Brain Mummy Twist

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Here's a post from last Saturday that got a snow delay:

Took a quick break from packing to put the snow plow on and grab some things at the grocery and look what I found sitting in the produce section. The green ones were common back in my youth but they always delivered the goods!

Here is a quick twisty for a very murky day. Still the same core recipe for the inner structure after all these years!

October Attacks!

We are just getting back online after a crazy weather assault that started on Saturday and went into tree killing overdrive early Sunday morning. I think I seriously picked up 200 plus fallen branches scattered freaking everywhere (one even tried to get into the barn, crashing right through a window). A big old tree split in half and assassinated a nice chunk of the yard as well. Total mayhem.

The power was on and off throughout Saturday and decided to quit completely early Sunday morning. As of this writing at about 2AM Monday morning the power has started to come back on in spurts and we are getting a web connection again.

Megan and I have finished just about all the packing and if the connection stays online we will begin the shipping later this morning. Thanks for sticking with us while we get back to normal!


Twist Tie Guys

When I was around 7 years old I became obsessed with garbage bag twist ties. This sounds like some kind of Twist Ties Anonymous intro, but I really loved the things. So much so that I would steal them from wherever I would visit. Friends, family, grocery stores- if there was a twisty (as I called them) on the premises I would snag it. Why did I hunt these tiny little things down? So I could build all kinds of junk and not drive my parents insane with my endless asking for toys (I still drove them crazy).

The relevance of my time with twist ties is directly connected to what I create now. As a matter of fact I almost pursued a kind of "bendy" armature (much like the original OSM) instead of the Glyos pins that would have had slide on parts which would seat on small bumps, holding everything in place but completely removable and customizable. This was born from playing with the twist ties and learning how to build bigger and more complex figures. The thin tiny wires seemed perfect for cobbling together little guys, and once I started adding medical tape and tinfoil things really got bizarre. I made hundreds of twist tie guys and played with them as much as any of my mainstream toys. Over time my favorite creations would start to disintegrate, so I would retire the main players and introduce an all new cast that would carry on the story.

Every so often I'll whip together a twisty, and I'm reminded of the happiness that comes from wanting to create something, just to play with for a little while.



We have processed the bulk of the orders from the recent drop and will start the shipping process tomorrow morning! All the outstanding RXH Hades orders went out earlier today except for a few foreign boxes. Sorry for the delay on those, but the scarves were a killer!

Thanks again to everyone who checked out stuff from the new wave, we'll crank overtime to get this plastic out of here ASAP.


Thank You!

Thank you for a great launch! The action was strong across the boards and as usual we have learned from tonight's drop about what we need to do to continue to improve. We will definitely run more Rigs for the next round. All of us truly appreciate your continued interest in that chunk of vinyl. I'm personally surprised that the Big Rig went as fast as it did (my being a fool proven positive yet again).

The metallic green Phase Arm Sets will join some other unique specials as the bonus items for this release. We hope you guys enjoy the assortment of extras that will be showing up inside your packages.

The last 6 months have been filled with some serious travel and intense activity behind the scenes, and I want to once again say thank you for making it all possible. 2012 will see some all new things pretty early in the year, and that's due to the support from each and every one of you who take the time to play around in this strange place that we call Glyos.

White Skull Attack!

We're hoping that the Big Rig cuts the mustard for you guys. This experiment will return if things work out good with this release. Strike Team White Skull gets a triple shot of support with couple variations on the Rig Wing for this drop. The color on the bonus Rig matches the Glyaxia shade of blue and pays homage to Max Sterling from Robotech fame. Easily one of my favorite characters from that old show (next to Roy Fokker of course).

We hope you guys have fun tonight! Thanks for checking everything out!

Big Rigged

On track for 9pm tonight!

From The Shadows


Mysterious Intentions

Rig Killer

Argen evolves into his most powerful configuration yet... the Rig Killer formation!

This build is comprised of one Buildman, one Phaseon and two sets of Axis Joints with every piece used. There is an alternate build with the left Triple Cannon broken down into a set of back engines and a single blaster. I've been having this version of Argen and his Phaseon Revolutionaries battle the Big Rig and the new Glyans for the last week.

The color selection on Argen for this round pays homage to the 1977 Lesney Matchbox line called Adventure 2000. The old metallic green used on those futuristic cars still kicks ass to this day. Topped off with the orange/yellowish tinted windows, Adventure 2000 stood out as an incredibly unique and exciting range for the Matchbox line.


Animation Inspired!

We had a great time at the NYCC, maybe the best show we have all collectively attended. People were in great spirits and really brought a ton of super positive energy to the table. We will absolutely be there next year to do it all again!

Now that the mayhem has subsided, we are ready to release some new additions online that have been waiting to get loose (Sunday, October 23rd at 9PM EDT)! If the last wave of figures was a tribute to all things Real Type, this new round pays homage to the classic animations that we watched back in our 1980's youth (well in my youth anyway, Marcus was still in diapers). Robotech, GI Joe and Transformers were just a few of the massive influences that got so deep into our creative DNA. I was personally insane over the Zentraedi from Robotech (Macross) and all the additional armor designs that popped up throughout the three parts of the Robotech saga.

Some of the most iconic color schemes of those days came from Transformers, particularly the Decepticons. The Insecticons, Seekers, Predacons and basically every G1 bad guy colorway were glorious and hugely influential. The Autobots were also just as good, giving a super hero vibe to giant robots with their Marvelesque color choices. GI Joe was the perfect blend for me though, mixing Real Type qualities with classic color sensibilities. The Cobra designs were just so damn cool.

This new batch is dedicated to all the creative masters who brought those shows into our young lives. They proved to not only fuel our imaginations, but also to comfort many of us when the whole divorce era swept across the country. Our generation is what happens when Optimus Prime plays the role of your parents while your mom works two jobs.

On to the list!

United Glyan Forces
-Glyan Glyaxia Command Elite (yellow/blue) $8
-Glyan Glyaxia Outer Battalion (blue/yellow) $8
-Glyan Strike Team White Skull (red/maroon) $8
-Glyan Rig Crew White Skull (maroon/red) $8
-Glyan Traedian Deep Hunter Division (purple/deep purple) $8
-Glyan Secticore Tracker Unit (deep purple/purple) $8

Gendrone Revolution
-Argen MK V (green metallic/orange visors with all new tampo printing) $8
-Phaseon Gendrone Revolutionary (green metallic/orange visors with all new tampo printing) $6
-Spectre Phaseon Gendrone Revolutionary (GITD green/green visors with all new tampo printing) $6
-Stealth Phaseon (clear colorless, no paint) $4

Axis Joint Sets
-Glyaxia Command Elite Set (yellow) $4
-Glyaxia Outer Battalion Set (blue) $4
-Strike Team White Skull Set (red) $4
-Rig Crew White Skull Set (maroon) $4
-Traedian Deep Hunter Division Set (purple) $4
-Secticore Tracker Unit Set (deep purple) $4
-Green Metallic Set $4

Phase Arm/Gobon Blaster Single Sets
-Strike Team White Skull (red) $2
-Rig Crew White Skull (maroon) $2
-Green Metallic $2
-Black (restock) $2
-Clear Colorless (restock) $2

-Big Rig White Skull Wing Division (white with red and black details and multiple tampo printings-configured with 6 additional red vinyl parts which also feature white and black details and tampo printing) $50
-Heavy Armored Rig White Skull Wing Division (white with red and black details and multiple tampo printings- standard Rig Wing configuration with same paint job as Big Rig) $25

Travelers and Sincroids
-White Skull Sarvos w/Scar Pheyden head (red/maroon with white face paint) $8
-Venjorun Exellis w/Govurom head (maroon/red) $8

Extra Set
-White Skull Extra Set (w/red Pheyden head, red Phanost head and red Pheyden chest and pelvis) $4

The drop date will be this Sunday, October 23rd at 9PM EDT. This will mark the last larger release of 2011, with a possible small round of stuff sometime in December. The Big Rig was made in slightly lower numbers as it is on the expensive side to produce. If you guys dig the figure and the response is positive we may try it again next year. Please consider it a fun experiment and be sure to let us know what you guys think, positive and negative. Pics of the new stuff over the next few days leading up to the launch!