Instant Sarvos

Big thanks go out to our friend and super talented artist Vince Chui for creating this cool rendition of Sarvos. Vince recorded his process and put together a very cool video of it. It reminds us of a sci-fi Bob Ross... with less afro. Awesome work Vince!


The Nibbler

Check out this insane custom sent over to us by the infamous Tarantulas of the UK. With 6 access points and a nasty appetite, "The Nibbler" has come to take a chunk out of the Glyos System! Take a look at what The Tarantulas has to say about his latest creation below.

Facts & Illustration Backstory

The Nibbler
Age - Approx 7000
Physical Strength - 3
Special Powers - 9
Weapons - 7

In the abstraction of galactic consciousness the diminutive, gnawing Nibbler increases his physical size a million fold to snack on spicy planetary systems.

Exploiting the infinite potential of thought, mysterious cosmic traveller Pheyden uses the same trick but instead duplicates his material form a million times. Bloated by over indulgence, the Nibbler is overwhelmed by the swarming collective of Pheyden and shrivels to normal size...

Nibbler Rational

If I was to create one new piece for the Glyos system I wanted it to be versatile & have more than one use.. Plus I was into torso-head type characters like Modok and Arnim Zola. I'd noticed that the features of a torso - chest & abdominal muscles could easily represent a face - this was the starting point. The sculpt hopefully works both as the Nibblers head & also as a beefy torso for any Glyos figure, hence double arm holes and a hole in the top of his head. As a companion to the figure I created an artwork showing Pheyden battling the Nibbler.. Since Jack Kirby is both creator of aforementioned 'torso-heads' and a continuing inspiration, I aped his style for the piece.

The Tarantulas

Toward the end of a decade plus at Hasbro I started working as The Tarantulas - now like many others I'm balancing art projects with corporate freelance work. Its a familiar situation but the projects I'm working on currently - from commercial toy work to TV formats to sculpture - are so diverse I feel like I need to focus ! Since leaving Hasbro I've tended to prefer working in 2D - a reaction to designing 3D for so long..but I've recently started playing around with sculpting (thanks to Matt ) so I'm having fun with that. My work is influenced by a lot of the same stuff as everyone else.. Star Wars, Jack Kirby, EC Comics and so many people around today. I think a lot of us are trying to find our own style & shrug off the influence of the 80's. Next for the Tarantulas? More sculpting - hopefully more toy releases & some cash so I can move out again!

Huge thanks to The Tarantulas for sending over such a cool character with so much thought put into the design and execution. We're humbled to have this little guy sitting on our desk.


Cypser Greetings

Big thanks to Will Cypser for this great Holiday Card.


In the Air and On the Road

Our friend, JediCreeper, recently took a trip out to Disneyland in California and then Hawaii. While on this great excursion he managed to take some very cool pictures of Dimension Pheyden and Spirico Exellis! We have all been looking at these shots for the past week and wanted to share them with you guys. The Hawaii shots in particular are really wild looking. It actually looks like some of the sets we build over here. Great job on these Mr. Creeper, we really appreciate you taking the time to do this!