Buildstation Restocked

The Black and White Gendrones are back in the Buildstation and ready for customization. What colors would you guys like to see next?


Configurations Collide

More configurations using various colored Buildman figures and lots of Phase Arms and Gobon Blasters. Maybe some DC guys are in order next.


Frag Flash

Here is a lil' something that Matt and I put together last week for Steve Jackson Games. Based on their popular Frag board game, this shooter puts your mouse & memory skills to the test. Be sure to check out Frag: Gold Edition and a slew of other great titles produced by SJ Games. The change of pace was welcomed- thanks to Phil and Steve for this cool opportunity.



Callgrim is on the loose!  Supreme congratulations to Jesse as he unleashes his mean machine online! Check the Callgrim Blog and then head over to the shop to grab ol' Skullface and a pile of The Order before they duck back into the shadows. Jesse, you did it, and we are all beyond proud to see this happen to one of the best people in this world - or any other. Great job my brother. -Matt

Jesse... you are the man! I am honored to be working with such a stud. The whole crew can't wait to see what unfolds next- something tells me it will involve mercenaries, gun battles, and furious clicking..!  -Marc


Toy Karma 2

Somehow a few new customs were knocked out during the mayhem of the latest launch. Parts of the piloted one were shown a little while ago as an example of the PVC to vinyl building potential of the new Armodoc. That little bandaged guy is based on a character that I made when I was younger. His name was (and still is) "Hermit" and he piloted a robot that could transform into a house. Yeah, a house. I have no idea why, but I was obsessed with Hermit and his Robo-Domicile through most of my youth and I still think about this character now (as evidenced by this custom). When we got an invitation to Mark Nagata's Toy Karma 2 it seemed like a good opportunity to update this old character. This time he has a strange, beefy little Armodrone messing with him. Maybe they used to be friends and couldn't agree on the rent for Hermit's retarded Housedroid. Either way, we are honored over here to be included in Toy Karma 2 at Rotofugi Gallery out in Chicago this Saturday. The lineup is insane and the customs will be diverse and glorious. Maybe Hermit will find a new place to live while he's out there. Thanks to Mark, Matt Walker and Rotofugi for letting us jump on board this great event.