Paradoxical Places

Return to the land of Glyosar
for an all new adventure,
this Sunday, May 26th at 9:30PM EDT!


Mighty Maniax: Dark Earth

The powerhouse that is Rocom Toys has been running another great Kickstarter called Mighty Maniax: Dark Earth, over the last month and it comes to a close late tonight! Everything from hulking barbarians, bio-plated snakemen, spaced invaders, cycloptic armored despots, horned overlords and possessed skeletons await you! Rocom worked like a madman to cover all the details for his new Dark Earth project, with an impressive new catalog of Glyos compatible characters and parts to explore as the result! Who knows, maybe Dethro was even trained in the same Pit of Despair as Slaeyr from the new Dreadvalken Bit Figs line ...

Head over to the Mighty Maniax: Dark Earth campaign and join in on the expansion of another fully independent action figure line.

From Rocom:

Mighty Maniax: Dark Earth from Rocom Toys Launching on Kickstarter

Rocom Toys is adding Barbarian and Fantasy characters to their expansive line of Glyos compatible action figures starting April 16th on Kickstarter. Inspired by Conan, Golden Axe, D&D, and Jurassic Park, the new campaign ushers in Axe Wielding Gladiators, Mystical Mages, and Fearsome Beasts. The project features some Exclusive items ranging from enamel pins designed by Tom Whalen and Toy Galaxy's Dan Larson, to a set of Artist Edition Trading Cards with some of the industry's top illustrators including Jonathan Way$hak, Brad Walker, Jeffrey Brown, Greg Hinkle, Justin Greenwood, Toy Shiz, and more.



Thank You!!!

Thanks for making the return of Bit Figs a glorious one! The first batch of orders will hit the post tomorrow and continue into Thursday & Friday. I'll be sharing more about the new series over at BitFigs.com, but I wanted to thank 3 key people who helped bring these mini monstrosities to life:
PJ of Spaced Out Design who was instrumental in the early prototyping, printing dozens of versions while we worked up and refined the sculpts for over a year. Series 2 is well underway thanks to his efforts!
George of Double G Toys for creating the final masters at Four Horsemen Studios that were used for the steel mold, and who has been an unwavering supporter since the beginning, not to mention helping bring the original Skeleden into existence. 
And of course to my brother-in-arms Matt, who was involved every step of the way, co-developing these characters, co-managing the project, and pushed me to take this series to the Edge of Space and back.
Thank YOU for the continued support and helping make this rollout a success. Special collabs and more on the horizon!


Bit Figs Dreadvalken is LIVE!

Presenting... Bit Figs DREADVALKEN!
An all-new series featuring 6 unique designs, packed and sealed in full-color production blind bags! Series 1 includes 6 standard colors plus special edition GLOW and super rare METALLIC figures for a total of 60 variations to hunt and collect.
Available now in Standard and Mystery packs, plus a limited edition GITD Xenoglow Green complete set, exclusively at the Culture Pirates Shop!
The Dreadvalken celebration will continue all month long with more fun surprises, stay tuned!

Bit Figs: Skeleden

Corrupted by the accursed axe known as the Soultaker, Dungeon Traveler Skeleden battles against the rising darkness within his once noble heart.

Bit Figs: Glyknight

Founded long ago by the titan known as Lord Dreadvalken, the Order of the Glyknights survive through sheer determination and an unwavering adherence to the code they forged in the fires of an embattled and savage terrain: Leave No Wrong Undone.

Bit Figs: Keyper

Bound together by ancient rituals and wielders of arcane magic, the secretive Coven of Keypers fanatically guard their esoteric towers and ghastly gateways from all who would plunder them.

Bit Figs: Orkmogg

Thick-skinned, brutal and stubborn, the hulking behemoths of the Orkmogg Horde lumber recklessly across all of Glyosar, claiming both land and life as they please.

Bit Figs: Pyrospryte

Born from the embers of the shattered star Pyrotellica, the elemental Pyrosprytes blaze brightly, eternally searching for lost fragments of their former home.

Bit Figs: Slaeyr

A wasteland warrior encased in cobalt armor, Slaeyr knows no master, heeding only the call of those desperate enough to suffer his wicked and mercenary toll.


Dawn of the Dread

Prophetic pixels unleash an all-new plastic pandemonium,
straight from the dark heart of the Black Citadel Dreadvalken,
this Friday, May 10th at 9:30PM EDT,
EXCLUSIVELY over at the
Culture Pirates Shop!

ALL NEW Bit Figs have arrived!


Thank You!!!

An extra monstrous thanks for being part of the special debut release of Mike MZs Zulloid! Right out of the gates, I know there has been some warranted frustration with the brevity of availability on this new assortment, and for that I do personally apologize. 

That being said, this entire round was the last order Mike MZ placed before he passed on, so the numbers were not at the level that we would normally run for our own stuff. We worked closely with the family of Mike MZ to make sure they were all totally on board with us releasing this wave just as Mike had asked me to do in our last conversation. To say that this entire experience has been intensely emotional doesn't really come close to covering it.  

Wave 101 is lined up to roll out near the end of this month and it does include a brand new Zulloid in the mix, run at higher numbers. You'll also see another edition of the Zulloid pop up in a different location even sooner than that. Our aim right along the way has been to do a successive series of Zulloid editions to celebrate the last project we all did with Mike MZ. Keep your eyes peeled over where "the gods are beasts" sometime next week if you're hunting for the next style of the Zulloid. 

Mike would have been extremely happy by the turnout for his new creature from space. There's a good story to tell regarding the development and history of the Zulloid, and I look forward to sharing it with you once all the dust settles a bit. 

Deep gratitude goes out to the whole Moszczynski Family for allowing us to share in continuing the legacy of Mike with all his friends and fans. 

We finally got it out there, Mike!