Buildman Ranic Revealed

The latest addition to the Glyos ranks, this is the final sculpt for "Buildman" Ranic. It's looking like an early summer release for this little bugger. Ranic is sporting the Phase Arm in a few of these pics. His arms and lower legs are designed to have slightly different aesthetics on each side(kind of like Kikaider) so that more combinations can be created with multiple figures of the same character. If you have two figures, you can create two symmetrical looking styles. With connector points on the bottoms of his feet, middle of his back, back of his head and even his fist holes, Ranic should be fun to tinker with. We're shooting for a solid lineup of all new figures going into the late Spring and early Summer. The Phase Arm, Phanost, Scar Pheyden, Gobon and a few other surprises are closing in. Also, look for some secret assortments of new Pheyden and Exellis colorways that are coming up this month (March).


  1. Okay, now I'm really getting excited

  2. buildman = if tegan and sara turned out to be not related and lezz'ed out with each other in my apartment (when my mom wasn't home of course).

    in other words, buildman is awesome.

  3. O.k. so this post answered all my questions about upcoming figures, etc. I can't wait to get 'em in my hot little hands! Ooooh, new colors for Pheyden and Exellis too!

  4. I absolutely LOVE this figure!! Not only is the modularity of the design amazing and will revolutionize the Glyos system...but just the sculpt is so sophisticated. It shows a real solid progression from the look of Pheyden and Exellis.

    I can't wait for these! I'd like to see more characterful, robotic-looking heads for this figure, as well as other wild accessories!