After what seems like forever, we have finally launched a new wave of Glyos figures. Poke around the store (REFRESH EVERY PAGE!) and those areas to your right to track down the latest additions to the crew. You can now power up your collection with all new production Phase Arms and Gobon Blasters that are fun and easy to build with. I also want to take a moment to say a deep thank you to our partner in craziness, Marc Beaudette. Marc put his blood into this update, and his work on the Passcode (and everything else) is truly exceptional. Thanks Marcus, you did real good. We thank you for your patience and hope that you all enjoy the new stuff. Check out the Passcode and make sure to visit Callgrim.com for more Buildman colors selected by the one and only Jesse Moore! Have fun!

Junk Shop Status

What started out as a way to offer cheaper figures and eliminate the less than perfect product that was lurking around has become something of a phenomenon over here. We have been receiving more orders for the Junkpiles every day and are actually very low on the little misfits now. Even though the days of the Junk Shop seem to be numbered, something is coming to take its place. Something with the same great value but without the imperfections. As things grow with the business, different opportunities come up and sometimes they pan out. The next phase of this project will pose some riskier situations, but we are ready to go, thanks to the collective support of all of you. So my apologies that the Junkpile is no more, but the single figure will remain up for a bit longer. Thanks again for making the Junk Shop work, and supporting the growth of Onell Design and the Glyos System with true dedication, unlimited patience and extreme generosity. We will continue to stay connected and build this together.


Alien Memories

Micronauts still stands as one of the absolute greatest toy lines of all time. I love those Aliens and remember playing with my first one, Antron, back in 1979. I hope we can achieve even a fraction of the creativity that came from those plastic masterpieces.


Clopos Escapes

A while back the super creative duo of Triclops Studios, Rob and Luc, sent over their killer character Clopos to be cloned. Well, it's been some time, but I finally managed to paint up one of the hand cast urethane heads and give him a brand new body. Now that he's escaped, I imagine he will be calling for some reinforcements.....


I love the Terminator and I love IG-88. This is their large nephew.


The GodBeast Cometh

Recently our friend and fellow creature creator, The GodBeast, sculpted up some very cool custom heads for the Glyos figures. Not content with just simply bringing these all new aliens into existence, The GodBeast made some of his legendary molds and put together a custom run of 21 sets (3 hand cast urethane heads per set) that go on sale tonight (May 21st) ! To see some shots of this limited edition insanity, check out godbeast.com. To add extra goodness to this event our friend Tengu, the freelance writing machine and editor of glyan-stories.blogspot.com, has drafted some excellent backstories to accompany the Godbeast's fantastic new characters. Make sure to take a look at Tengu's spin on the Glyos universe and read about his original character Edyne's expanding adventures in the Glyos System. Huge thanks to The GodBeast for continuing to inspire with his attention to detail and dedication to his many fans. Go get those heads!


Some New Old Friends

All configurations were made with production pieces with no additional paint added (except the visor on Samus which was tinted green with a yellow Sharpie- couldn't resist). I've been waiting to play with versions of these characters for a very long time. Huge thanks for all the patience as we've been busy rearranging our system and preparing for the launch of all the new product. Just about ready to go (as in this week). We really hope you guys like the new stuff.


Beantown Beanbots

Yo! Marcus here. The Beanbots are something that Matt and I have been working on for the better half of two years now, and they are finally available at BeantownToys.com. All the parts of both the Beanbots and Spoon Racers are 100% fully interchangeable with all of the Glyos System Series. Add some wheels and a few new twists to your customs. Some very interesting parts are hidden in the sculpts by that lunatic... is that an all new phase arm I see with that Beanbot? Check em out!

Oh yeah, that Honey Bean is from Series 4, which drops in June- 25 all new Beans to hunt down.






Armodoc Part II