Galaxxor: 002

The notorious Vinyl Pirate of the Windy City, Ben Spencer, reopens the cosmic spaceways to the Lazarus Sector with a brand new edition of Galaxxor, available right now over in the Galaxxor Online Store.

The color combination on this figure came out looking extra sharp, and truly delivers a great realization of Ben's unique eye for color. My personal favorite to date (and CC's as well)!


Thank You!!!

2017 really hit the ground running thanks to all of you! Between the positive turnout and smooth operation of the new Shopify store, the night of the release had a balanced rhythm that was very welcome, especially after all the twists that surfaced over the last year. Packages started hitting the post yesterday and all the orders should be completely out the door by tomorrow afternoon.

We are very thankful for an energizing start to the year. Our gratitude to each one of you is real, and it echoes throughout every choice we make with this project called Glyos. A project that is inextricably linked to our everyday lives over here. We're clear eyed and absolutely present in the understanding that your shared interest keeps this weathered (but not detail lined) mothership going.

Personally speaking, I know that the unorthodox methods we sometimes put into effect don't always resonate across the collective, but without subtle shifts in the order of things, we would never have survived an extremely challenging -and ever changing- collector's market for nearly a decade.

Each year of production represents a chapter in the evolution of what we've all worked on together, and the current year will be no exception. My hope is that over time, when we look back at the entirety of the line, we'll see something that continues to ignite that creative spark within each of us.

Heartfelt and genuine thanks goes out from the whole Onell family. We're super excited to share in this 10th anniversary year with you!


Into the Vector

The new store is live!

Note: Please place only ONE ORDER WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR TONIGHT. We will lift all limits after the first hour. Thanks for your cooperation. Have Fun!

A Little Bump

We are nudging the launch to 10PM EST, so we can finalize a few things with the new store. 

Thank you for your patience!


Glyan Tracker Commando

Specially trained in the the esoteric discipline of Dimensional Relativity and biologically augmented to operate at a Traveler's pace, the Glyans selected for duty within the Tracker Unit are some of the rarest soldiers in all of Glyaxia Command. 

Though they represent the very best of the Glyan Forces, Tracker is secretly wary of his new partners, harboring suspicion about their true mission objectives.

Neo Tracker Unit

Tasked by Glyaxia Command with the investigation of a mysterious disturbance near Outpost Odesskar, Tracker journeys with two specialized Glyan Commandos to the remote destination, located just inside the classified "Vector Triangle"...


Vanishing Point

Tracking for Tuesday, 1/17/17, 9:30 PM EST.