Battle Tribes: Wave 5

We're a little late, but Spy Monkey Creations has some brand new savagery currently available over in their store, just in time to do battle with the latest East Coast snowstorms that have been wreaking havoc around these parts!

The Steel Warrior Cyclops Battle Tribes figure shown above looks particularly fearsome when trudging through the snow and ice covering our backyard. SMC's Jeremy has always been a massive Cyclops fan, and this specific head has some pretty deep connections for him. I remember way back when we first met, Jeremy had some great Cyclops themed custom figures floating around in his backpack, so seeing the legacy of those early days manifest in the BT Cyclops is especially awesome.

Sometimes I think it's easy for folks to forget just how personal these toy lines really are. 

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  1. Wild pic! We are almost completely out of snow over here in ND, enjoy! Only thing is, no snow means outdoors pics get kinda drab this time of year, hoping for an early spring maybe...dream on.

    Also my Tribes arrive tomorrow I hope!