Rilleco Chaos Mini

Rilleco Chaos is Gonzo!
Thanks to everyone who grabbed this purple mutant!




Agent Nemica suddenly finds himself surrounded by the very prey he had been tracking! Now a target of Rilleco Chaos and his twisted clones, the odds seem stacked against even a chance of survival. Nemica's Glyaxian training however, does prove to be effective in mounting a counterattack...

Rilleco Chaos and his clone army will be invading next Tuesday, August 24th at 8PM EST. $30 USD.


Toxic Catalyst

Thanks go out to Sean and Cliff of MONSTREHERO for letting us be part of the awesome resin show they have curated for Super 7. With so many innovative artists on the roster, we feel humbled to even rub elbows with any of these guys.

The piece that was sent out West is one of two urethane castings of the original prototype for the Rig. The first cast went over to China to be sacrificed for the production run, and the other cast stayed here so that I could make a paint master and work out some ideas on applications for full production. Eventually the experimenting resulted in a very weathered looking "Old Rig". Usually these prototypes stay in the shop, but for this special event we are letting one out into the wild. The Old Rig will most likely be the last completely urethane version of the Rig ever made.

I remember years ago when we only sold urethane figures before we made the jump to overseas production. One Pheyden, with 13 parts, took me roughly 5 hours to cast, clean, dye, assemble and then paint. We sold them for $20 and they were fully articulated. Rechlen and Aves were a little smaller and were a tiny bit less labor intensive, but the paint applications were challenging. I remember making all those old urethane figures as if it was this morning, I think Ron still has nightmares about how much time we spent in the shop! Sometimes I think about digging those molds out for some crazy CC run, but that may be too nuts even for fools like us.

Thanks again to MONSTREHERO and Super 7 for pouring off a very cool show!

Here are some shots from the old days to give you an idea of the way things used to be (not much different).



Mercenary Alert

Jesse is up to something at blog.callgrim.com...


CC4: Altered States by Hellopike x Onell

Custom Corps 4 are Gonzo!

Holy Smokes! You guys are animals! Big congratulations to Hellopike for such an awesome Custom Corps, you knocked it out of the park, man! Thanks so much to everybody who grabbed something, we'll make sure to hit Hellopike up for a sequel, sooner than later...

More CC4 Shots


CC4 Launch Details

The troops are just about ready to be deployed! Getting the pricing right on this batch has been a bit of a challenge, due to the crazy variety of build configurations. The work put in on all the figures is very even across the boards, with painstaking detail and tons of paint applications and dye work. I've spent some serious time with these little guys and they all are loaded with quality. Just about everything has been either dyed or painted -on almost every part! Even the detail lines are custom jobs (which is murder to do).

As much as each piece is glorious in its own right, some are a little bigger than others and just simply have more parts. So to keep with the philosophy of getting a great value for your purchase, we are breaking the purchase points into three categories:

-For $25 USD you can get one of the "Standard" builds, meaning a maximum of 20ish pieces were used to make the figure.

-For $30 USD you can get one of the "Deluxe" builds, which have significantly more than 20 pieces in the build.

-Finally, for $35 USD you can go after one of the Gobon builds, which are larger and have a lot of parts.

Everything will be sold with the "blind bag" system that we normally use for Custom Corps. The assortments will be separated with full attention to giving the maximum value for your selection. There are roughly 100 figures in total (all categories combined).

This was a tough one to organize and prepare for release, with so many excellent offerings from Hellopike that cover so many different styles of building. I hope you guys are cool with this system and are ready to have some fun!

We will be putting Custom Corps 4: Altered States, by Hellopike, up for sale August 13 (Friday the 13th) at 7PM EST.

More pics tomorrow throughout the day leading up to the drop!