Designed to capture and return rogue Sincroids to their manufacturer when called upon, the Repoclaimers are specifically built to counter a Sincroid's natural abilities. Mysterious in origin, very few are known to exist but their performance in "repossessing" Sincroids is nearly flawless. When a Sincroid's master has not paid in full, the Sarvoser Department on the Capital Planet Metran sends these hulking interlopers to do their bidding and bring back their property. The fact that Sincroids are sentient beings does not matter to a Repoclaimer - it will not stop until the mission is completed, unless of course a way to destroy one is discovered. Because the Repoclaimers are reluctant to travel to the desolate world of Issaris, many renegade Sincroids make the journey there when on the run. The reason for the Repoclaimers hesitation in pursuing their targets to this ravaged world is unknown, but is considered very fortunate by their prey.


Inside the Nest

Jesse strikes again with this rendition of the Crayboth in their slimy, pulsing home. Easily slipping through the gelatinous walls of their bulbous "nests", the Crayboth are tricky to keep up with. Space Trappers Rechlen and Aves are part of the small group who have actually been able to capture a Crayboth. Big thanks to Jesse for yet another colorful and captivating illustration. Jesse, you are the color master!


Battle Gallery

Jesse is at it again with these two new illustrations. First we have a hyper version of Gobon with his panels removed mixing it up with the space hunters known as the Voss. Amazing color and the usual kinetic energy fill this one. Michelle loves it. Jesse also sent over another Pheyden showdown. The crazy looking Pheyden with the dual Phase Arms sports a new head that we are actually making here at the shop for sale in a special edition set. Feel a little bad for what's left of that green Pheyden on the ground. Jesse is one sinister dude.