I wanted to pop one last post up before we start to explore 2018 and just say thanks once again for a memorable 10th year. Working on the various Glyos projects has personally meant more to me than ever this year,  allowing for a steady and calm point of focus throughout a 2017 full of crossroads. It was one for the books, no doubt.

A final farewell goes out to Carole, Memaw, Jenny, Cathy and Dad.

See you in the next round.


Passcode Flashback

We hope everyone is having a fun holiday season, and that the new year brings a fresh wave of creativity and inspiration.

The video above is a little flashback compilation that spotlights some of the moments we've shared together throughout the Passcode series. Creating these over the last decade was a true labor of love, and they still stand as some of the best projects that I've had the pleasure to be a part of.

Cheers!  -Marcus


Thank You!!!

Thank you for a great last release of 2017! In a year filled with more curveballs than usual, being allowed to continue exploring this project has really kept things centered around here. Even though it's now been over 10 years, the excitement of playing with this stuff has never faded for us, and that's thanks to the bonds that we all share. Each time we connect, we feel energized and inspired to do more, to open another door and discover something new. A thousand blog posts couldn't cover the gratitude we feel for what each of you has worked with us to build. We fly this ship together!

Almost all orders placed since the release have hit the post as of this writing, with just a few being processed today. Packages should start showing up tomorrow, a little ahead of the holiday madness.
Another massive thank you to Michelle and Pj for staying in overdrive to get everything out the door.

The higher production numbers we've been running over the last few rounds continue to hold up, and it seems like folks are finding what they want without too much stress. We'll keep on turning the dials in an effort to find just the right balance!

Looking ahead, we've got a few fun new projects emerging in early 2018 of a crossover nature, and our next release is planned for sometime in mid-January. Expect new action from all across the Glyoverse as 2018 gets rolling.

Thank you once again from the whole family for sticking with us!

PS -All orders that contained both a Glyarmor Specialist Cypracor and a Glyan GU Commando were packed with a bonus cape (one of three possible colors) and an extra RF Weapons Set to unlock the secret 8th Glyknight, Ollcadis!



Thank you Ralph for another mind-melting illustration!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

Self Destruction

Argenesis Xycoss

Villser Fusion: Xycoss Invader

Villser Xycoss

Xycoss Traveler Clone

Xycoss Phanost

The Xycoss Effect

Villser Gendrone Union

Glyan Gendrone Union Commando

Glyarmor Specialist Cypracor

Gendrone Union Commando Unit

Enyriun MK VIII Gendrone Union

Gobon Gendrone Union

Argen MK XXII Gendrone Union



Metal and light collide this Thursday, 
November 30th, at 9:30PM  EST.


Bio-Masters: Wave 5

Construction-Minded Terror, Pat Bussey, has another wickedly specialized Bio-Mass Monster set for release later tonight, at 9PM CST (10PM EST), over in his store.

Pat's latest gang of monstrosities marks one of the first times that all of our in-house accessories have been available outside of the Onell site, and the new "Deconstructor" Unit shown in Pat's artwork above really delivers something exciting, imaginative and just super fun. Make sure you check out Pat's continuing story arc as well (a familiar entity may be meddling with the Deconstructor code).

This one sports an extra power packed punch, Pat! Love these themed waves!


Bit Figs: Grab Bags

More action in the Glyoverse: Bit Figs Grab Bags!

Each one contains 4 random Bit Figs, pulled from the entire series, including one or more rare figures from the past / present / future. All mystery packs come on a header card for the giving season.

Also in store: Bit Figs Hybrid Set 2! Continue your "Pheyden Blue" collection with 10 more tiny companions.

We hope everyone has a great holiday weekend with their families and friends. We're thankful everyday for your fully Glyos compatible support!

Warlords of Wor: Wave 2

Brandon Michael Barker's awesome new Warlords of Wor full production series has unleashed Wave 2, available right now over in his store!

The independently produced Warlords of Wor resin brand has expanded to become a Glyos compatible PVC sister line to Spy Monkey's hit Battle Tribes, utilizing the same base "buck" body with a selection of all new PVC character specific parts. A natural fit in every way.

Featured above is Brandon's main Mutant Muck Menace, Bog-Nar, decked out in his all new Toxic Inferno mode (a great match to The Godbeast's now classic clear "Infection Red" PVC).

Keep an eye on Brandon's growing range of PVC heroes and villains as they steadily invade the Glyoverse and beyond!


Designer Con 2017

DCon 2017 has been the best one yet, and to bring some of the convention magic home to you we made sure to set aside half of the two DCon special "Portal Variation" Villser for the store. Both variations of the Morphic Villser (shown above) were made in equal amounts and are currently available in the store, along with some remaining customer service stock of the recent Noboto Portal Variation and a handful of Sarvostars.

We'll be at booth #1002 all throughout the day, so swing by if you're in attendance and we can catch up!


Thank You!!!

Thank you for bringing Wave 68 to life! We had such an awesome time working on this round, thanks to the unique talents of our friends Glen, Nate, Ralph and Pat (his all new artwork is shown above-double thanks, Pat!). Exploring the world of the Glyknights has been a running sub-theme over here and the details really came into focus through collaborating with these artists.The creative approach that each one of them chose to take with our weird characters really added the magic, and we're deeply grateful for all the time and effort they collectively dedicated to this release.

So far the production numbers for this round have held up pretty well, with the majority of the items still available a few days in. Based on the flow, the general stock should be in decent shape leading up to DCon next week, though a good chunk of the new selections are definitely getting down there.

Speaking of DCon, we're on track to make the annual trip out to sunny Pasadena next week! Please swing by and see us (booth #1002) if you're able to attend the show. We love spending time with everybody at what's become the best convention for independent operators on the planet, and to keep things cooking we'll have a couple experimental mini production runs to share at the show. Extra special thanks to Ben and George for always making our visits to DCon an incredible experience.

As of this writing, almost all the orders from the launch have hit the post, with the last of them heading out the door today, including all international orders. Michelle and Pj were beyond powerhouses, working like crazy to keep things moving on schedule. 

Our last wave of 2017 is tentatively set for early December, and will feature some Gendrone action in an all new metallic hue (and another new hue will debut as well). Argen will face an unexpected adversary that's been creeping around in the shadows since the Henshin III Wave.

Thanks again for keeping the bus rolling throughout all of 2017! It's been an action packed year and we still truly love sharing this stuff with you, more than ever.


Order of the Glyknights II

Extra special thanks to the ultimate art wizard, Ralph, for the outstanding artwork! Unreal!!!

UPDATE: As some of you may have experienced last night, the store was having a few issues, causing some back end hiccups. This had us scrambling a bit and in the minor mayhem during the pre-launch the description for the SARVOSTAR MYSTERY FIGURE was incorrectly entered into the store. We didn't catch it until a couple hours into the sale and made the correction as soon as it was spotted. I (Matt) take full responsibility for the misstep. There is NO VARIATION on this Sarvostar Mystery Figure production run. Our sincere apologies for the fumble. Please send any refund requests or inquires to our contact email and we'll get you sorted out ASAP. 

For what it's worth, the heads that do actually comprise the Sarvostar set offer some pretty neat options, directly related to the last Alphaden release as well as some of our old school waves that both new and long time customers may enjoy.

Thank you!

Glyknights Theme

Gigantic thanks to our insanely talented friends, musical mastermind Glen Schricker (Circuits and Brains), and toy industry fan favorite Nate Baertsch, for a truly killer one-two Glysword Powered strike!

These guys are both at the very top of their highly competitive fields, and we are beyond psyched to work with both of them once again.

Thank you Schrick! Thank you Nate! You guys killed it!

Villser Bioskull

Noboto Trogillian


Barbariden Ureydak

Barbariden Ureydak and Trilogonn

Crayboth Warlord Soldier

Villser Warlord

Glyknight Callebast

Glyknight Thuriyun



The Seventh Fate

Complete the quest this Sunday, October 29th, 9:30 PM EDT.