Glyaxia Heavy Armored Block Trooper

Another older build, slightly modified and updated with the recent Glyaxia wave of parts.

I still play around with the original version of this Block Trooper, so getting a chance to make a few in the yellow and blue has been a lot of fun! These beefballs pay direct homage to the classic series, Armored Trooper VOTOMS, as well as the late era Microman Armored Suits of legend.



Ni has a fresh new wave of his Outlanders prepared for release tonight, May 23rd, at 9PM EST!

This new assortment presents the 481 Universe's main character in some colors that are kind of familiar around here, but also includes a cool new accessory pack addition that matches very closely to the old Rothan Light Green PMS 375C (for those of you who have been around for a bit and remember the old days). I particularly like the new accessory mold in this vibrant hue, and everything looks excellent across the boards.

All the final details about Ni's latest round of figures can be found over on his blog!

Good luck tonight, Ni! Glyaxia Command will be watching!


Glyaxia Heavy Combat Armor

Revisiting the Heavy Combat Armor, a slightly tweaked older design now put to use within Glyaxia Command's Block Base!

Can you spot the ringer in this pic? Make sure to right click and view the image at a larger size.



Rig Rolled



Shipping Update

As of this morning, all domestic orders placed since the release last Sunday have shipped out. All international packages and anything that was ordered today will hit the post on Monday morning.

Thanks again for a making the return of Glyaxia a fun one! More pics are on deck that feature a variety of builds and more of Block Base!


You Cannot Escape from Box Base

We are cranking along on the shipping process, with Megan and Pj pushing cardboard and newspaper like a 1980's pro wrestling tag team.

I'm thinking more Road Warriors than Demolition.


Deep Space Flyin'

Glyaxia II has been upgraded with "Game B" mode, an homage to Balloon Fight, Gyromite and the many NES games that had alternate mini-games at the starting screen.

A few quick notes- this mode is endless, and will continually loop for as long as you can take it. The hit detection is not perfect, and you'll need to click back on your browser to exit, but personally I view these as interactive music videos for Rich's tunes... now crank up the speakers and enjoy some Deep Space Flyn'.

Happy Birthday, Brojack!


Thank You 2

Hey guys! I just wanted to also extend my sincere thanks to Matt, Michelle, and the entire Glyos community. This launch was a big one for us on a few levels, and it was fun to tap into that zone one can only reach with the right mixture of inspiration, stress, excitement, curveballs, and little sleep. Also just the right ratio of healthy meals to horrible late-night decisions.

Another thanks to Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace) for once again allowing us to use a few of his 8-bit audio gems. Since creating the first animated Passcode back in May 2009, Rich's music has fueled each foray into pixelated Glyos, both on screen and behind the scenes. His tunes never fail to have an emotional impact, and truly are a vital ingredient to the series. A shout out to my actual evil twin as well, who helped me with testing Glyaxia and tweaked a few audio bits for me.

Finally, thank you Matt. You have this uncanny ability to bring out things in people they would've otherwise never knew existed. I think this is a direct result of having too much creative energy for one man to handle. It's been a privilege to call the Doughty household my second home, and after all this time I feel we're still just scratching the surface together.

There will be an update to Glyaxia II later this week that some of you may get a kick out of, including a new mini game (or two)... if you could choose your own Glyaxia Command player, who would you pick..?

Thank You!!!

Thank you for making the return of Glyaxia Command a fun one! We had a lot riding on this release, and your support alone has allowed us to keep on rolling! In gratitude of being able to realize the "Lost Vinyl Wave" of 2012, I wanted to share some thoughts with you.

Running the vinyl again has been discussed over here on a regular basis. With so much changing in the manufacturing process since 2012 (when we last produced a full wave of vinyl), the higher risk of a low return kept a certain level of apprehension present when contemplating the resurrection of all the vinyl molds. It was a bit of a torture test, because I've personally been wanting to build with the vinyl again since the Volkriun wave (July 2012).

Our concentration on the PVC has been the backbone of Onell for almost 7 years, so we've stayed focused on expanding and producing in that arena more than drifting even further into vinyl development. The main thing that has kept the vinyl from really pushing into the regular assortments is cost. Cost for us and cost for you. I wish that we could sell those Tri Hubs and Switch Pins for half the current price, but even now we are making next to nothing on the sales of those two items. They are more passion projects than viable products for business, even though I believe they have helped define our strange aesthetic in an extremely important way.

The rising manufacturing costs in China are truly becoming intense, and will start to affect many other industries within only the next couple of years. We will most likely see an even greater amount of factory work migrate into other countries, as the survival rate for everybody involved in making product in China has steadily been lowering. That being said, we've been incredibly lucky to work so closely with our factory, in particular my partner, Paul Wai. Paul and I have been working together since the beginning of this project, and even worked on the Beantown figures before Glyos really started moving. Our relationship has been forged in the trenches of production, with some major league roller coaster action hitting both of us as time has passed. Without Paul, we would never have been able to build the system that we use for all Glyos related lines.

As always, things will continue to evolve here as we journey into new territory. Some additions to the ranks that have been in development will finally see production, as well as a few curveball projects that will hopefully open some fun creative doorways for all of us.

Moving towards our 7th anniversary in July, expect to see the debut of  the full production LSA release and some small additions to the Buildstation in late June. The return of Hades has been slightly delayed due to scheduling, but is still on deck to return within the next few rounds. July holds some interesting turns, and we're hoping to share something extra special when we officially hit that 7 year mark!

I also wanted to take a moment and thank my "younger brother", Marcus. Marc and I met at Beantown Toys back in 2006, and since that time have worked together nonstop building Glyos into what you see today. Every single Passcode program, website and product mechanical coming out of Onell has Marc to thank, 100%. Seeing Marc grow into the creative powerhouse and exceptional person that he is, has been one of the best parts of my life, and Michelle and I could never, ever thank him enough for his part in Onell. But we will always try! Thanks Marcus, you are absolutely irreplaceable.

Once again, all of us here want to thank you from the heart for all your continued support and positive energy! The fact that we can still do this is not because of luck, but because of your interest and generosity. No matter where we land, my family and I will be forever grateful to each of you for giving us a chance to realize our dreams.

Shipping starts on Thursday!


Glyaxia Command Returns!!!

We hope you guys have a good time tonight!


EDIT: The limits have been lifted and you may place additional orders. Thanks for your patience.

Also note that past releases are still available over at the Buildstation.

Glyaxia II: Escape from Block Base

Have fun!!

FYI- This is a good sized flash-based game. For those of you with older computers/laptops, you may experience a little Glyaxia choppiness... You can right click to save this file and play it on your desktop as well. Leave any feedback in the comments section of this post. Good luck trying to escape...

Glyaxia Command Sentinel

Block Based 2




Mission Details

Writing this list brings us closer to completing a long cycle, as a version of this wave was originally supposed to see production back in 2012, during the larger vinyl releases of that time. Multiple factors kept pushing the assortment out, and eventually we put Glyaxia into what seemed like an endless holding pattern. It's 100% thanks to you guys that we now have the ability to bring Glyaxia Command into the fold as it was meant to be- a vinyl infused, Block Based Barrage!

I personally hope you enjoy seeing the return of Glyaxia Command to the ranks, and my fingers are mega crossed that we have better luck with the overall timing than the original Glyaxia assortment back in 2010!

We also want to mention that in the tradition of the original Glyaxia release, we've been working on something special regarding new content, delving back into our roots- but with a little twist.
Get your trigger fingers ready...

We are still on track for this Sunday, May 11th at 9:30PM EST!

There will be purchasing limits on select items: 

-Armorvor (4 limit per customer) 
*Please note that the price of the Armorvor has been raised to $9 on this edition and for all future fully painted versions as well, as our manufacturing costs have gone up.

-Travelers/Noboto (4 of each style per customer)  

-Syclodoc (2 limit per customer)

Glyaxia II: Escape from Block Base

Glyan -Glyaxia Standard (Yellow/Blue with Black visors and White tampo) $8
Glyan -Glyaxia Reverse (Blue/Yellow with Black visors and White tampo) $8

Glyaxia Commander Akurriax Sarvos (Yellow/Blue with painted eyes, Blue accents, White tampo and bonus Yellow Phanost head/Yellow Scar Pheyden head/Blue Pheyden Belt/Blue Scarf) $10
Glyaxia Commander Zerennic Sarvos (Blue/Yellow with painted eyes, Yellow accents, White tampo and bonus Blue Phanost head/Blue Scar Pheyden head/Yellow Pheyden Belt/Yellow Scarf) $10
Glyaxia Standard Dark Traveler Soldier (Yellow/Blue with painted eyes,White tampo, removable belt and inner/outer scarves/bonus Yellow Pheyden head) $8
Glyaxia Reverse Dark Traveler Soldier (Blue/Yellow with painted eyes,White tampo, removable belt and inner/outer scarves/bonus Blue Pheyden head) $8

Glyaxia Standard Protoclone Noboto (Yellow/Blue with painted eyes, NEW chest paint, bonus head and White tampo) $8
Glyaxia Reverse Protoclone Noboto (Blue/Yellow with painted eyes, NEW chest paint, bonus head and White tampo) $8

Armorvor  -Glyaxia Command Mimic (Blue/Yellow Paint with Black visors and bonus head) $9

Crayboth -???? $4
Crayboth -???? $4
Crayboth -Yellow (no paint) $3
Crayboth -Blue (no paint)  $3

Swing Joint Set -Yellow $4
Swing Joint Set - Blue $4

Hub Set -Yellow with Black accent and White tampo $4
Hub Set -Blue with Black accent and White tampo $4
NOTE- Each Hub Set is sold in a specific Drone configuration.

Axis Joint Set -Yellow $4
Axis Joint Set -Blue $4 
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Yellow with Black accent $2
Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Set -Blue with Black accent $2

Syclodoc -Glyaxia Command Sentinel (Blue vinyl/Yellow Paint with White eye, Black Visor and white tampo- also features multiple ALL NEW paint applications -includes Bonus Armodoc head$25

Heavy Armored Rig -Glyaxia Command (Blue Vinyl/Yellow Paint with Black accents and White tampo prints) $25

Core Block -Glyaxia Command (Blue Vinyl/Yellow Paint with Black accents and White tampo print) $12 

Conversion Set (consists of 1 short Rig Arm and 1 Long Rig Arm for customizing vinyl figures) -Glyaxia Command (Blue Vinyl/Yellow Paint with Black accents and White tampo prints) $12

Tri Hub "Wedge" Single  (vinyl isosceles triangle that can be customized for connectivity with all Glyos vinyl) Glyaxia Command (Blue Vinyl/Yellow Paint with Black accents) $2.50 (Special Price)

Switch Pin Single (vinyl male/male pin which can convert any vinyl female fit function into a male) Glyaxia Command (Blue Vinyl with Black accents) $1

This round also fills in a few more of the Fisher Price/Micro colors that we have been paying homage to since early last year. The blue hue is very rich and pops like crazy under direct lighting, finding a solid middle ground between the Ecroyex blues from late 2013. Also possessing a visual punch is the new yellow, which tips more towards the golden/Sonesidar range than a simple straight yellow does. When you combine the new Glyaxia yellow with the Sonesidar yellorange, the subtleties make for a pretty neat looking color fusion.

New pics will be popping up as we get closer to Sunday night, and a few small surprises may find their way into the mix to add a little extra fun! Elements of this wave will play directly into our plans for late  July's 7th anniversary assortment, so keep your eyes peeled for possible clues as to what's on the horizon.

The Hades Redux Edition has been bumped back a bit, but is still in motion and will land in either late June or July.

Thanks as always for taking the time to check things out around here, and for surviving another one of these Text Timewarps!

EDIT: I corrected the BELT and SCARF packouts for the Sarvos figures:

-The Yellow Sarvos comes with a BLUE belt and scarf.

-The Blue Sarvos comes with a YELLOW belt and scarf. 

My mind was burnt toast this morning! 




Created by Gatekeeper Viyer in his clandestine laboratory, the Noboto Protoclone has been refined and produced in greater numbers for use by Glyaxia Command.

Under the watchful eye of Commander Akurriax, the Glyaxia Protoclones study and modify the transforming abilities of the 
Tri Hub Configuration (THC) Flatwalker. 

Designed to quickly adapt to its surroundings, the Flatwalker operates mainly as a surveillance device for Glyaxia Command, relaying all gathered information instantly back to Block Base.

List will be up later tonight!



Glyaxia Command Block Base, located just above the Planet Alcray, where a crew of Glyans steadily work away on a specialized Crayhunter Capture Skiff...



Glyaxia Command has been keeping us busy!

After lots of behind the scenes tweaking, building and picture editing, we're finally ready to share the latest round of stuff.

I've personally been wanting to do this particular wave since the vinyl waves of 2012, and the original Glyaxia release of 2010 still holds a special place in my heart, representing a turning point in our entire mode of operation.

The colors on this new round of PVC and vinyl are very bright and vibrant, looking a little punchier than the original run. The old Fisher Price Adventure People vibe is present, and playing with vinyl again has been the absolute best.

Thanks so much for making it possible for us to get to this point, seeing a Glyaxia Command Block Base has only existed in my dreams -until now.

New pics start tomorrow!