Set Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green) $4
-Axis Joint Set Volkriun Commando (Olive Green) $4

-Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green) $2
-Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set Volkriun Commando (Olive Green) $2

-Core Block Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green visors and white tampos) $12

-Heavy Armored Rig Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green visors and white tampos) $25

-Rig Runner Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green visors and white tampos) $20

-Armodoc Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green visors and white tampo) $25

-Conversion Kit (consists of 1 long Rig Arm and 1 short Rig Arm for customizing vinyl figures) Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green visors and white tampos) $12

-Tri Hub "Wedge" Single  (vinyl isosceles triangle that can be customized for connectivity with all Glyos vinyl) Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green accents) $3

-Switch Pin Single (vinyl male/male pin which can convert any vinyl female fit function into a male) Task Force Volkriun (Pappysoup Green/light green accents) $1

Mama! There will absolutely be some surprises on the night of the drop, but not in vinyl.

More pictures once I finish building the Volkriun Block Base!

PS -Took the above shots as the sun was getting a little lower, to show how the light plays with the color a bit.


Task Force Volkriun Returns

To celebrate our 5th year anniversary making full production Glyos, we have some fun stuff in store for the upcoming drop, which will be next Friday, July 27th at 9:30 PM EDT.

First up, Task Force Volkriun returns, almost exactly one year since its last release. To add some spice, a secondary color has been added (Volkriun Commandos), as well as a full assortment of vinyl to match. Every one of the PVC molds have also returned to action, so that means ol' Gobon is back (in both colors)!

The next bit of news is that we will see the return of some story content (beyond the usual photos and blurbs)! Marcus and I have been working very hard on an all new story that should throw some curveballs you may want to swing at. We're super psyched to show this thing to you guys!

There will be some big surprises the night of the actual drop, ranging from new figures to additional content that has also been cooking for a bit. This will be one of the bigger drops of 2012 for us, so all kinds of craziness is being prepared.

I personally love the Pappysoup MT green, and have been kind of dying to finally bring it back. The secondary color looks a bit like Lorcassic green in the above photos, but it's an entirely different hue. To try and make this an even more cohesive building wave, all of the "visors" are painted the same PMS 374C throughout the entire assortment, on both PVC colors. I've been building with this new wave, and having the visors match adds such a neat unity to the final constructions, something that up until now we really haven't explored before. I hope you guys like it.

The full list for the drop will be up tomorrow in the early evening, along with some more pics.

I'm pretty excited for this one!


Morning Maneuvers

Recently I was lucky enough to take a "break of dawn" kayak excursion with none other than the legendary Pappysoup, over at Bare Hill Pond in Harvard, MA.

Of course I brought along a few companions for the trip, as evidenced by the lily pad crouching going on in the above pictures (iPod shots). What an incredible place, with a glass like surface on the water that looked unreal. Pappy was a fishing machine and we explored just about every corner of the pond (I saw a turtle as well).

All of these outdoor shots have been part of a process that is leading up to our end of July release, as nature plays an important part of certain aspects related to what we have been cooking. We want to make this drop something extra special, in honor of our 5th anniversary of making full production toys (which is this month).

Thanks for bearing with all of these nature shots, I personally hope some of you have been enjoying at least a few of them. They were really fun to shoot!

Michelle, Marc, Megan, Jesse and I would  like to wish everybody an awesome SDCC this week! We already miss seeing all of our old friends, but have been having a great time being with our families after so many years of heading out west for the big show.  On a related note, NYCC is shaping up to be pretty packed with a solid roster of awesome artists, so maybe keep some time open in October and be prepared to eat after the show!

Sneaks of the July release are on deck and will be popping up very soon!


Big Brother

After crossing over some extremely rough terrain, the trio finally catch up to what they've been tracking for the past few weeks:  The Heavy Caliber MCT. 

Thought to have been destroyed since vanishing on its last mission, the massive machine slowly begins to let its guard down upon recognizing the smaller prototype MCT.

This larger build was one of the first things I made with a production Block in combination with some Conversion Kits. The paint job has a brighter finish on one side and a darker finish on the other, so that each mode has a slightly different feel. These customs were fun to beat up on the rocks of Gloucester.