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So Falls a Traveler

The Kydrothi Cometh

In all the years of working with so many talented artists, sculptors and musicians, I've always had a very special fondness for the extraordinary work of the artist known as Sen. Once again, Sen has provided a series of astonishing illustrations, this time to celebrate and expand upon the story featured in the Those From Beyond the Edge comic. 

Sen, somehow you innately comprehend the true aesthetic of what Glyos is inside my brain. Thank you for each and every piece of art that you've created throughout the years. What a wicked talent you possess!

Kydrothi Hyper Phase


Waellex Edgebreaker Unleashed Reverse

When the Kydrothi and Waellex break through the Edge of Space they do so packed tightly within their biomolecular tachyon charged protective "Intruder Suits", which are analogous to what a Sarvos Type Traveler utilizes to a lesser effect. 

The reasons for the armor are multifold, but the primary purpose is to keep some form of control over the Kydrothi and Waellex, as each suit is outfitted with a "kill switch" that is designed to terminate or paralyze the user if direct orders are not followed. The trade off is access to enhanced power, speed and near invulnerability, but at the cost of the user's complete freedom. This is exactly what the Sarvos Type Travelers must contend with, though some have learned how to beat the kill switch, thanks again to the intervention of the Delphi.

Kydrothi Edgebreaker Unleashed

The Intruders are in actuality the equivalent of what a Traveler is and represents, but they herald from two "older" and completely different "Systems" that exist Beyond the Edge of Space. They have been summoned from their mother systems by the Elder Masters to come to the Glyos System and regain control. 
The Elder Masters are near omnipotent in their scope and their vision, but cannot physically gain entry into the worlds that they create themselves. Therefore, their bidding is carried out by the "First Children", which began with the Kydrothi, the Waellex and the youngest of the trio, the Delphi. Each race was sent to a newborn system, charged with guiding and manipulating the lifeforms of each separate system according to the plans of the Elder Masters. 
Only the Delphi dared to eventually rise against the harsh reign of the Elder Masters, rebelling when their own "children", the Armorvor, were ordered destroyed by the Elder Masters. Through the intermittent and unexplained appearance of the dimension bending Zorennor Rift, the Delphi found a way to hide their Armorvor from the vision of the Elder Masters, who somehow could not see into the Rift itself. 
To replace the Delphi after their rebellion, the Elder Masters created the Traveler, a less powerful but more controllable race of beings than the three races of the First Children. Even though the Traveler race was intentionally designed to obey more easily than their predecessors, they began to also awaken to the cruelty of the Elder Masters, thanks to the intervention of the Delphi, who had become more powerful while within the Zorennor Rift, gaining a new mastery of time space through the use of forgotten Dimension Gate technology. 

Those From Beyond the Edge

We are "beyond the edge of excitement" to present a brand new comic, illustrated by the multidisciplined lefty art master known as Dillon Wheelock! Dillon took on this assignment knowing full well that there were some very large shoes to fill, and proceeded to craft an amazing showcase of sequential art that I'm certain Ralph would have really enjoyed reading. We hope all of you smile seeing the new and old characters warping around the page again.

Dillon, thank you from the deepest part of my heart for reaching out and teaming up with us. I honestly never thought we'd delve into this end of the creative field again, but you showed me that there is still more story to tell. Your generosity, creativity and patience truly pushed this into reality.  

We dedicate this comic, and all comics to come, to Ralph. You opened the door that we are all still using to tell stories together, and we will honor that forever. 

Those From Beyond the Edge

Intruder Edgebreakers

Pheyaos Hyper Phase MK II

Pheyden Hyper Phase MK II

Crayboth Hyper Phase MK II

Sincrodrone Eidymos

Sincro Phase once existed in a different form, known then as Hyper Phase Pheyden. During this segment of his life, he encountered the first known "Lost Sincrodrones", choosing to defend them against the time traveling Queen Kirallius and her followers, who had set out to eliminate the Sincrodrones due to their eventual "future corruption" at the hands of the abstract mechanical entity known as Argenesis, the ruler of the Gendrone Empire in the timeline Kirallius travelled from. In a brutal confrontation, Hyper Phase was able to stop the Kirallius Incursion by allowing himself to embrace the Villser Virus within and transform into Hyper Phase Pheyaos.

As repayment for his help, the Sincrodrones tried to assist Hyper Phase in finding a cure for his Villser Virus infection. Using their ability to mechanically "procreate" new Sincrodrones, they granted Hyper Phase with a Sincrodrone "son" called Eidymos, Echolinking their life forces together. The duo then ventured together in a continued attempt to cure the Villser Virus, building a small team and eventually crossing paths with the advanced race known as the Sincroborg. The Sincroborg also lent their science to Hyper Phase in his mission, teaching him to fuse with their technology and modifying his relic of a Biovessel. He renamed himself Sincro Phase Pheyden in their honor.

Sincro Phase Pheyden

Drifting in a fixed pattern near the mysterious Edge of Space aboard their hybrid Biovessel, Sincro Phase Pheyden and his small but dedicated crew work tirelessly to unlock the secrets of controlling the dangerous Villser Virus contagion. 
To maintain mastery over his own compromised form due to being exposed to the virus long ago, Sincro Phase Pheyden utilizes a combination of Traveler, Axis and Sincroborg technology to suppress its mutational effects, bolstered by a synaptic Echolink to a young Sincrodrone known as Eidymos.
By operating in an artificial environment designed to simulate the cold plains of the Planet Nemica, the experiments taking place within the Biovessel maintain an intense level of security, remaining far from the populated and vulnerable sectors scattered across the Glyos System.

First Pheyden


Interdimensional Intruders

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