Crossed Over and Wrapped Up

SDCC was really fun this year. The Crossover theme brought many creative minds together and some wild work popped out as a result. Getting a chance to meet some of you highlighted the craziness that is the Con. It was great to talk in person and share some time discussing all kinds of topics, especially with the super creative people who keep us going through their dedicated support. I hope my grizzly looks didn't scare you guys too much!

The biggest draw of the Con, for us anyway, is the opportunity to spend time with our friends and customers (who usually also become our friends). Between the crews from Japan, the UK, Canada and all over the USA we had a regular United Nations of toy nuts. I personally feel luckier than ever to be allowed to break bread with such awesome people -on both sides of the table.

Thanks to everyone who made SDCC 2010 such a memorable experience, and Jesse didn't even get arrested!






Rig Crew

Quick update from the Con... We want to thank everyone for the great response to the Solaris Wave. The booth has been non-stop with The Crossover insanity, and an absolute blast. Thanks again to the entire Glyos community for the continued support, both online and in the flesh. More updates on the way!


SDCC Non-Con Solaris Wave

Coming to you straight from booth #4937, the SDCC Non-Con 2010 Solaris Wave is here! If you're attending the convention please stop by, say hi, and check out the crossover madness of the Global Figure Symposium! For all of you at home, this new launch features 2 Non-Con exclusives: the Solaris Echo Morph set and the Solaris Buildman Gendrone! Check out the full line up here: http://www.onelldesign.com/sdcc2010

We're also excited to launch a new hub for the Glyos Archives! You can now check out more of our past releases, including the very first Custom Corps as well as the latest batch of Dead Presidents' Armodocs! The archives are forever a work in progress, but we hope you guys enjoy what has been added so far.

More sneak peeks to come throughout the show!


Task Force Solaris

We are getting the final packing done for the trip and have also finalized the Non Con specials. To keep things somewhat exciting, a whole mini wave of GITD red figures will pop up in a special store during SDCC. The target day is Thursday, but we have to make sure the Internet connection is relatively solid once we get to the hotel before we lock it down.

The Solaris Armodoc and Gobon will be offered in very limited quantities at the con as well as online, but the Solaris Echo Morph and Gendrone will be Non Con exclusives, only available through the site. We'll also be posting some sneaks from the new wave throughout the show. We're really looking forward to seeing everybody at Booth #4937!


The Rig

The first production Rigs have landed... along with some extremely hostile Armodocs! The feel and functionality of this new addition to the ranks are solid and tight. A standard Glyos figure fits right inside once you take it apart at the waist. My favorite Hades is actually inside the Rig in the above pics. It's simple, but pretty fun to play with. How you look at it determines what form it takes, the transformations are all about perspective and what you feel like tinkering with. It can be a walking mech, an armored spaceship, a battlesuit or even a ground tank. Messing around with it reminds me of when I'd spend time with a Rubik's Cube, the shifting of shapes all contained within a simple structure and suddenly (or after many mind crushing hours) a collection of colors would come together. It's also fun to combine with the Armodocs, especially the new ones that are right around the corner (GITD Red and another highly requested color). We'll have a small batch to check out at SDCC, with the full release available in the late August big drop.


Custom Corps 2.7 Off World

Thanks to everyone who grabbed one of these little guys, we hope you all enjoy the styles that show up. Special thanks to Matt Walker for continuing to make our stuff look better than it is! Awesome job Matt!

Color Revolution

We are all set for the 6PM EST release of these Monster Kolor coated Armodocs! Check out a few more pics of Matt Walker's latest applications as we get closer to the drop. One more post will go up at 6PM EST with a link to the store and a button will also appear over on the right.