Parking Lot Dangers

Saw these two rickety piles of twisted metal in a parking lot carnival in our area. Have any of you actually been on things like these?

Also, all the SDCC Non-Con orders start shipping this week.


Thank You San Diego!

SDCC was a lot of fun and we had a great time connecting with everybody who came by the booth. Kind of bittersweet knowing that this will be the last time (for the foreseeable future) we attend as exhibitors, but it's been awesome going for all these years, and this recent trip was a truly excellent way to wrap things up.

Gigantic thanks to all our friends on both sides of booth #4937, each one of you made the show unforgettable.

Let's do it again in New York!


The Standard Issue

A package addressed to The Tarantulas has arrived here in San Diego and the contents have been a long time in the making. Tomorrow morning, July 23rd, at 10:30 AM PDT, The Tarantulas will release his very first fully painted RealXNibbler here at the Con!

As usual, the mad scientist from the UK will have a few very limited variations available along side the main release. This is the first version to utilize the all new spray mask applications that have been in the works for many months. We are honored to have The Tarantulas at our booth (#4937) for this extra special drop.

Thank You from San Diego!

Our deepest thanks to all of you for once again showing such solid and generous support of the Non-Con drop! The Pappysoup green was well received and the Glyans moved pretty quickly out of the shop. Maybe Pappysoup green should enter the repeat zone!
We are still experimenting with the "built up" versions of the characters, and after the results from the Neo Sincroid Aleero build option, more beefed up selections will be in the upcoming August assortment. That being said, remember that you can create any of these guys from the individual selections available during a launch. In general, the Glyan seems to be doing fairly well thanks to all of you giving the new guy a shot.
The next wave of Glyans that are being readied to land in August are a big throwback to my personal obsession with the classic 1980's "Real Type" color styles. They have a very militaristic tone and fall more in the classic soldier palettes than the more recent releases over the past year. The Rig will also have a new look that involves more than just paint.
For those of you not into more subdued patterns, the Glyans will also have some stripped down colors coming up in August as well. Black, Clear Colorless and some GITD Green will be available at the lower $6 USD price range.
Thanks again for everything and for giving us the juice to keep rolling. I know I have said this before, but I mean it with every single molecule in my body- we are nothing without each and every one of you.


Non-Con is Live!

The Non-Con Special Release is LIVE! Make sure to refresh the store to check out what's new! Task Force Volkriun is ready for action!


Non-Con Drop Details

The Non-Con Special drop is on track for tomorrow, July 21st at 7PM EDT. Marcus will be at the helm launching from our booth (#4937) here in San Diego. We hope you guys like the new stuff... be ready for a few surprises!


GFS 2011

Here are the details for this year's Global Figure Symposium!

Thursday, July 21 2011

All Star Bazaar - Open - 2pm
A smorgasbord of Global Figure goodness including mini minis from UAMOU, new Millennial Monsters from BloBpuS, Barbarians from Frenzy Bros., new aliens from Galaxy People PLUS select goodies from the FIG-X.JP warehouse.

Team Europa - 2pm - close
The Tarantulas, Triclops & Bruno Orbit bring a touch of Continental Class to the Symposium.

Friday, July 22 2011

All Star Bazaar - Open - 1pm
Return of the morning buffet of figure entrees.

Paul Kaiju - 1pm - 3pm
The West Coast Master of Monsters will hold forth with a cornucopia of his latest creations.

Suckadelic - 3pm - 5pm
The East Coast King of Bootleg Action Figures holds court with a bevy of hot Necromancer exclusives and sexy sidekicks.

Monster Worship - 5pm - 7pm
Newcomer to the Symposium - Monster Worship will be dropping new vinyl goodness from their All Star roster including Johnny Ryan, Jeff Lam and Mark Rudolph.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

All Star Bazaar - Open - 12pm
Your first stop in the morning to tide you over for a long Saturday of Figure overload.

L'Amour Supreme & Fiends - 12pm - 2pm
Illustrator Provocateur L'Amour Supreme is bringing an All-Star entourage of artists to the table for 2 hours of creative chaos. Rumored yet unconfirmed names culled from the Twitosphere have included Skinner, Count Chocula, TWERPS, the Creature from Laguna Beach, COOP, and Beezelbub Jr.

Monstre Sean's Resin Emporium - 2pm - 5pm
Monstre Hero and UHOH toys team up to bring us a crunchy selection of cutting edge Resin-based Figures

Vectar's Saturday Night Special - 5pm - 7pm
He's Baaaack. Second tier toy villain crashes the Symposium to drop a glyos-compatible version of himself. He will be joined in his capers by SideKick Lab. It might get messy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011
The Final Battle: All Stars versus the End of Time

Even though we will deeply miss having our brothers and sisters from Japan at the booth (#4937) this year, we are still excited for a great line up! You will be able to find us in the morning hours up until noon, before the truly good stuff starts cooking! I personally hope to see all our favorite faces and maybe catch some new ones this week.

Oh yeah, the assortment of Glyos toys we are bringing is filled with several sneak peeks from the upcoming August drop as well as some Volkriun stuff (with almost 100% of the Volkriun Wave devoted to the online release). Come by the booth and check out what is in store for August almost a month in advance! If you like desert combat, Mospeada and the Gold Metallic then you should be happy with what will be on the table...


Task Force Volkriun: Ready to Deploy

We have been rustling around here for the past few weeks getting ready for the trip out to SDCC. Following in the tradition of the past two years, we will be releasing a special "Non-Con" assortment online for those of you unable to make the show.
This year, Task Force Volkriun will be the selection, and within this round some new things will debut! The major addition is an all new head for the Glyan- the Neo Sincroid (all Glyans will now be packed with two heads)!
Since the Gendrone Revolution could not be suppressed through standard operations, Glyaxia Command made the risky decision to create an all new type of soldier, the Neo Sincroid, to aid in the conflict. Assigned at only one per battalion, each Neo Sincroid stands ready to defend the Glyan population at any cost...
More details coming this week!
The Task Force Volkriun color selection is dedicated to the great PappySoup. Thanks Pappy!


CCC1 Tonight at 9PM EDT

Jesse is just around the corner from rolling out his Callgrim Custom Corps 1 and I wanted to take a moment to share a couple things about the drop.
Watching Jesse work on this project at close range for about a year now, I have been completely impressed with how much he has pushed the boundaries of what he thought he was capable of.
During the creation of this CCC, Jesse has truly become an even more lethal multi-talented force by refusing to just "wrap it up" and get the stuff out there. Each time he reviewed the figures he discovered things he wanted to improve, things he wanted to push. Late nights in the screen printing shop making tiny ass graphics for the cloaks and capes, reworking paint applications, learning to cut and glue fabric, torturing himself to nail the correct color homages for the tribute figures... these are just some of the tasks that the Bearded Weirdo set out to conquer.
The addition of over 100 hand painted cards that correspond to each and every named character in the launch pushes this CC beyond anything that we have collectively attempted before. The results are awesome, the work ethic is the real deal, and the man is my brother.
I feel damn lucky to have watched this project from start to finish, and look forward to seeing these incredible little works of art travel out into the world.
Nice work Jesse, you freaking did it.


CCC1 Tomorrow

Hordes of new customs at blog.callgrim.com!
The official drop is tomorrow - Friday July 8th at 9PM EDT!